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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

American Southwest In For A Major Draught!!

And to think my pa and stepma wanted to move to Arizona!! They won't after they hear about this! Best to stay here where the rains are consistent. It may rain a lot, but at least we are never without water. But I heard that the American southwest is beginning a major 60-year draught. That is, a draught that is going to last 60 years! This country has not had that kind of a draught since the 12th century! I feel for those in those areas! Mostly I believe places like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, possibly Nevada and southern California, may be struck. This is kinda sad really. But it is nature. Those places may experience a major water shortage, which is not good! That's why I usually stick to the northern states, where we get a lot of rainfall. Falling rain may be a bit depressing, but it's good. I would not move from here for nothing on Earth! Though I will eventually need to move away and go to Montana. Anna will be going back at the end of this month, and going to school. I don't know how soon or how late I will be joining her there. It may be in the spring, may be in the summer. But I do know I will be moving there. I just hope this draught does not hit Montana. Though I doubt it seriously!!

I remember about 20 some-odd years ago, we had a minor draught in this state, and there was the threat of water shortage. However, we managed, and the following winter we no longer had that threat anymore. We had so much rainfall that year during the winter months, that we had some serious threat of flooding in some areas. That's Washington state for you!! One month draught, the next month flooding! LOL! Speaking of which, I heard Chehalis is under a flood threat. I sure hope Katrina and her family are OK. I heard from her this morning, and she seems OK. They do live up on top of a hill in Chehalis, and they got through the floods of 2008 unscathed. So I am sure they will make it OK.

Well, this is my busiest month, but I finally got finished with my Christmas shopping! Thank GOD!!! I've been hinting to everyone the things that I want for Christmas this year. hehe! But if I don't get the things I want, it's OK. I don't care. As long as I get some recognition from friends and family, I'm fine! I haven't made my Christmas goodies yet though. I would like to get to work on that ASAP! But I said I am not going to make that much this year, just my brownies and peppermint meltaway cookies, which are a Christmas tradition in this family. Though I don't know how I am going to do the meltaways without a mixer!! The one that I've had now for years just finally died on me! :( I need a heavy-duty mixer and I said after Christmas I am going to get one! Like the mixers professional chefs use. I usually like to make up different kinds of cookies and decorate them and give them to friends, family and neighbors. That too has become a bit of a tradition for me, and I make a lot of new friends that way too. But this year I guess I won't make a lot. Just enough to give to friends and family.

Ya know the best Christmas I can remember was one during a year when we didn't even celebrate Christmas. My ma had become a Jehovah Witness, and she said "There will be no celebrating Christmas in this house!" I was appalled by that statement!! But that is how the Jehovah Witnesses are, they don't celebrate Christmas or birthdays, so as long as ma was in with them, I had to go along with it, but it was so different than how I was brought up! Well, Anna and I didn't like the idea of not celebrating Christmas, so what we did was we planned a little fund of our own. We saved some money and went out and bought our own Christmas presents for each other, and when Christmas morning came, we secretly met in Anna's room and gave our gifts to each other. Ma and pa never even knew we did that! Well, the next year, I told pa that we did that. But I didn't tell ma until years later when she got out of the Jehovah Witness faith. I just couldn't convert to that! Everything they believed in, I didn't believe in; and everything I believed in, they didn't belive in. That year we didn't have an official family Christmas, but I think that was the best Christmas I can remember! It was fun, even though it was just between myself and Anna. That was the year I got my little plush ringtail lemur from the WWF collection, which they don't have anymore!! I took that little plush lemur everywhere I went, even to the White House!! hehe! Years later, I had to sell that little plush lemur, and it made me angry too! Long story attached there.

Well, I don't know if I will be making any more blog posts between now and when Anna goes back to Bozeman. So I hope all my readers here has a wonderful and merry holiday season!

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