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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

INXS Archives

Anyone else know about this? INXS is having a big event at the end of the year. They've started a contest to see who has the most INXS stuff, and the winner gets VIP tickets to this event. I wonder what the event is. Well, I don't exactly know what they want, but I sent in the pic of me and all my INXS pics surrounding me that I just randomly shot one morning when I was awake at 6AM and had nothing better to do. It's just me with a bunch of my pictures of the guys pinned up on the wall behind me, and hugging my favorite pic of Timmy.

And that's it! That's my pic of (part of) my INXS collection. Of course there is more pics, videos, cds, and what is on my MP3 player. But I didn't have the space to put all that in the picture. But there I am in all my ugliness, with my collection. I sent this to INXS, just because. But no, I do not expect to win with this pic. Or at all. I know there are people out there with much bigger collections than what I have. But I thought I would give it a try. I had no idea what they were really looking for. That is, what their idea of a collection is. This is my idea of a collection. Though I wish I had caught the pics and magazines that were next to me in this pic.

I look terrible!! I had just woken up, it was very early in the morning. I hadn't even brushed my hair yet, so it's sticking out everywhere. But doesn't Timmy look good in that pic??? That's one of my favorite pics of him! I thought it was a cute touch to have me holding that pic. But no, I don't expect to win anything at all. I just sent this pic in to participate. It is a collection of sorts. But I wonder what this VIP event is? I'll probably never find out because there is little doubt in my mind that it will not come to the USA. Which is just as well, I won't be able to attend anyway.

I've been hearing for some time that INXS are thinking of turning their life story into a musical. Like the musicals you see on Broadway. I wonder if that is the special event? Maybe. Good thing I won't win. There's no way I can make it down to Australia now and see that. I can't go to Australia now at all. I'm saving that for this other special event I want to accomplish. For when I make this movie. Yes, I do still want to do that. I'm kinda juggling between that and going to this INXS gathering, which is happening the same year. It looks like I will not be moving to Coos Bay. So, if I do decide to go, I will not have such a long trip over and back. I'd like to go to this gathering, but I really want to make this movie. Of course I could make the gathering part of the movie too. I just hope I don't see any radicals. But then again, my movie needs some bad guys. LOL!

My movie cannot be all good, every good movie has to have some bad guys, and the fags are just perfect to play that role. I intend to put everything on camera. If the fags heckle me, it'll be on camera. If one of the men of INXS shows up, it'll be on camera. When the band plays, it'll be on camera. When I go up for food, it'll be on camera. I just hope there is stuff there I can eat. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian. I love chocolate, but not on strawberries or some kind of shit like that. Well, I can't have strawberry anything! And I like MILK chocolate. I can't stand dark chocolate! I am a little worried about the menu. Shoot if they just bring in KFC, I'll be a happy camper! Or BK. LOL! As long as there is some kind of American cuisine. If I am going to go to a party, I want there to be some real party food!! It's like when I go to a buffet-style restaurant. I don't go to those places to sample, I go there to EAT!! I go there to pig-out!! If I am going to pay $8 to $10 to enter the place, I'm going to get food I wouldn't normally be able to get! Fuck sampling! And fuck etiquette. Fortunately, I don't go to buffet-style restaurants very often. About once a year since I moved here.

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