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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend at Dad's

Well, to say the least, it was an interesting weekend. I don't get to see my father very much so, this past weekend was supposed to be a treat. I did realize one thing, dad and I don't know each other anymore. All week long, I could not wait to visit him, and I was excited to see him again, and thrilled he was going to let me stay there with my dogs. But the weekend was not what I had hoped for. He's a wonderful man, and I do love him. I let him know that. But we were not cut out to live under the same roof. We fought all the time. Calm moments were few and far between. The problem is my father likes to control people, and I don't like being controlled. It's one thing to be controlled on a job, and I do realize that is his house. But he wanted to control every little thing I did. He wanted to control what time I went to bed, what time I got up, when to put my dogs outside, and we even got into a major fight because I would not eat this scrawny, fatty steak he wanted to give me. I'm not used to being controlled for those things. I like having those basic freedoms in my life. It got so bad, he was threatening to send me home right then and there. And believe it or not, I wouldn't have minded. I was ready to go home! I tried to smooth the steak incident over by asking if I could have chicken instead. But he said no. By Monday morning, I had had enough. Dad wanted me to stay and have breakfast, but I said no. I just wanted to get out of there and get home as fast as I could!

Dad asked if he could help me in any way and I told him he could pump the gas for me at the gas station. LOL! That made him happy. I wanted to make him a little happy before I left, because I was afraid it would be the last time I might see him, ever! Because we are moving to Montana in May. I don't know if I will get to see him before I go. And I know I sure won't see him after I move there! He'll never come to visit us in Montana. He even said he's not going to help us pack up our things this time. But you know what, I didn't leave him with a sour note. I didn't want his last impression of me to be that way. I told him I love him, and I will always love him. And I do. He is my father, after all. And he did have good intentions when he invited me to his place. Its just that he and I come from two totally different worlds. After my gas was in the tank, I was ready to go home, and I made a swift beeline for Ocean Shores. I was never happier to see home than I was at that moment. When I arrived, the first thing I did was take a nap! I didn't sleep good at all when I was at dad's place. He wanted me in bed at 10 PM and I am not used to being in bed that early. I never fell asleep until about 1 AM at the earliest. So, I didn't get that much sleep. As of this day, I think I am still recovering!

When ma got home that day, I told her all about that weekend. She thought the whole thing was so petty, especially the steak incident. I told her I know it was, and I did try to smooth it over in a way where both of us could have been happy, but dad just would not have it. It was like I had to eat what he ate, or I had to leave. No sooner had I told ma that story, dad called me on the phone. The first time he called, he hung up. I could not understand why. Then I tried calling him, and all I got was a busy signal. I figured maybe he was trying to call back. Sure enough, he called again. He asked if I got home OK and I said yes. Then he apologized for being a jerk. He said he thought about his actions that weekend and realized he had acted like an old fool. hehe! I told him I accept his apology and I forgave him. I mentioned we both sort of acted like jerks. So that was the end of that.

Well, I am sick and tired of the Craigslist forums. The people on there are so snooty and judgmental! UGH! So I don't go in there that much anymore. One person, who calls herself MsCynic and I got into a big battle because I don't like cats in my house. But there is good reason why I don't. I don't like cats getting on my kitchen counters and putting their dirty feet where I prepare food. Anna had looked into staying with a roommate, and the last one she looked at for both of us, the woman had 6 cats! I couldn't live there! I thought she only had 1 or maybe 2. That I could tolerate until we found a place of our own. But NOT 6 cats!!! Well, MsCynic got all bent out of shape because I don't care to have cats in my house. I just let her have her little run until she attacked me on a totally unrelated thread. A troll had posted pups for sale, and I responded (knowing it was a troll, mind you), and MsCynic said "It's a troll you noodle!" LOL! I just said a big "DUH!!" That shut her up! hehehe!

I think out of all the people on that forum, the one that I absolutely abhore the most is this one who calls herself OCD-Aussie. I cannot stand her at all! Not even the slightest little bit. I don't think there's anyone on any forum I hate as much as I hate her. GOD forgive me for that! But she just makes me want to smack her across he face so hard! She is so judgmental! And she never posts unless it is to bitch and gripe about something or someone. She never helps anyone out! She just bitches. She claims her life is not miserable at all, but I think she's just putting up a front. It probably is very miserable, and she just doesn't want to admit it. I know I said ColliesRock was bad, but I've noticed she's at least been helpful in some threads. She's given some people some good advice. For a while I didn't like LuvMyAkita, but she too has also been helpful at least some times. But OCD-Aussie is not helpful at all! All she does is gripe. I've never seen her post on that forum unless its a thread she can bitch about. She never helps anyone, she never compliments people's pet photos, she never lets loose and has fun, she just does nothing but bitch, moan and gripe! I must say I feel very sorry for any pets or people that are imprisoned with her. She's nothing but a dirty, stinky butthole. And people wonder why I have zero respect for show breeders. People like OCD-Aussie is why!! I'm sure if she tried, she could offer up someone some great advice, but she doesn't. All she does is bitch and moan on that forum! IF she does ever offer anyone advice, she does it in such a way that is so hateful and vindictive, no one wants to hear her. Why she goes in there if it upsets her so much is beyond me! It'd be great if she would just leave the forum, and never return!

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