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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Power to Speciesists!

So now that I have found out that speciesism is a real thing, I carry that title with pride! I am proud to be a speciesist! Because I will forever believe that what animals I like is my own choice! No one elses'. And if I choose to keep some animals as pets, and eat others, that too is my own business. No one else's. So I carry the moniker "speciesist" with the utmost pride. It's nothing at all like being a racist! People who are Jewish, black, white, oriental, hispanic, they are still humans, our real brothers and sisters. They should have basic human rights. I also believe gorillas, chimps and orangs should also have basic human rights, because they are species of Hominids. I also think it's criminal to kill a dog or a cat, because to a lot of people, myself included, they are a part of our families. I say save baby seals from human slaughter, because they are a part of a large, complex ecosystem. And if they die, the ecosystem breaks down. And all those dumb hunters want from the babies is their skins. They don't even eat the meat and that makes me MAD!! But cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, etc. They are NOT our brothers and sisters! They are not even in any way remotely related to us. They are only here because we bred them for food. So I say, eat them! hehe! For that reason, I agree I deserve the title of "speciesist". But then I think the word "speciesist" should be applied to all living things that look after their own, or think their species is far greater than all others, which is just about every species of animal on the planet. Just like it isn't only white people who hate blacks that are racists. But also blacks who hate whites are also racists.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have vegan friends and I love them! But the fanatics get on my nerves! Just yesterday, I was hit by another one (a little residue) who calls herself Technowhoree. She commented on my sis's video about diet myths. This is what she had to say:

Hi TimmyGal!
I love watching all of your videos, they are simply hilarious. I just wanted to say one thing... Your anti vegetarian remarks are inconsistant with actual results when thoughtfully applyed, ofcourse. I have been vegan for six years of my life and my doctors are stunned by my health, I am also a competitive athlete. This might sound unbelieveable to such a hillbilly idiot such as yourself, but it is true. Good day. :)

At first, she sounded nice. And I thought she was trying to be congenial. That is until I got to the last sentence. Then I realized this person was yet another fanatical vegan anal wart. I got a load of this statement:
"I am also a competitive athlete."
LOL! I was thinking, "So what?! She could be the flyweight champion of the world and it wouldn't mean shit to me! She'd still be nothing but a skinny wimp whose ass my former boyfriend could easily kick." She probably looks like Kate Moss--No boobs, and probably has a schlong. I wouldn't be surprised! Anyway, I wasn't going to, but I decided to respond to her, with a little tit-for-tat:
@Technowhoree I'm glad you enjoy my videos. Thanks for watching. Oh BTW, I've been eating meat all my life, and my doctor was amazed I am the age I am, with almost no problems associated with my weight. I know that that is hard for a stupid-ass vegan such as yourself to comprehend, but keep trying. Something will jumpstart that pea-brain of yours. ;) Buh-bye! :)

And then I added:
@Technowhoree Oh yes, I forgot something....

After that, I blocked her butt from my channel. Looks like I am going to have to do that to all the vegans who I don't like from now on. There's been some that have been nice, but people like Technowhoree, I need to start blocking them. Just like I took to blocking Hobofart and his friends. I put up with him for a while, but then I started blocking him and everyone that I even thought for a second was in any way associated with him. But there is a MAJOR difference between Hobofart and the vegans. Hobofart was like the angry, jealous husbands you see on those domestic violence movies, who gets pissed because he doesn't get enough attention, and he becomes totally obsessed and follows people all around the internet, and harasses them with the intent to somehow harm them. The vegans are not like that. I don't get those same vibes from the vegans. They're more like a little kid who keeps repeating the same thing and is just simply annoying. And no matter how many times you tell that kid to shut the hell up, it just keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. Like a song stuck in their heads.
As for being a hillbilly, well, I'm more of a redneck, but I'll settle good with hillbilly! LOL! So I am going to wear that name with pride as well. I even changed the title of my channel. I now call myself "A Hillbilly With Fattitude". If a hillbilly is the same as a speciesist in their eyes, then I will do fine! I'm actually proud to be a speciesist hillbilly. At least I know that I, as a human, am not the only speciesist creature in the world.


Mentalnick said...

I totally understand how you feel, I'm what I call a humanist which is the same thing. Unfortunately in my mind I think that People are greater than animals and if that means I survive by eating them, oh well. Hey great blog post check mine out if you like alternate news, tech, music, movie, and game info! http://theharshgeneration.blogspot.com/

TimGal said...

Very interesting blog you have! I have some vegan friends, and I understand them, and they understand me. Unfortunately, there are many more like this one, who is just simply annoying! They think animals are above humans and have apparently been misguided to believe they think and feel the same way we do. Which I happen to know they don't. I've been studying animals for more years than most of them have been alive. I think they're just a bunch of nazi-hippies that refuse to accept diversity.