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Friday, December 15, 2017

Happy Holidays?

Is it OK to say "Happy Holidays"? Or should we say "Merry Christmas"? Well, I never really gave it much thought until today, when someone posted a picture saying "It's Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays". To a degree, I agree with them. Too many people now are 'offended' by the word "Christ" in Christmas. I say fuck them! I don't give a shit if it offends some creepy atheists that the word "Christ" is in Christmas! Shoot! Even when I was an atheist I didn't care! But then again, I am not a crybaby like most of today's people are. Especially libtards. During the past 2 years, I've found a lot of people find things offensive that I never would have thought was the least bit offensive. Some of the dumbest things I've heard people today call 'offensive' is the words "Christmas", "hard work" if the person saying it does not happen to be black, and "heterosexual".

But what does it mean when someone says "Happy Holidays"? I can only explain why sometimes I say those words. I start saying "Happy Holidays" around October, just before Halloween. To me, it covers ALL the holidays that occur at this time of the year from Halloween to Christmas. This time of year has the most official holidays, more than any other time of the year. That is to say holidays where people take time off from work and school. That does not mean holidays like Easter and Valentine's day. Of course Halloween is not an official holiday, but it does have the feel of fall. I love it. I actually like Halloween better than Christmas because to me, it symbolizes the beginning of the fall months, which is my most favorite time of year. Especially here in the PNW.

I usually don't start saying Merry Christmas to people until after Thanksgiving. And then there is those who only celebrate Hanukkah. They are also part of the reason I say "Happy Holidays" most times to people on the outside. Though this community does not have a lot of Jewish people. I do however have some friends who are of that faith. Yes, it's true.

Well, next week, my sis, Mya, Vegas and Minnie and I are all going to Reno to visit my mom and stepfather. I got a special surprise for all of them. The big problem is I've been sleeping all day every day for the past week! That sucks! Because I am supposed to help my sis drive to Reno. I cannot let this happen! I need to wake up and it's been difficult! I don't even know why I've been doing nothing but sleep. I think it's the new meds. But it could also be an infection. I did have a bad infection develop on my arm after I got 2 vaccinations in the same spot in the same day. It was red and painful, but it's gone now. The doc told me to put warm compresses on it and that got rid of it pretty good. But the next time someone tells me they are going to give me 2 shots on the same day, I'm going to tell them to shoot up in opposite arms! NEVER the same one again for 2 at once! I mean that SUCKED!!!! I could barely move my arm most times because it hurt so damn bad!!!!

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