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Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm On A Roll!

Oh boy! I've been busy this week! It's been a while since I've posted a book on UMG Productions. Well, this week, I have posted 3 of them. Though only 2 show up. I'll post them here WITH links. Here are the stories I have posted:

Uncle Martin and the Gang in: Uncle Martin is Impeached!

Yes, I finally got this story up! It is actually one of my favorite stories. It's so funny, it even makes me laugh! Even though I know how it goes. My sis Eva helped me in writing this story back when I first moved to Ocean Shores back in 2007. That was one of the first times I'd been in some turmoil, for whatever reason. Well, I saw how fair-weather friends abandoned me and my real friends stayed by me. It was a good lesson learned. Seems I am always going through some kind of turmoil! I don't care what others say, everyone hates to hear the truth! It inspired this story. Martin goes on kindof a rampage and insults the gang. Brad, who has always been on the mischievous side, took what Martin said out of context and made it sound much worse than it really was. Most of the gang followed Brad's lead. Except one. Faithful Bert remembers how good Martin has always been to him, and continues to support him. No matter what the rest of the gang said to persuade him otherwise.

Meanwhile, Tim is appointed the new leader of the gang. But is he ready to lead? No! What goes wrong under Tim's command? Everything! That's what makes this story so funny! I even bring back Group 5 in this story; a gang of gorillas (based on one of Dian Fossey's favorite groups of mountain gorillas). These gorillas have been Martin and the gang's nemeses since the early days. I actually have other stories with them in the story, plaguing Martin and the gang from 1989. But I have yet to put them on the site. Maybe some day. Though Dian Fossey herself would HATE how I've portrayed gorillas in these stories! LOL! She doesn't have to know though.

The next story I've completed:

Cafeteria Wreck

Eva and Katrina are the subject in this anecdotal story. Yes, this is an anecdote story. No real rhyme or reason for publishing it. Just for entertainment. I have a couple of those on the site now. But I also bring back Swen and Odel, who kindof branched off from Uncle Martin's gang in the mid 90s. Swen and Odel became a bit of a gang of two idiots. Though they are not really a "gang" so to speak. They are just a couple of buddies who went their own way. Well, in this story, Katrina and Eva are at an outdoor cafe and they are about to have dinner when Swen steals Katrina's food. Katrina wants repercussions, so they decide to race down a hill and the first one who makes it to the bottom of the hill wins, and the loser buys the winner's dinner.

Well, everything goes wrong, from their choice of racing vessels to the finish, and even the consequences of the winner. This story is pointless as a story it's self, but it will make you laugh! It does me! Took me a while to actually decide to post this story. Because for one thing, I don't want kids reading this story and trying a stunt like what the characters in this story tried. But I do state for kids NOT to try this stunt at home! For another thing, it is a stupid stunt! LOL! If I do say so myself. But heck! So are the stunts pulled on the Jackass series. So, I figured what the hell! Just post it! Someone will get a good laugh out of it!

Another story I've posted...

Uncle Martin and the Gang Discusses INXS

This story won't be posted though. It is scheduled for November 17. So, you will not be able to see this story just yet. But I do have a link. The story is a compilation book, which consists of the stories INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens and One Day In November... and a previously unreleased story titled Jon's Nightmare, which is a comic story. Jon takes a leisurely nap after a night of performing, and wakes up to a strange world! Not yet available. But it is well worth the wait!

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