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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Confronting Your Bullies

 The other day, I saw this video about a guy who, 35 years ago, went to high school and was bullied by another kid. Today it turns out, that bully became the school's superintendent. Ironically, the school now has a no-bullying policy. Most schools today have a similar policy, including a school I went to, and was mercilessly bullied at by everyone, including the teachers. I looked on their website recently and noticed now they also have a no-bullying policy. I found it a bit funny because when I was going there, I was getting nothing but bullying! Of course that all depends, I wonder if Mr. Purvis is still the superintendent of that school district? He was one of the teachers who used to bully me. He also had a couple of cohorts that followed in his footsteps against me.

I don't normally say things like that lightly. I figured it out when I heard some other teachers talking just like Mr. Purvis always did to me. I've never even been the kind of student who hated any of her teachers. That's not my style. I always followed the rules. Unless there was a specific reason I couldn't. But just in his attitude towards me, I could tell Mr. Purvis was not a good guy.

One thing you will notice about bullies, they are basically cowards. I heard from an actual school bully back when I used to get on Quora. He said most people think bullies are insecure. But they're not. In fact bullies are very secure, to a point of being narcissistic. Bullying is not about security. It's about power. That's why bullies always go for the people they don't think will fight back. I gotta give props to this guy who confronted his old school bully. I wish I had done a lot more of that in my own earlier life. But I didn't know how back then. And I always thought all I would do is make them angrier, and then their attacks towards me would get worse. Like it did with Carlos Stewart. With him, I did try to do something about him, and it just made it all worse. Next thing I know, I am the bad guy for trying to stop Carlos. But Carlos was not the worst of them. There was another boy for that. A boy named Jerry Massey. He had a twin brother by the name of Jeff. Jeff was a nice guy, he and I used to talk, he never tried to strike me, he wasn't mean. Jerry, on the other hand, was like the evil twin. I could tell he was psychotic. He used to beat up girls, and he was always mean and hateful.

Another thing I noticed about bullies; kids who look evil, generally are evil. It was true with Jerry, it was true with Carlos, and it was true with a lot of other kids who would bully me. They always had this mean, evil, ugly look in their faces. I guess because they are always angry for no reason. Eventually that look gets fixed on a person's face. It wasn't just boys either. A lot of the girls also had that evil look in their eyes. Remember me talking about this girl named BJ? She was one of those girls who always looked evil. That's why I said the other girl, who her boyfriend dumped her for, was more attractive. She was a little less evil looking, even though I knew she was not very friendly. But then again, neither was BJ. And BJ used to hang around the trash of the school. Most of her friends were people I knew to be bullies. Carlos being among them.

This is probably how I became such a people-hater. I hate bullies, and even people who seem nice at first have the propensity to become bullies. I've seen it happen over and over. I wasn't always an asshole. I used to be very nice. But I found if you're nice to people, they treat you like trash.

A funny side note I was thinking about BJ the other day after writing that blog post where I mentioned her. My second year in middle school, BJ had this yearbook, where one of her friends found my picture next to another boy's pic. I did know the other boy since 6th grade, but never thought much of him. Well, BJ's friend circled both of our pics with a heart and wrote "LOVE AT FIRST FAT" then put the word "dog" next to me. I truly thought it was funny. First of all, because I thought "Love at first FAT? That doesn't even make any sense!" Showed me just how dumb BJ's friends are. Next, of course you know, I do love dogs! People call me a dog and I always say "is that supposed to be an insult?!" Dogs are truly beautiful animals. Like my My! And they're quite intelligent, loyal, trustworthy, and a lot of fun to play with. If someone wants to insult me by calling me the name of an animal, they're going to have to do a LOT worse than a dog!! LOL!! 😂😂😂 For someone who thinks the sentence "love at first fat" is grammatically correct, trying to figure out what animal he can call me that would actually be an insult, would be impossible for him. So, I just laughed that comment off.

Anyway, in this video, the guy confronts the man who bullied him as a child. Guess what happens to the former bully. He quits his job!! LMAO!!! Which pretty well proves he's still a bully and still a coward too.

Well, speaking of dogs, I said earlier this year that I was going to get myself a puppy. Well, after coming back from Spokane, and after my sis left, I invited Katrina over. She said I probably should be getting birds instead of a puppy. She reminded me how I did say I wanted some birds this year. So, she talked me in to getting birds instead of another dog. Besides, birds in these apartments, you don't have to pay a pet deposit for them! And I do love birds. I'd love to have all my birds back and thensome. So, my sis and I are planning a trip to an exotic bird expo in a state we've never been to before. I'm saving for it, and hoping to find some birds I've never seen or had before. Plus more!! I want to come back here with a shitload of pet birds!!!

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