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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Timmyfan And Mikessa vs. SPKenn36

LOL!! You know what we did last night? Well, Mikessa saw my post on here about spkenn36 and confronted him on my video, as did Katrina. Mikessa brought up the fact that Sean has no videos up of himself, which is usually an indicator that the person is probably fucking ugly himself. I replied to Mikessa that I noticed that too. Which really makes one wonder what Sean looks like. I added "Probably like the ass-end of a lion." Well, soon after I said that, Sean went to Mikessa's page and posted "Who is this bitch? Looks like a picture of Timmygal's arse." LOL! Well, Mikessa does have a cute face! LOL! So you know what I did? I went to Sean's channel page and posted a comment that went something like this:

"Thank you for saying on Mikessa's channel that you think my ass is cute! You're still stupid though. And you're not creative dude. Don't think for one second that you are. Most of your comebacks have been reminiscent of that of a very desperate 5-year old. All you do is take bits and pieces of other peoples' comments about you, throw them together and claim them for your own. LOL!"

True! Of all the comments he made yesterday, only ONE was somewhat creative. And he probably stole it from a TV show. That's the one thing I noticed about spkenn36, all his comebacks are nothing more than him picking apart someone else's and just saying the comment back to that person. Almost like he doesn't have a mind of his own to come up with something original. I kinda wonder if he is mentally handicapped? If he is, then that must explain why he knows so much about welfare. FAR more than I know, and I once worked for the state! LOL! Of course I didn't work in the welfare department.

Well, I did some checking on this guy. SPKenn is nothing more than his own initials. I know his first name is Sean, last name Kennedy, middle initial is probably for Patrick, it's a very popular Irish name. I saw he has a blog (which very few people have commented on, LOL), he also has a book out about gay sex. Probably heavily edited because we're talking about a person who cannot even spell right. And yes, I would expect perfect grammar on YouTube! LOL! If I wanted to be taken seriously. But then again, maybe he doesn't want to be taken seriously. Maybe he's like a half-monkey, half-troll kind of deal. hehe! He just likes to goof around on YouTube. I also found out he's a muslim. An Irish muslim??? Well, he's attended a mosque a few times, and only muslims go to mosques. But that could also explain why he hates America so much. Muslims are kinda hard-wired to hate Americans. He was born in 1975, so he was 36 years old when I first ran into him, so that explains the 36 in his username. He now also lives in Melbourne, Victoria. I also have even more info on this guy, but it's kinda personal. I'll save it in case he decides to tamper with me or my friends again. :) On his channel, I also notice he only keeps the good comments. No doubt he has gotten a lot of nasty comments (as big a douche as he is), but those kinds of comments, he deletes from his channel.

How's that for research!?! LOL! He said to me yesterday that I am not the mental giant I think I am, and I told him that neither is he! LOL! But I figured him out quick! :) I cannot wait till I can get a picture of him, I'll bet you 10-1 odds I was right that Sean has a face that looks like a lion's behind!! I'm gonna laugh if I am right! Probably laugh for weeks! I just know I am right. That there is what my instincts tell me. He says few people have commented on my blog and videos, and then he turns around and says how sad he thinks it is when someone measures their self-worth in (YouTube) subscribers. LOL! What a 2-faced loser!!! hehe! Personally, I measure my self-worth in my accomplishments. My Metazoic site is one of the top 10 evolution sites out there. When Sean looks at me, all he sees is a fat person. But when my friends, family and myself look at me, we see someone who has done things most people in my position only dream of, and none of it has to do with being fat. LOL! In fact, I've managed a great deal in spite of being fat. So being fat is really the least of my thoughts.

Katrina said something funny to Sean yesterday, she watched another video of mine and Sean had commented on it saying "Yeah being unemployed, unloved, obese trailer-trash is something we all aspire to!" Katrina responded to him saying "at least she doesn't have sex with animals like you do." Katrina is so funny!! I can just imagine Sean having sex with a Tasmanian Devil and getting his first circumcision in the process! LOL! Since Sean is such a dumbass, I doubt any humans would have sex with him, so perhaps Katrina is right. When I spoke with Katrina last night, she kinda jokingly said "He probably sucked the wrong end of his cat's dick this morning." LOL! Oh BTW, Katrina is expecting again! She told me last night she's about 4 months along in her third pregnancy. And she told me 2 years ago that she's had enough children! I guess she and her husband changed their minds. Oh well! Another godchild for me. LOL!

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