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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fat Vs. Smoking Vs. Alcoholics

Which would you rather be? Fat? A smoker? Or an alcoholic? The reason I ask this is yesterday, I came across someone on one of my videos, and I was very nice to this person. I accepted his comment because it was the most creative comment I've gotten in a long time! Then he told me that he got it from BORAT. LOL! I guess I should have given Borat the credit. Serves me right for not going to see the movie. But he told me my chin hangs down like the sleeves on a wizard! LOL! I thought that was kinda cute, so I kept it. I was probably a lot nicer to him than I should have been, but I liked his comment so much. When I didn't know he got it from Borat, I thought "this dude's fairly clever!" I shoulda known! Today's kids are not that creative! Well, I tried to be nice to him, I figured someone that smart and creative would be able to learn to do a little more research into the subject of obesity. But like all fat-haters (and all haters, for that matter), his mind is not open to new ideas. I was nice to him on this other video, as well as my own, but he just kept slamming on me. In the end, I told him that at least he can't say in this case that the fat person was nasty to him, which blows the common stereotype that all fat people are hostile, as this other guy in the video mentioned. Fact is, it's people like this kid that make fat people so jaded that they are so hostile to every new person they see. Really! Why be nice to someone who is just going to turn around and treat you with hostility for no reason other than you are fat?

Well, the reason this interests me is purely psychological. I always wondered if people like this kid feel the same way about smokers and alcoholics as they do about fat people. I always hear the same gripes from fat-haters. They always say "fat people stink" or "fat people are unhealthy" or "fat people are killing themselves" or "fat people are disgusting" or "fat people are fat because they choose to be" and my most favorite one of all: "fat people are causing our healthcare costs to go up". Blah-blah-blah! Last I heard, it was smokers who are the ones causing healthcare costs to go up. Not fat people. But back to basics. I always wondered how people like this kid feel about smokers and alcoholics. Those people hurt others much more, through their own doings, than all the fat people in the world. You can actually kill other people with second-hand smoke. Even if the other person does not smoke. Alcoholics are much worse. Alcoholics, when they become drunk, are probably the most hostile people on the planet. MUCH worse than any fat person, or smoker, I've ever seen. In fact, I think they might be right up there with drug users. But everybody feels the same way about drug-users!

Anyway, all the things that fat-haters bitch about fat people, can also be applied to smokers and alcoholics. I've never been around a smoker or an alcoholic that smelled like a bed of roses to me! They too are not the healthiest of people, and I would say from the studies that they are also killing themselves too. I don't know about disgusting. I guess that depends on how you look at it. And surely, smokers and alcoholics CHOSE their lifestyle. Most smokers begin when they are teenagers, and a lot of the time they do it over peer pressure (which is an indicator of weak willpower--another thing fat-haters gripe about). They could have done like me and just ignored the peer pressure. But that's me! I can take people or leave them, I don't care. Sometimes, it's fun being a loner. I remember in high school, there was this little prissy young lady named Danielle. I didn't like her at all. She thought too highly of herself and it was definitely undeserved. Well, she asked me one day if I smoked and I said NO! She asked me why and I said because I think cigarette smoke is disgusting. She then proceeded to tell her friend, who was sitting in front of me at the time, and they both started making fun of me for not smoking. That's peer pressure. But I didn't care. I was stronger than that even as a teenager! I didn't like Danielle nor her friend either to begin with, so it didn't matter to me that they were mocking and making fun of me. A weaker person though, who probably would have cared what those two thought, would have begun smoking right away, and that would have been bad for that person's future. But not me. In fact, it wasn't until 3 years later that I even tried smoking, and it was under my ma's supervision. I only took one puff and that was all I could stand.

So anyway, with the analysis of smokers and alcoholics vs. what people think of fat people, I often wonder how fat haters feel about smokers and alcoholics. Of course people often believe that fat people are all going to die early. Well, I've about reached middle age, and I ain't dead yet! I don't even feel unhealthy. There is no guarantee I'm going to die early. I may live to be in my 90s. Maybe even in my 100s. The only one who can decide that though is GOD. Not the fat haters. And I'll tell you something else. I'd be willing to bet my life on the fact that most of these people who have bitched about me being fat are smokers and/or alcoholics themselves, and even have been pushed into their bad habits through peer pressure. I get vegan fanatics making fun of me all the time. It does not mean I am ever going to go vegan. A weaker person, maybe. But if I can battle off peer pressure as a teenager, I can surely fight peer pressure from fanatical vegans! But then again, I'm not like most people. I know the only people who matter in this world are the ones who accept me the way I am. I don't need to succumb to peer pressure to feel accepted. Just a headsup on how things like that can (or cannot) affect a person's life. If I die, at least I die happy and not with the taste of mushrooms and broccoli in my mouth! YUK!!!! The very thought of that makes me sick!

But anyway, there's the comparison. I'd be interested to know how these people, who complain so much about fat people, feel about other kinds of people who are slowly killing themselves. Because one of the biggest gripes I hear is that fat people are unhealthy. And honestly, is that really even a good reason to hate someone you don't even know? Do you pick all your friends based on how healthy they are? I've seen a lot of thin people who have fallen victim to heart attacks and strokes. Yet thin people think those are strictly fat peoples' diseases. But for the fat-haters, what if you have a thin friend who has a heart attack and dies? Say that person was your very best friend, and you did everything together. Do you grieve for that friend, or do you all of a sudden hate that person because they died of a heart attack? I can understand regret, but I doubt that a person should hate another person just because that person was not as healthy. But what if the friend survives the heart attack? Does the other person suddenly stop being friends with that friend because that friend was not as healthy? I don't know about them, but if it was me, I'd just try to be there for my friend. I may not have many friends, but those I have I value sincerely. And I will always be there for them, through thick and thin.

Really though for me, the only reason I don't have many friends is because I am always trying to find common grounds with other people, and I can't because I am NOT a common person! People have said I am crazy and screwy and all that good stuff, and I always say "Thank you!" LOL! I've seen other peoples' idea of what is "normal" and that's just not me. I can be like other people in some ways, but mostly, I enjoy just being an individual. :)


midnightgoddesss said...

Hi, I watched the video and read the editorial that you wrote and I agree with several things as well as disagree. Firstly I think anyone who picks on someone based on their flaws is just personally insecure and can only feel better once they lower someone else.
I agree with you on peer pressure, I am a ex-vegetarian who changed her diet based on doctors orders. Peer pressure heck all pressure is constant and less and less people know who they truly are so they conform.
I don't drink, I don't smoke, I work out and I am still considered fat by societies standards.
Be proud of being a thick chick, love all your curves and size 2 is not a pant size its a shoe size! Hell Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 and she is stunning. People just need to stop hating and move on with their lives

Many blessings

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Thank you for your comment MG. I was hoping for some insight from other viewers on this subject. I find the way people treat fat people like me is interesting, and think nothing about being pals with someone who drinks or smokes. I've even heard someone say once that alcoholism is an illness and was all understanding about that, and then turn around and mock a fat person for being fat. Obesity is so misunderstood it's pathetic. Most people say "Just go on a diet", well, I say to them it's just not that easy.