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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

For The Love of Kaitlin Bennett

These days, I've been seeing a lot of people on YouTube talking slam about Kaitlin Bennett. All because she did interviews with college students and asked them if they say yay or nay to putting urinals in women's restrooms to be inclusive to "women" who have penises. No real woman has a penis. And those who do don't belong in a woman's restroom. If I were to walk in to a woman's restroom and see a man standing there at a urinal, I would walk out! Several students in the video said "It's none of my business". Maybe it's not, but it does become my business if the man is a pervert and tries to rape me or leer into the stalls while I am sitting there. I'm uncomfortable with men in places like restrooms and locker rooms. Always have been. I don't think that would change with a man who thinks he's a woman.

Before I change my mind about trans rights, we need the leftists to shut the fuck up, and learn more about what goes on in a real trans person's mind. Some people are trans because they are gender dysphoric. But that is not always the case. Take Jonathan Yaniv for example. The only reason he is trans is because he wants to look at naked girls in locker rooms and restrooms. He is the kind of trans person I fear the most. If you were to scour his brain activity, and the activity of a real transgender who is actually gender dysphoric, there would be a huge difference. Because Yaniv is not really trans. He just uses that excuse to leer at naked girls. I know we should not judge all trans people by the actions of one bad apple. But there is a saying that says one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch. Yaniv is that one bad apple who makes me not want to trust transgender people at all. Some, like him, are trans because they want access to women's private spaces, or take over women's sports, or other perverted, fashionable reasons, or for acceptance. Those are the people I really think we should beware of. If I were a young woman, competing in women's sports, and they allowed trans "women" to compete with the real women, I would boycott! I'd leave women's sports altogether.

More research has been done, but retracted because domestic terrorist groups like Antifa, doxx the authors of those studies, and label them as "transphobes" because they don't like what the scientists have to say about transgenders. Well, telling the truth is not transphobic!! I say more of it needs to be done. More biologists need to study real victims of gender dysphoria and decipher what the difference is between them and someone who is faking. Until that time comes, I refuse to accept trans rights. And I don't give a fuck if I am labeled a "transphobe". I don't care! More needs to be learned about the condition before I accept it. Too many fakers out there now!

Anyways, back to Kaitlin Bennett. A lot of people have been giving Kaitlin Bennett a lot of shit because she did those interviews and they are calling her a "transphobe". But I don't think she cares really. Just like me. But since calling her a "transphobe" or a "homophobe" does not really faze her, they resort to talking about how she accidentally took a dump in her pants at a frat party. Someone asked why people are always bringing that up and my response was because the libtards need something to heckle any conservatives about, and all they got to get under Kaitlin's skin is the fact she dumped in her pants at a frat party. Seriously? I've yet to see a liberal who didn't bring that up at some time in their videos. It's getting to the point where it's become a weak argument. Libtards use that incident against Kaitlin like it's their lifeline. Like the last of the straws they have to grasp and they cling desperately to it.

Personally, I don't give a fuck that she shit her pants! It happens to the best of us at some point or another. And taking a dump is natural. I laugh more at the libtards who keep bringing that up, because its come to a point where it sounds perpetually ridiculous coming from them. You know the rules of karma don't you? Those who make fun of Kaitlin because she dumped in her pants will grow up to do the same. You never know. And karma can be a bitch! It's not even Kaitlin's fault some hack took her picture without her permission and posted it to Twitter or Instagram or whatever the fuck it was! That was likely done by a libtard too. I don't go to parties, not with young people, but I am sure if I did, people would find something about it to heckle me with too. My thing would be though, what kind of people are doing the heckling? Would it be libtards who just want to grasp at straws for every little thing? Or would it be conservatives? Or would it be both? I think I'd be more concerned if it was conservatives, or both to be honest. But I'd definitely not worry if it was libtards alone heckling me for something. Because libtards are always going to grasp at something small just to get a rise out of me. And they are hypocrites.

Well, you know all the queers are going to slam Kaitlin for her journalism. The biggest disappointment I've seen is Hunter Avalone slamming her. Now, let me say first, I know Kaitlin Bennett is not perfect. There's some things I don't like about her too. I don't care that she shit her pants. I lost more respect for Kaitlin when I found out she has a cat and no dogs! Cats are liberal pets. Cats are for wimps, wussies, ugly people and soyboys. That's why libtards prefer them. Dogs are for strong, but still feminine, women and real men. But the way Kaitlin talked about Hunter (and vice-versa) made him sound like he's become a liberal now. I waited to hear his response to Kaitlin's video this morning. But in the meantime, I went to his channel and asked if it's true he's a liberal now. But he responded this afternoon, saying Kaitlin took everything he said out of context from months-old videos. But I admit I was scared there for a while. I waited though until I got his side of the story before I decided whether to unsub him or not.

Well, I can understand that. My views change all the time too. Things I said back when I began this blog are not really relevant today, now that I've grown some. I've changed my point of view on a lot of issues I thought differently of back then. But I believe my views changed for the better. I'm more comfortable in my own skin nowadays. I've learned some more things, and more things have happened that have molded me into the person I am today. Some might say I didn't change for the better, that I got worse, but that's OK. I didn't change to suit anyone else. I did it for me and my own growth and sanity. That's why it should always be done. If you do something to make other people happy, believe me, you will be disappointed in yourself.

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