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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Am I Really The Only One Who Is Not Surprised??

 There's a lot of talk about the royal family this week, and it's because of an interview Prince Harry and Meagan Markle did with Oprah. Some people blame Harry. Some people blame Oprah. No one really blames Meagan. Personally, I don't like Meagan. I NEVER liked Meagan! I think she's a very bad influence on Prince Harry! I don't know why he married her in the first place. Probably just to be a rebel. But Meagan moved into the Palace ready to fight and exert her "wokeness" on the royal family. From what I heard from the other side, Meagan was disrespectful from the get-go. I can believe it too. All these leftist-woke-young-black chicks are extremely annoying! Not all of them are good people. Well, wokies are never good people anyway. They just think they are. I saw this happening 2 years ago. Everything that comes out of Meagan's mouth is about nothing but race and racism. That's why I don't like her. Now, she's brainwashed Prince Harry into becoming woke.

Well, the royals won't go against tradition. And because of that, Meagan got pissed and started yelling at everyone who works in the Palace. This is why I hate the woke left. They expect everyone to just drop tradition and live woke lives. Not everyone wants to do that! Some people are hellbent on tradition. I blame all this on Obama. But not just Obama. I also blame vegans for this. They were the first ones I ever heard try to push people out of traditional human behavior and go vegan. And always when leftists don't get their way, they get angry. The vegans got angry at me when I said there is absolutely NO converting me to veganism. There never will be either. And Meagan Markle got angry at the royal family when they refused to give up their traditions and live their lives the way she wanted them to. Then she calls them racists. She brought up some bullshit to Oprah how someone was worried about the color of her child's flesh, which I don't believe for one second! I think Meagan is trying to pull a Jussie Smollett act!

Seriously though, I'm not surprised this all happened at all. I knew this was going to happen the minute I heard Prince Harry married Meagan and all the mainstream media was talking about her black heritage. I was thinking "That is so damn corny!! Who cares what race she is?!" But then I remembered race is the most important thing to the leftists. It's their life! Their oxygen. Their water. It's what leftists hold dear. But only if it means pointing out a colored person who is not conservative. And poor Prince Harry, no longer a manly man. Meagan turned him into a sissy-beta-boy! It was her idea to move out of the royal palace. She left England because she said "it's too racist". So where does she move to? She moves to the USA. Some are making fun of her choice because the colored people are always griping about how "racist" America is, and Meagan chooses to live here. Well, I said in all fairness, she did move to California, the most sissiest state in the country.

Meagan says she just wants to live her life in peace and out of the spotlight. Except when it comes to doing an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Remember how Oprah used to be strong? Now, she's become woke and complains as much as every other black liberal about racism in the USA and "white privilege" as she sits on her billions of dollars. Then acts all shocked when Meagan brings up the story she made up about her baby not being accepted in the royal family because of his skin color. Oprah was so strong, she even has interviewed Donald Trump, and they used to be friends. Well, I whole-heartedly blame Obama for Oprah's transition. I'll bet Oprah even got rid of her dogs. She used to have 2 beautiful cocker spaniels. She probably has nothing but cats now, and probably all tabbies. That's probably what made Oprah change so radically. She probably even watches anime cartoons now.

I know I know! Obama was bad and he had a dog. But the only reason he did was because his daughter is allergic to cats. I'm sure if she hadn't been, Obama would have gotten a cat instead of a dog.

Speaking of cartoons, now the leftists are cancelling Speedy Gonzales and Pepe Le Pew. This is so DUMB!!!! My dad was Mexican and loved Speedy Gonzales!!!! He used to make fun of his cousin though, Slow-poke Rodriguez. And Pepe Le Pew, I actually met a woman yesterday who said when she was a child, Pepe made her feel uncomfortable. I presumed because of the same reason leftists are trying to ban him now. They consider him part of "rape culture". She was talking about how "traumatizing" Pepe was for a 7 year old girl like her. I asked her "What the hell are you doing thinking about rape at 7 years old?!" Seriously, a normal 7-year old doesn't think about things like that! And especially does not configure the notion on a cartoon animal! I was sitting here thinking "This snowflake has some real problems she needs to deal with!"

When I was 4 years old, I was cornered, brought down and raped by 3 much older boys, and then left for dead in the woods. Even I never considered any of that when I watched Pepe Le Pew as a child! That would have been something I would have to deal with. One of those boys was about 10 years old too! Anyways, this woman responded angrily, just like ALL leftists do! She said something to the effect of "WTF are you thinking even asking me such a question???" I was going to yell back at her, but then one of my friends took the words right out of my mouth! LOL! I just watch cartoons for the fun of it. I admit some of them were awfully violent. Bugs Bunny can be a real asshole sometimes! But these are cartoons. They aren't real animals. You have to watch them and take them with a grain of salt. But these dumb leftists, they just don't understand it! They take everything WAY too seriously!!

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