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Sunday, November 19, 2017

When A Pedophile Is A Pedophile

Oh boy! Doggone snowflake libtards. Though I have to admit, it got me thinking. When is falling in love with a younger person considered pedophilia? My grandma was 50 years old when she married her last husband (she'd been married a couple times before). Her last husband's name was John. He was about 18 years older than her, so he was almost 70 when they got married. But what if they had met when my grandma was younger? What if they met when she was 16? That was the consenting age when my grandma was younger. People today would look at that, and knowing my grandpa was 18 years older, would have said he was a creepy pedophile. But he was really the most loving and caring husband my grandma ever had.

Here's another interesting fact; my mom also married when she was 16. My dad was 8 years older than my mom. So, he was about 24 at the time. Today, people would hear that and say my dad was a pedophile. But I know he wasn't. He liked kids, and he was good with them, but he wasn't a pedophile. I hear people calling Onision a pedophile all the time. Not that I care anything about Onision, but he was 28 when he married a girl who was 17, and apparently they were in love. I can't say that I approve of how Onision is "raising" Lainey to be gay, and I know she was not gay when they got married, otherwise why would they marry in the first place? But really, at what point does something like that become pedophilia? This is why I don't understand liberals. I will never understand liberals! So, it's better, and a lot less stressful, when I just don't try to.

I also hear people calling Donald Trump a pedophile. His wife is young enough to be his daughter! But, she's older than me! And they were married in 2005, when she would have been 35 years old. How does that make him a pedophile? Again, not that I care two shits about Donald Trump! But I see this statement all the time among liberals. I just don't understand it. It could be just the typical liberal-SJW bullshit that they want to point out little details about someone they don't like and blow them all out of proportion to make it sound worse than it really is. That's why I say to people, get to know someone, or something, before you make harsh judgments. Most especially if the person talking about that someone, or something, is a liberal! Liberals claim to hate negativity, but they are the ones who over-dramatize the negativity in everything.

I am a great example of that. I'm not a liberal, and I speak my mind a lot. Liberals HATE me for doing that!!! I emphasize HATE, because though they won't admit it, that's what liberals do best. I put a lot of my angers and frustrations out on this blog. Liberals who read this blog often look and think I am nothing but an angry, negative person. Admittedly, the things I put on this blog and the things I post on my Facebook wall are two totally different things. I do vent some things on Facebook, but I don't want to dwell on my angers and frustrations on Facebook, because you never really know how people you call "friends" are going to perceive these things. Besides, back in the day, most of the people I had on my Facebook were INXS fans, so most of my Facebook discussions were about INXS. On my blog, I can go into more detail about different subjects than what I should post on Facebook. So, all my rants and rages go here, and all my happiness and positivity goes on Facebook. But liberals still judge me by what I write on this blog. But really, that's like judging a person's whole life, personality and general being on them just having a bad day. Notice I do not make a new post every day. So, I don't put EVERYTHING on this blog or on Facebook.

I dunno, liberals today want to live in a plastic bubble. All I have to say is this...

Now I have to change the subject. I did something I probably shouldn't have done, but I felt I had to just as an experimental thing. Thank GOD there are no INXS libtards in the anti-SJW group I am on! LOL! Well, I was talking about INXS on there and some joker said "I heard Michael Hutchence was a great guy to hang around with". Ya know, I don't like suicide jokes. It made me angry! But I often wondered, what if the same thing was said about a tv star everyone liked, like Robin Williams. You know he also hung himself too. Now, I don't condone this kind of talk myself, but I had to say to this guy, "So is Robin Williams". Just to see what kind of response I'd get from him. People make fun of Michael ALL the time for being the guy who killed himself by hanging. No one is even 100% sure that is how he died. That was actually just speculated. Even the coroner in Sydney isn't 100% positive that is how Michael died! I personally think he was drowned in the bathtub by one of Bob Geldof's assailants in Sydney! His death is totally open for debate. Yet dumbasses like this guy still make fun of him dying by hanging!

Well, I wanted to see how this joker would respond to a comment like that, just in case he is a Robin Williams fan. Well, he liked the comment!! UGH!!! I was hoping it'd piss him off like his comment did me!

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