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Thursday, November 2, 2017

UGH!!! Poor, Poor MC Hammer!!!

I looked back in a post in my old archives here from October of 2008. I had talked about some of my favorite musicians of the past. I am not a fan of MC Hammer much anymore. I do have some of his songs on my MP3 player, but they are old school rap. I haven't heard anything recently from him. But I did used to think he was kinda cute, because he reminded me of a boyfriend I had back when I was a teenager, when MC Hammer was uber-popular.

Well, to quote, this is what I said in the post:
I went to Hammer's concert too. I was just amazed how much he resembled my former boyfriend! That was when he looked like this:

I looked at that post today, and saw a disgusting sight that was so ghastly, I cannot unsee it now. I think my account was hacked. Or someone's account was! I'm not sure, I think I just linked that picture to another account and had it posted here. But after that quote, I saw this image:


YUK!!!! It's a fricken gray tabby cat!! The UGLIEST fricken cat I've ever seen in all my life!!! That's NOT MC Hammer!!! Now that I've seen this disgusting image, I can't unsee it!! Even 100 washings of my eyes cannot clean this image out! Who the hell did that?! I was talking about how cute MC Hammer was back in the day, only to find it saying he looked like this!! UGH!! My apologies to MC Hammer. I did not mean you look like a disgusting gray tabby cat!!! Well anyways, I replaced the image with a pic of MC Hammer back when I thought he looked like my old boyfriend.

Yes, I am angry! Angry that someone was so cruel as to do that to me. Not just to me, but to MC Hammer too. A thousand apologies, and I still don't feel like I've completely covered it enough!


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iesha said...

Old school rap is decent rap