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Monday, May 23, 2016

I Can't What???

There is a new trend going around Facebook now. It's a trend I thought I left behind in grammar school. I never thought I would encounter it as an adult. But I have been seeing it a lot lately. And I think I know who it was that got this trend started. Its the trend now that says "if you are friends with so-n-so, then you can't be friends with me". Seriously?!?! Come on! Just because you don't like someone does not mean that I have to not like them as well. I like to maintain loyalty to all my friends, for as long as I can. How is my being friends with someone you don't like hurting you? Just because I like them does not mean I don't like you. They have their opinions and I have mine. When that person says something bad about the other, I may acknowledge what they say, usually by clicking the "like" button, but that does not mean that I agree with what they say. Especially if the person they are talking about never did me any harm. And most times, they haven't. If I agreed, I would be clicking "like" AND commenting to them "I agree with you", or something to that effect. That's how I operate on Facebook...

I click "like" it just means I acknowledge what that person says, and I respect their right to have an opinion.

I click "like" and comment saying "I agree", it means I agree with that person.

I remember back in the days of the old inxs.com forums, Devil Doll mocked me saying something to the effect of "I agree with everyone to keep the peace on the forums. Oh god that sounds retarded just typing it!" LOL! I had to laugh at that. For one thing, I liked playing those kind of games with her. Another thing, I know that is what it looked like because I usually did only say "I agree" when I actually did agree. I wouldn't have said it if I didn't agree. But it wasn't to "keep the peace on the forum", I just say what I feel. If I didn't agree, I wouldn't be saying "I agree". LOL!! Yeah I know that may sound retarded, but it's true. I hope that makes it clear if nothing else. If I didn't agree with something someone says, I would either say "I disagree" and say why I disagree if it's something I feel passionate about, or just not say anything at all. My purpose is not to change someone else's mind. Just to let someone know how I feel and why, if I have a reason. Yeah, some things have a reason for being the way they are, and some things don't.

I have a lot of friends who are friends with people I don't like. Doesn't bother me. I don't care! I truly do not care. That's their friends. If they want to remain friends with that person, that's their business. As long as I don't have to associate with that person. Most times I am not forced to. And I always have the option to walk away, and I know that. Like recently, one of my good friends invited me to a group chat. One of the people in the group was a fag, whom I used to like, but not anymore. Not after I found out she's a fag! But I did not hold it against this friend because she's friends with the fag. Her friends are her business. Not mine. I will say watch out for that person. Especially knowing that person is a possible Yatesfag, and this friend of mine also hates Paula Yates. Like me, she believes whole-heartedly that Paula killed Michael. In truth, everyone who truly loves, knows and cares about Michael believes Paula killed him. Because she DID. Michael was a happy guy before he met her, those who knew him can definitely attest to that. Even Michael's own sis knew she was tipping off the press to their whereabouts.

But really, to say something like "if you are friends with so-n-so, then you can't be friends with me", don't you think that's kinda childish?? Even my own sis has friends that I do not like. But she's not going to stop being my sis, and I am not going to stop loving her. Those are her friends. They don't need to be mine. As long as they are good to her, that's all I care about. And apparently they are, or else I am sure they would not still be on her friends list. And this is behavior that is coming out of supposedly INXS fans. I'm beginning to not like INXS fans anymore because of this new trend. And I always thought INXS fans were the best fans. They are beginning to become the worst. Worse than Duran fans. Worse than U2 fans! Even worse than Elvis fans! And that's pretty damn bad!!! Seriously, I think Michael would be turning over in his grave if he could see what INXS fans are now becoming. And I believe I know who it was that got this started. It was that asshole Jannah. After Maria How met her and brought her into the MH and His Life Fan Page, she started to become Jannah. After Jannah came to that group, it was no longer the fun place it was when I started going in there. She turned that group into a war zone. She turned INXS fans into assholes. She needs to grow up. But unfortunately, I think she's just a teenager, or early 20-year old. I just feel sorry for her.

I wonder if Jannah was this character Mystify that used to get into the old INXSweb forums, and would constantly gripe about someone calling themself Cherry Baby. I remember that person ruined INXS fanhood back then, after the chat room went down. Any newbie who wanted to be a part of the forum would get the same greeting from Mystify, or Jannah, or whatever else she called herself on that forum; "Hello [person's name]/Cherry Baby!" I wouldn't be surprised if they are one in the same. Well, I hated her as Mystify, and I hate her as Jannah too. For the same reason. She ruined INXS fanhood! I will continue to be a fan of INXS, and keep only a few fans close to me, those that have not given in to this new trend. Michael was all about peace and love. I'll stay friends with those who still believe those wise words of his.

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