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Saturday, December 16, 2017

My View Vs. The World

Well, I call them as I see them, I always did! That's not likely to change now. But one person on the Purebred Snobs group I occupy seems to want it to change. Not likely to happen on her whim, but she sure tried hard to change my mind, I can hand her props for that. I never seen someone work so hard to try and change another person's views before. Except maybe the Yatesfags, but that's another story. Anyway, it started on a post where someone saw a pic of a dog that is supposedly a husky, a poorly bred husky, but she was told it was a husky. The dog looked like this:

I looked at the markings and stuff and it does not even look remotely like a husky to me. At least not a siberian husky. To me it looked like an akita, like this:

At least color-wise it looks like one to me. That's just my point of view. Though I never said it actually is an akita. I know akitas never have blue eyes, and the ear-set is all wrong. I'm fully aware of that. It's just when I saw the first dog, that was the first thing that popped into my head was that it looks somewhat like an akita to me. Well, this chick Gabby Guthrie jumped in. I think she took my comment way too seriously. She posted this:

It started off casually enough. She said no it doesn't look like an akita, and I said it did to me.

Not saying it was an akita, I just said that's what it looks like to me. Admittedly, I am not an expert on akitas, I never had any interest in owning one myself, just saying, at least color-wise, that's what the OP's dog reminded me of. Gabby insisted on moving on with this, apparently trying to change my point of view:

Again, I never said the dog IS an akita. I just said it looks like one to me. But I could plainly see that Gabby does not agree with what I said. Which is fine by me. I was not trying to change anyone else's perception at all. So, I just made this comment to her:

Well, I think by this point, Gabby wanted to keep pushing for another opinion from me. So, she goes on:

Again, I could definitely see neither one of us was going to change our perception. So, I made one more post to Gabby:

Personally, I was content to let it go with this, as both of us are different people and we see the world in different ways. A couple of people understood what I was saying though.

Both hit the nail on the head, this is exactly what I was saying. The coloring is a lot like an akita to me.

But Gabby keeps insisting on going on and on and on. I hope you're all ready for a little amateur lesson in genetics from Gabby, I really wasn't paying much attention to her at this point.

But again, I say it looks like it to me. Later on I was agreeing with another outside poster, this is really a petty argument. But Gabby started it. Seems to me, Gabby has gone on about this kind of bullshit before with me. All I would say in response to her is...

I'm beginning to get the feeling at this point that Gabby is one of those entitled liberal millennials that you're always reading about that always has to be right, or that has to always have everyone agree with her. And she pushes and pushes until you finally do agree with her. But I made up my mind already, to me this dog just looks like an akita type. Not saying he is one, just saying that's what I think he looks like.

So yet, Gabby gives us another lecture on genetics. Once again, I'm barely paying any attention to it because it's not relevant to my opinion. LOL! But if you look it is an interesting comment:

Blah-blah-blah-blah-so on and on and on and on....

Really, WHO cares?!?! This is just my opinion! An opinion does not have to be right or wrong. You don't have to agree with it. It's just my opinion. It's how I saw the dog in the original post. Well, this other poster again, hit the nail on the head. Check out her last statement:

That's what I was trying to say all along. It just looked like an akita on first glance.

Well again, Gabby has to keep droning on about how wrong she believes I am.

Really, when I first saw the picture, I was not paying much attention to the dog's head. Just the color was the first thing that caught my attention. Thus, I commented on it. Admittedly, that is what I based my opinion on. Well, Kim is into siberians, and she commented on Gabby calling siberians "dominos":

But as seems to be usual with Gabby, she always has to be right. It's her way or the highway. Really, I should have someone like Gabby on ignore. I've dealt with enough bullshitters like her in my life. I don't need any more. Gabby goes on and on about genetics and akitas:

At this point, since she seems to know so much more than me about akitas, I wanted to know if she has one. I looked on her page, and saw 2 dogs, a big, hairy one and a little hairy one. Neither one looked like an akita. Well, the big one possibly could have been an akita, but to me it looked more like one of those caucasian mountain dogs with perky ears:

So, I came right out and asked her:

Well, she answered me:

Once again, she is wrong, and acting like an entitled libtard millennial. I never said, or even thought, her dog looks like a husky. But tell me, does it to you?

I'm talking about the big guy in the back. Not the cute little one. Doesn't even look like an akita to me, much less a husky. LOL! I responded to her:

Really, it is a bit too skinny to be one of those caucasian mountain dogs. But it looks more like that than it does like any akitas I've seen. LOL! So she goes on to respond:

I was actually glad she was laughing and giggling. Better than having an angry, name-calling millennial on my tail! LMAO!!! So you know me, I probe for some answers myself:

She responds:

I guess "Totes" is the dog's name. Otherwise I have no idea what else she'd be trying to say. Anyway, at least she admits her own dog has faults, I still say it doesn't even look much like an akita to me. But a good purebreed snob can admit their dog has some faults. There's some things I would change about Mya if I could. Well, I already tried, with her ears. But they just want to stand up straight. I guess I cannot change that. But it's cool. She's a pet anyways. So, I don't care if her ears stand straight up or flop down like a hound dog's. LOL! Gabby's dog is a pet too I'm sure, so who really cares if it looks like an akita or a CMD or an elephant?! LOL! In case she is reading, that was a joke, BTW! I guess I have to spell it out for her just like I do the INXS libtard SJWs if I am kidding or not. LMAO!

Anyways, this was my response to her:

UGH!! I am so sick of these millennial liberals, and yes Gabby is the one deflecting in this conversation. In just about every comment she's made, she's done nothing but jeer at me about saying the OP's dog looks like an akita. But shoot! I still stand by my original statement! She hasn't changed that. And yes, she is acting like one of those entitled millennial libtards! So Gabby responds a few hours later:

Once again, she seems to be the one deflecting. But I can play along with that too...

Well, I am flattered. I just wish she wasn't a liberal! I don't really like liberals being obsessed with me. But she has gotten into arguments with me before, several times. I cannot seem to be able to post an opinion, not even a harmless one, without Gabby jumping down my throat. Seriously, I think she needs professional help! But what the hey!

Anyway, she goes on, and frankly, I knew Gabby was going to retort with a comment like this! LOL!

Actually, I was not insulting her. Not unless she has a problem being a liberal. Be grateful I didn't give her a real insult!! LOL! But if she has that much of a problem being a liberal where she thinks it's an insult being called one, then she should probably change her ways. Stop acting like an entitled libtard millennial! But I don't think calling someone what they are is an insult. That'd be like me saying it's an insult if someone says I am hispanic. Which I am. I have no problem with it. People today are just too sensitive. Anyway, I explained to her why I thought she's a liberal...

Well, it's true. That's what liberals are famous for. So Gabby comments. I believe she is finally understanding what I said:

Really, this can go on until she is blue in the face. She'll say it doesn't, I'll say it does. No matter what. So, I came out and asked her:

Yeah I know. She's got all those little laughing emotes all over her posts. But in my experience, someone who overuses those like she did is definitely hiding the fact that they are butthurt. I keep thinking back to the Pluba forums, people who overused those emoties often did so when they were trying to hide the fact that they were really angry. The angrier they were, the more they would use those emoties to cover it up. But you could see the butthurt in their written responses like I can see in Gabby's. Though she still painfully tries to hide it...

As she goes on and on, you'll notice more butthurt in her responses. You can already see she is the one resorting to name-calling by saying my comment was ridiculous. Well, it's more name-calling than me calling her a liberal. This was my response to her:

Well, this comment was a surprise! Check it out...

If she's a liberal, she sure isn't one of those entitled millennials like Gabby is. Political views may not have much to do with it, but that is what Gabby is acting like. But once again, Gabby puts in her opinion, and once again, she is wrong:

Again, she uses the "she's trying to insult me" argument. All entitled libtards resort to that argument! Calling a liberal a liberal is not an insult! It's an observation. But just the fact that Gabby thinks this, is enough for me to believe that yes, it did insult her. LOL! She just doesn't want to admit it. But it's not hard to get out of liberalism! If it bothers Gabby to be called a liberal, she can get out of it easy! My sis is trying to. And again, I don't care if she disagrees with me or not. If Gabby knew anything about me, she'd know I am all for someone having their own opinions. But she is the one who turned this into a petty argument by jeering at me for having an opinion. And this really is not the first time she's done this. Like I said, I really should block her on Facebook. I think if she pulls this bullshit with me again, I will block her. She can take her 5th grade-level bullshit and spread it on someone else then.

This was my response to Gabby:

Believe me, I could say a lot about her! Look at what I found on her page:

I would venture to say she is not the two conservative looking teens on either side. She's most likely the ugly old clown in the middle that's dressed like a whore. Also one thing I noticed on her facebook page, she does not have many friends. But then again, neither do I. But I only saw one like on all of her posts, and one comment. Some other dork commented on this picture saying Gabby dresses like her. Uhm, there's a lot to be said about the quality of friends a person has!! LMAO!!! I guess that's why Gabby is the way she is. She has nothing but losers for friends.

There! That's an insult. LOL! "Liberal" seems rather tame compared to what else I can say about her. That's only the beginning. But I was not trying to insult her. How does that really help my cause? It doesn't! It just brings me down to her level. And I know I am better than that! Shoot! I even feel bad saying what I just said about her! But it's only to prove a point.

Well, the argument goes on and on and on, really no point in posting all of it here. It's all basically the same shit over and over again. Gabby still does not get it. And I thought she did back there! But I guess I was wrong. LMAO!! Oh well, it's on her head. Not mine! But one good thing she said. She said I was still crazy! LOL! I said GOOD! So I haven't lost it!! And I was so worried I did long ago! LOL!!! 😆😆😆😂

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