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Saturday, March 12, 2011


hehehehe! I had to save this comment by MsPearlsGirl. Yesterday she was the first person to win a place in my new Dim-wit Hall of Fame, which is a new page I started to display the most dim-witted comments I get on YouTube from clueless people like her. Check it out! Just like a number of vegans, she is a hypocrite. She stands against killing animals for meat, but doesn't seem to mind supporting BYBs and PMs.

She claims to be a 36 year old vegan, who looks half my age. Yet she has no pics up to prove it. I made an announcement on my dog breeding video about the new page on this blog, and MsPearlsGirl as much as gave me permission to talk about her. So I guess all is fine. :) This was the comment she made:

"That's fine, Timmyfat. You can't get anyone to fuck you, you hideous thing. Perhaps if you had compassion, became vegan and lost a tonne of that flab, someone might just want you."

I love it that she called me "Timmyfat"!! hehehe! I think I actually mentioned that somewhere back in this blog (or on one of my videos) that I wondered how long it would take someone to come up with that! LOL! I like it, but Timmy may not. Sorry Timmy. :x Don't worry dude, she means me, not you! Oh and of course, like all uneducated individuals, she brings up sexual overtones! LOL! Cool!

Anyway, in my research yesterday, I found out a lot of people who claim to be vegans are actually closet omnivores. That is, they also consume eggs, fish, chicken, etc. in smaller quantities. The problem is that most of them are afraid to admit it because other vegans will jump them. In order to become a full-fledged vegan, that is to get all the nutrients our body needs to function through veggies and fruits only, we would have to eat a number of fruits and veggies that are actually so rare, you can't get them at any typical grocery store. Either that, or take a lot of supplement pills, which is unnatural. Again raising the question vegans have about living an "all natural" lifestyle. No, I am not putting down vegans here, this is the simple truth. This is actually part of the truth they don't want you to know! Well, I called out MsPearlsGirl. This was my response to her:

"@MsPearlsGirl LOL! I bet you can't get laid either. You're probably a fat-ass yourself, you're just hiding it. And from what I've read so far, a lot of self-proclaimed "vegans" are actually closet omnivores. No doubt in my mind you are one of those too. You're just too scared to admit it because from what I see here about you, you're a spineless person. LOL!"

I'm a good judge of character! LOL! So now I've decided since she's given me permission to talk about her, I'll have a little fun with her. LOL! From the research I've done so far, a lot of people who tell you they are a true vegan, and eat absolutely no animal products, are complete LIARS!!! They are obviously not as healthy as they make themselves out to be. A balanced diet is what is important. I'm not denying there are some people who can do good on a vegan diet, but most people cannot survive on a truly vegan diet. MsPearlsGirl is definitely one of those that is most likely a closet omnivore. Either that, or a wholly vegan diet is eating away at her brain. LOL! She's one of those that would give vegans a bad name. Here is her response to me from my last comment:
Nope, you fat miscreant blobby mass, I weigh 55kg, which is about as much as your left leg. I'm vegan, which means I don't eat nor wear any animal products. My vegan boyfriend fucks me, but he wouldn't go near you if he were drowning in a sea of piss and you were a tree. Can you walk? I bet you need one of those motorised carts that geriatrics use. Weird, considering you're 36 but look 56. 

Her spelling, and basic subject-selection skills tell me she is NOT a 36 year old like she claimed she was. I looked at this post and thought to myself "She's not 36! She's 12 years old if she's a day!" That's just judging by her writing skills! So anyway, I decided to have some fun with her. I could have a lot of fun based just on this paragraph alone!! These were my responses to her:
@MsPearlsGirl LOLOL!! Keep trying to convince me. Your actions speak louder than your words. ;)

@MsPearlsGirl <----- is a fat-ass! A fat-ass! LOL! Like me, only at least I don't hide it. ;)

@MsPearlsGirl Oh yes, and just so you know, I don't believe you are 36 at all. LIAR!! You're probably like 10 years old, and just looks 36. LIAR!! LIAR!!! You closet omnivore. hehehehe! ;P

And you want to take a guess that this "boyfriend" she spoke of is not even a boy? It's probably a girl. That could be who "Pearl" is. Am I worried that a lesbian girl thinks I'm a "fat, ugly, incompassionate miscreant"? Hell NO!! LOL! I'm honored in fact. I'm straight. I'd hate to break a lesbian's heart if I have to tell her I only like guys.

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