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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Some Questions Answered

Oh my goodness! Look at this....

Check out #4. His great grandfather was from India. That answers a LOT of questions I've had over the years about Michael. For one thing, it answers the questions about his ties to SE Asia and why his family spent so much time there. That has to be why! I wonder though, was that on his father's side or his mother's? It's still interesting! I knew though that Michael was born in Australia, but spent most of his life in Hong Kong. It also answers the question of where Michael got his good looks!

I need not tell you that I actually find Indian men very attractive!! In one of the groups I am on, someone asked what country has the best-looking men. I said I used to think it was Australia, until I got to know a few men from there who were total pansies. I don't mean gay either. I'm talking about libtards. I added "Now, I think India has some of the best-looking men". It's true! But only those from the more affluent areas. Not those who live in the slums. You should see my partner. I still call him my partner! LOL! He doesn't think he's handsome, and I saw his pic and I told him he has to be kidding me! I told him he's actually one of the cutest men I've ever seen in my life!

Another thing that caught my eyes, he said he thought Kylie's voice was terrible. LOL! I actually liked Locomotion. I'm not into bubblegum pop, but I thought it was a cute little tune. Michael did look happier with her. MUCH happier than he looked with Paula. Yeah, I still do not like Paula. LOL! I don't give a shit what the Yatesfags think. One thing though, she must have been a dog-lover, which to me is a good thing. It rubbed off on her children. All except for Lily. I don't think Lily has a dog of her own. I've seen her holding Pixie's dog though. Lily needs to get with the program! She needs to get herself a dog! I think she'd look good with a pomeranian. Or maybe even a maltese. Something fashionable like that.

Also check out #5. Poor Michael had butterfingers. That sounds like something I would do. Not on purpose. I just happen to be clumsy. And I seem to be getting worse in my old age!! UGH! Not really dropping everything (all the time). More like I can't speak anymore. I don't know why. My tongue seems to get ahead of my brain, and then winds up tied in knots.

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