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Thursday, May 26, 2016

So This Goes On...

LOL!! I'm loving this one. Yvette apparently loves to rant. She rants about everyone under the sun. I swear, I think she's one of those kinds of people that if you look crosseyed at her, she'd write a 2-page rant about you. While I am all for free speech, Yvette needs to stop acting like a martyr. Well, this was forwarded to me...

Yes I am mad because you blocked me from your group, especially after you boasted so loudly about how we were all free to speak our minds on your group. To kick someone out because you don't like what they have to say is not allowing us to speak our minds. That's one thing NO ONE can ever say about my group. I've never kicked anyone out of my group for speaking their minds. When I say "You are free to speak your mind", I mean it! Even if it's something I don't want to hear. But then again, I am not overly sensitive like you are Yvette. I heard you've been kicked off of Facebook many times before. I have never been kicked off of Facebook. That alone should tell you something.

Actually only one time I can remember I turned down someone from my group. But it was because she was not a real INXS fan. She was a known Yatesfag. My group is not to celebrate Paula Yates. It's to celebrate Michael and Timmy. Yatesfags are not welcome. There are other groups they can go to to ogle Paula Yates.

Yes I said Boner looked fat, because he did. Sorry but I am not used to seeing him look that chunky, and I am going to say it. In Michael's last video, which you also put up on your group, people often say he looked too thin. Does that also piss you off? No, of course it doesn't. Because to you, to say someone looks fat is the only offense there is. But I guess that's something you can relate to, right? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and think "I look too thin"?

I was respectful in your group. The problem is you are just too sensitive. Don't blame that on me. That is your problem. Not mine.

As for the calling Bono "Boner", I do that all the time. That was not a unique thing I did on your group. Knowing the man the way I do, most likely he'd think it's funny too.

So what if your friends believe me? This is true. And Yvette has some serious issues. But I guess she's no worse than any other fag out there. Anyone who doesn't believe me are the ones I would worry about. I've always been a good judge of character. Just because I like to give people a chance does not mean I cannot judge them correctly. And there is definitely something wrong with Yvette. Look at this post. She contradicts herself before the last sentence. She says "Oh well, it's a fun read" and then ends with "If you believe her..." which I am sure goes on to end with "you are not my friend anymore" or something to that effect. Knowing Yvette and her kind the way I do, I would not be surprised.

But ya know, I do not hate this woman. Really, I don't. I feel sorry for her. Something really, really, REALLY bad must have happened to her in the past to make her act so hatefully. I heard she griped because someone needed a wheelchair. I thought "If I had known she was like that from the beginning, I never would have accepted her as a friend!" But me being the person I am, I always have to give people a chance. Just in case I am wrong. I have been before, but definitely not about Yvette. I am not going to say to my friends though that if you are friends with Yvette, you cannot be friends with me. That's not my style! LOL! That's something people in 2nd grade say. If you are my friend, and you want to stay friends with Yvette, that's fine. But don't force me to socialize with her, because I truly think she's messed up in the head. I mean, TOO messed-up for me! LOL!


katrina said...

hey boooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! come to dinnnnnnnnnnnnneerrrrrr!!!!!!!!! we're having beanies and weinies! lol

TimGal said...

LOL! OMG Katrina!!!