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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hear Me Ror Bullshit

Recently I got into it with some kid named Ror on YouTube. I could tell instantly he was a very angry teenager. Usually when they resort to name-calling firsthand, you know they are extremely angry. Kids get on YouTube when they're angry and troll, especially when they have no one else that will talk to them in real life. This kid apparently is from Russia, and he said his name is actually Ror, short for something. Probably Rory. He was so angry, he even started attacking my name. He said "at least I use my real name and not a fan name". Shoot! I've been using TimmyHutchFan for a long time. Or at least Timmyfan. I'm proud to be a Timmy and Hutch fan! Ror also was one of those that kept trying to convince me I'm stupid. LOL! Kids do that all the time too. They think it's a quick way to make grown ups feel as miserable as they do. Plus, they think if they say it enough times, we will actually come to believe it's true. LMAO!!!! Well, I didn't tell Ror (he was not worthy to know), but I probably have a much higher IQ than he does. I do not need to call people names to get my point across. Intelligent people usually don't.

Most times I've called people names, and I have sometimes in the past, I felt stupid afterwords. Well, I tried to be nice to Ror, but you can't be nice to someone who is dead-set on spreading bullshit. Ror would keep on "roring" in defiance. LOL! He kept up the name-calling. Obviously, he did not have anything intelligent to add to the conversation, so I blocked his butt on YouTube. I said "I had no idea Russia had libtards!" Ror said something that perked my ears up when he said it, he said "We have feminists here too." I thought "That's what his problem is! He's a damn feminist!" He was butthurt because I called out Jacklyn Glen as a liberal snowflake for calling Elaine "they" instead of "she" like she is! I do not believe in using "they" pronouns unless you are talking about more than one person at once. Not to satisfy some silly fantasy someone has about hiding their true gender. Especially when said person has been pregnant and had kids!

If anything, I feel sorry for Onision's kids! They have parents with no morals and Onision has no shame, whatsoever! He does not know humility and that's a bad thing! That's a bad example to set for your children.

I'm shocked at Ror. But it showed why he's such an angry teenager, because he wants to be a feminist. Or a supporter of feminism. He obviously did not know he was arguing with an old woman. A woman too old to get into his bullshit. He probably thought I was a young male teenager like himself. The name "Timmy" in my online persona does tend to throw people off. Well, for a young, male teenager, I think I handled him pretty good!!! A weaker person would have stooped to his level and called him names back. Well, I guess that proves I've got my strength back! Thank GOD!!! After the bullshit I went through last year with the blind sheep libtards!! Now these people are doing the same thing to Kirk! Damn feminists!! Once again, other INXS fans are acting like high school kids! That doesn't surprise me! It seems they always have. But to now take it out on Kirk!!

Kirk never even said that he was the one who went around slapping girls' behinds!! Yet the libtards are blaming him for saying it. They're making it out to be worse than it really is! Which is what libtards typically do! I likened this whole thing to being like when I was attacked by the blind sheep libtards last year. Everyone remembers that. Saying how they were so mean to me. I said well, it made me a stronger person! Made me a lot meaner and more hostile, but it made me stronger too! But that is exactly why I want nothing to do with the fans anymore. I actually have a lot more fun on the groups when I am not trying to make friends. I can just be myself. Those who are OK with it can have fun along with me. Those who don't like it can kiss my ass and get over themselves!

Women are not supposed to behave like this! This is for feminazis and tards. Women are supposed to be gentle, kind and understanding. But you notice women are worse than men when they get something stuck in their craw. Even myself! LOL! I can carry a grudge with the best of them! Men are the ones who are usually not like that. Usually when I've been unfriended and blocked on Facebook, it was almost always by women. The men never blocked me. Well, then there's Matt Burney. But I don't believe Matt Burney really counts as a man. I bet if I were to ever talk to him, he probably has a high, squeaky voice. You know what that means. LOL! It means he most likely has a vagina between his legs! LMAO!!!!! Or he's nothing but a big man-baby. Typical libtard! But the real men (I guess) have never blocked me on Facebook. I always had them blocked if I believe they are radicals. But that's because I don't care to see, or hear from, any radicals. I don't want radicals in my life. My life is hard enough without radicals being in it.

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