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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Songs on my MP3 Player

I thought this would be a cool subject. One of my friends on Facebook asked what the most surprising song is on our players. Like if we were to show off our music, which songs would you be embarrassed to have one of your friends hear on your player (assuming your friends know what songs/singers you like or don't like). I actually have several songs that people I know would be shocked to know I have. Among those, Michael Jackson. I was never a big fan of Michael Jackson's. Though he used to be kinda cute when he was younger, and I don't deny he was a good singer. He has a few good songs out there. The songs of his that I have is Bad and Black or White. But I always told my friends that I don't like Michael Jackson as a person or a performer. He looked nice when he was a kid, but then he went and had all them surgeries, and then he was ugly. He danced a lot, but I guess I'm just not into his kind of dancing. But looking back now, I must say he danced a lot better than these modern kids do now.

Well, really that's just one singer that I have on my player. There are really many more than that. My MP3 player is basically a collection of songs that I loved throughout my life. Some I admittedly have not heard since I was a little kid. I have a LOT of INXS. But that should be no surprise! Each and every song on there is there because it brings back some kind of memories, whether it is a fleeting memory of the 3-story duplex we used to live in, or the memory of Anna and I having our musical playroom where we always listened to music, or the memory of that old family room we used to have and I would go back there and play music every day, even on sunny days, which is rare for me now. Sunny days I'd much rather go walking, and I don't have my MP3 player with me when I go walking. Some other highly surprising songs I have on my player are Sugar, Sugar by the Archies, I Can Feel Your Heartbeat by the Partridge Family, and some other songs from the 60s that were childish in nature. But again, each one brings back some memories. I used to love the Archies when I was growing up, and I had another friend as a child that also loved them a lot. There was a character named Veronica in the series, and this kid's name was also Veronica, so she was a big fan of the Archies, and used to collect the comic books every week as well. So the song does bring back some good memories.

I can't explain why I have a song by the Partridge Family though! LOL! I had a crush on Keith as a 5 year old child. LOL! I used to have the album, and played it constantly, and that song stuck out as one of my favorites, so I downloaded it. Some of the more surprising singers I have songs from on this MP3 player are Kenny Rogers, Faith Hill and Johnny Cash (considering I don't really care for country music). I have a couple songs by Faith Hill, only one each by Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash though. The songs are good, even though I don't really care for those people as singers. It's not them, it's just their style. I normally don't like country music. That's for old folks! LOL! Though moving here to Montana, I noticed even the teenagers listen more to country music than to rock n roll. That's one reason why I feel I don't fit in here! I only like a few songs in the country music genre. I'm mostly a rocker girl. Though I prefer old fashioned rock as opposed to the mess you hear today.

Well, before the snow hit, we went into Billings and had some last-minute fun!! I went to this pet shop in Billings that I always go to because they are the ones that carry the most unique freshwater fish. I was hoping to find more pencilfish, but no such luck! There were like 2 pencilfish in a tank mixed with neons, and they were the only 2 left. One looked healthy, and was swimming around, the other looked sicker, and stayed by the filter. The guy said they just got a load of bad pencilfish with that shipment, and they had all mostly died off. Those two were the last ones, and 7 others that were in the tank that morning had already died before we got there. He said if I wanted the last 2 pencilfish, he'd just give them to me, so I said OK. So he bagged them up and I pointed out some other fish I wanted. They had marbled hatchetfish, and I haven't seen those since I lived in Olympia!! Of course when I lived in Ocean Shores it doesn't count because I didn't have a fishtank then. So I got some of those. I started off just wanting about 5 of them (a decent-sized school), but after he gathered that many, there was only one marbled hatchetfish left. Since they are schooling fish, just one individual would not sell. So, he just gave me the 6th one. I also saw a farlowella in the same tank with the hatchetfish. I have not seen those ever before! And usually when I do, the stores want $15 or more for them! This one was selling for only $10, so I got him! I wanted some other kind of algae eater in there, besides these boring-looking chinese algae-eaters! Farlowellas are very long, thin relatives of plecostomus, they are super strange-looking, but that's what I like.

Well today I still have the farlowella, all the marbled hatchetfish, and one of the pencilfish. And yes, the one remaining pencilfish is the one that I noticed looked healthier than the other. Well, at least he will keep my other well-established pencilfish company. All his other comrades died as well, soon after I got them. But he survived, just like this new little guy. And the new one is even eating good. It's a shame I lost the other one, then I could have had 3 of them, instead of just 2. 3 individuals would have made a much better school of pencilfish.

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