Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Night At The Hospital

ARG!! The last 24 hours has been nothing but Hell!!! Sunday night, I developed some kind of nagging pain in my leg. I had no clue what it was from, but it felt like a charley horse. I thought maybe I overdid it with the phone book deliveries on Friday and it was catching up with me then. Well, even though my leg was in pain, I still continued to work. Most of the time I was dragging myself around town to deliver those darn phone books. One really mean, ugly-looking guy took the phone book I delivered to him and just tossed it in his recycling bin, as Anna and I were standing there, deciphering where our next deliveries will be. He then looked at me as if waiting for me to give him some kind of response. But I didn't respond. I just said out loud "If he doesn't want it, I don't care!" and I laughed at him. Whether the person wants the book or not is none of my business. My business is just to deliver the books. Once the book is out of my hands and on the person's porch, it's no longer my responsibility. And I was just doing my job. But as mean as he looked, I think if Anna hadn't been there, he might have attacked me. It made me think that perhaps I should carry my can of mace with me on these deliveries.

Well, I won't be making any deliveries for a while. Wednesday afternoon, the pain in my leg was unbearable, and it had turned red. I began to suspect tendonitis. So Anna said she was taking me to the hospital right away to get that checked. So we went. I was not sick and feverish, and all I was expecting them to do was possibly do some tests and give me medications and release me home that afternoon. Well, it was slightly more serious than I thought it would be. I let it drag on for 4 days, and it had gotten quite infected by then. Well! That's me! I let everything go on until I am almost on my death bed. One of these days, that just might be the death of me. Well, after running these tests, they decided they wanted to keep me there overnight for observation. I was not ready to stay there overnight! I didn't have my tablet, or anything to work on, nor any of my Timmy pics, or music, or DVDs, I hadn't even fed my fish that night! I didn't even take my ear care solution! I didn't have a shower, or a change of underwear and I was all hot and musty. It was the most disgusting night I ever spent anywhere in my life! I was totally unprepared! My dishes were not cleaned, the house was not cleaned. It was almost like just being whisked away from my life into limbo. Or into a state of suspended animation. They gave me rigorous doses of antibiotics, and the redness in my leg went down.

The worst thing of this whole ordeal was I am so darn tired! I slept last night, until they woke me up again at 5:30 this morning for another IV of antibiotics. Since then, my sleep has been off and on and no more than about an hour a piece. I tried several times to take a nap, but every time I was just getting to sleep, someone would come in and want to do something. There came a point where I almost just shouted "LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I just want to sleep!!" I was so exhausted by the time I was finally released, I'm still tired now at this hour. And I come home to find out someone has been in my apartment without my permission! And it's not Anna! I got a notice because the apartment was not clean. Well! What the Hell do they expect? I wasn't even able to clean myself before I left for the hospital! Let alone this apartment.

My activities are not limited, and I am able to walk, but it is still very painful. I told Anna that I need to just stay off this leg for a couple days, which means she is going to have to be the one to put Vegas and Minnie out. And she doesn't have to, but if she wants to keep doing this job, she'll have to do it alone until I feel I can go on those long walks again. Should be no more than a couple days. More than anything, I am pissed that someone was in my apartment without my permission! I don't like strangers in my house!! I feel a bit violated.

Well now they are saying I have to clean up. I'm like DUH! I couldn't clean up before I left yesterday. I fully expected to be in and out in just a few hours. I had no idea they were going to keep me there overnight! Now, I cannot clean up until I get somewhat better. Whoever it was had no business being in here in the first place! This is my place, I pay rent. Ya know I wonder if other apartments are like this? I never remember the landlord we had in Ocean Shores breaking into our apartment without our permission. The one time she had to go in while we were away, she made double sure she had our verbal permission. But in this case, no one ever even asked me if they could come in. They just came in, apparently.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sinfully Endulgent!

Well, my birthday is over, and I had a good one. We have still yet to celebrate, that comes next month when Anna will be able to take me out and have some real fun. I don't mind not having the real fun on my birthday, I understand about those end-of-the-month money problems. I ordered a cake from a local baker here in town, she calls her business Sinfully Sweet. She makes some AWESOME cakes!!!!! She had a promotional thing going where if you spend $40, you get a dozen free cupcakes. So I wanted to do that. I ordered a banana cake and I wanted INXS on it, with lemurs playing guitars. Well I got the INXS logo, but the lemurs were missing. I asked her where they were and she said there was no room for them in the box. She never called nor nothing to tell me or Anna that she could not do the lemurs. I was a little bit pissed off. I still kindof am! Mostly because I thought that's what we were essentially paying $40 for!! I could have gone somewhere else and got the same thing probably for less than that amount. Anyone could have done the INXS logo. I could have done that if that was all I wanted! But I was so looking forward to seeing those cute little lemurs on top of that cake! That makes me mad. Remember I said I ordered those different varieties of cupcakes on my last post. Again, I was looking forward to trying them. Well, all she brought was a dozen lemon cupcakes. I was so disappointed. Not that the cake and the cupcakes are not good! They're Heavenly! It's just when I order something, I expect to get exactly what I want. And if she could not do it, I wish she had called me and told me "I'm sorry, I could not make the lemurs to put on your cake". I would have felt so much better! Or at least I would have known what to expect ahead of time. And the excuse she gave me! The box isn't big enough. I asked her what her limits were when she first visited us.

Well aside from the big disappointments, the cake and cupcakes are awesome! I even shared some with our buddies, and they think it's good too. The only thing wrong with the banana cake is it's too heavy. Anna and I found ourselves having some trouble finishing a slice yesterday. The woman who made the cakes is a very nice person. The only thing that really disappointed me was that she did not do my lemur sculptures that I was so looking forward to seeing! I told all my friends about it too. Here and on Facebook. Anna's cake came out awesome when I ordered it from a special bakery. I don't know why mine didn't come out that good. I ordered Anna a volcano cake, and it was great! It came out wonderful! But I was oh so disappointed when I didn't get the lemur sculptures. And I thought that's what we were mostly paying for. So I just chalk it down to this: Anna paid $20 for the cake and $20 for the cupcakes. It's the only way to look at the positive and not think I somehow got jilted.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Timmyfan Documentary Coming Soon!

I won't be putting it up on YouTube, but I will put it on Vimeo. I want to make a documentary about the Westboro Baptist Church. I might even throw in a prank call to them of my own. LOL! Actually, it'll be a little more like a talk show. I'll be discussing what I think of them mostly. I want to outline things about their founder, their preachings, their hypocrisy, and all that good stuff. I collected some clips I found of them all over YouTube that I intend to use to highlight these things. I hate to give them any airtime, but I have to say what I think about them and their delirious preachings! I am a Christian, and I hate being compared to these people! I'm the kind of Christian that believes GOD has mercy on people. That's why HE created us. They say gay people are cursed by GOD, that HE created them just to be cursed. I say that's a bunch of bullshit! They tell gay people to just stop what they're doing and repent! That is very hypocritical, if GOD made them that way, how can they just "stop it"?? Nothing they say makes any sense!

You mention any of this to any of them, they tell you "Oh you just don't have faith" or "You hate GOD and you hate HIS message!" No, I don't hate HIS message! I just hate the Phelps! I hate all members of the WBC because all non-Christians judge all of us by these people, telling us we are just like them. Well, I am NOT like them!! I don't hate gays. I don't hate America. I don't thank GOD for dead soldiers! I don't thank GOD for 9-11. The only people I hate are haters themselves. Bigots. I may be a redneck, but I am a civilized redneck. I'm not even like other rednecks. I'm not even like my ma! I'm not one to tell anyone they're going to Hell simply because of their beliefs. I don't feel that is my place. Yes I thank GOD for all HIS righteous decisions, when they apply to ME! But not when it involves the death of someone else's family member or friend. Again, I don't think that's my place. We're supposed to comfort one another in times of sorrow. We're not supposed to show up at someone else's funeral, whom we do not know in the first place, and tell the family their child, or their parent, or whatever relation the mourner has with the deceased, that that person is in Hell and GOD hates them. Who the Hell does that? Except some crazy, twisted, evil individual! That is NOT me!!! And they make a mockery of the dead, and the people who mourn them. That's wrong! And it's dumb!

The only people the WBC resembles are the haters. That's why I labeled them rednecks from the first day! Rednecks are known for being somewhat bigoted. Plus, I think they're inbreeding. I don't think anyone in that church, even those supposedly connected by marriage, is not in some ways related by blood. Shirley's husband (whose last name is Roper) may just be her cousin. I would not doubt it. But I guess that means GOD does not speak out against inbreeding. These people seem to think if it is not mentioned in the Bible then it does not exist, which is terrible. There are many things mentioned in the Bible that I don't believe in, like giants and fairies, and there are some things that are not mentioned in the Bible that do exist, like DNA and dinosaurs (which once did exist). But there are unicorns. A unicorn is a rhinoceros. The Asian rhino to be exact. It's not a thin, white, horselike animal with one horn sticking out the top of it's head. That kind of unicorn does not exist anywhere at any time.

Well anyway, I'd love to work on this project. I haven't started yet, but I will. I'm still trying to think of a layout. I want to put some clips of myself on there, and I want to do some documentation. Not with words on the screen, but actual talking. Gosh I wish I had a voice like those radio people!! My voice SUCKS!!! I think I sound like a guy! I should sound like a girl. It's these damn pills I'm on! Well, when this is done, I will be putting it on Vimeo and thus embedding it here in a future post.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Year In My Life

Well, another year in my life will soon come to pass. My b-day is this Monday, and frankly this year, I cannot wait! We're having something special, me and my sis. She ordered me a birthday cake from a cake sculptor, you know, like the Cake Boss. I told the person what I like and she's going to put the 2 things I love the most on the cake. I told her I love INXS and lemurs. So she's going to use fondant to make the INXS logo, and I told her I want lemurs on top, playing guitars. I hope she can do it! I will take a pic of the cake when I get it and post it here and on Facebook. I saw her website, and she seems to be able to make almost anything! She asked me what flavor cake I want and I chose a type I haven't had in a LONG time! I chose to have a banana cake this year. I love banana cake and I haven't had one since 1988. I just hope she doesn't put like raisins or walnuts in it. I just want a plain banana cake. Nothing to take away the flavor of the cake. I like walnuts, but I hate raisins!! I just don't want walnuts in this cake. I don't really like nuts in cake. When I bite into a cake, I like to have a smooth texture. Nothing to abrogate that. Raisins have always grossed me out! I hate them! I cannot remember a time in my life that I even halfway liked raisins. I like grapes for sure, but I hate raisins. I guess because their flavor is much stronger than grapes. I know they're made from red grapes, which are not my grapes of choice. I like green grapes much better. I'll eat red, but I hesitate to do so, because you can't really see if they're bruised or rotten or anything as easily as you can with green grapes.

Well, I'll soon be over the hill. I found that I am actually becoming more active in my old age! Especially with the excitement of working on my jewelry pieces. I love doing that! I just finished a project that I did some woodburning as well as making earrings. I made some lemur earrings using some little wooden disks I got at a craft store. I also ordered myself a jewelry drill, so I can drill holes to put in the wires and attach these disks to a earring hook. I'm very excited about this! I also want to make some earrings with Groucho's pic on them. But that may be a while away. There's some things I need to get first, and need to perfect. In the process, I will need Anna's computer very soon.

Well, now I have heard from all my relatives and friends, they all sent me something, or have called to wish me a happy birthday. I don't expect to hear anything from anyone here though. I really do not consider anyone here close enough to be a friend, not in that sense! Someone may surprise me and say something, but believe me I don't expect it. I call the people I communicate with most here my "buddies". I like them, and I will talk to them, but how often do they invite me and Anna to parties? Or give us any acknowledgement, besides occasionally saying hello to us? They do say hello, but have only once invited us to any of their gatherings. They probably never will again either, and believe it or not, I blame Anna. The last time we were both invited to a gathering, Anna ate some jello, and asked what was in it. When the person who made it answered pineapple, Anna shouted "Uh oh! I can't have pineapple!" It was so embarrassing! And it made the person feel bad that made it. No one told Anna to take it. She did that on her own! So she should have kept her mouth SHUT!!! Anna needs to learn to be more like me. If I don't know what's in something, I don't eat it. I have pineapple allergies too. If I even think something has pineapple in it, I won't put it in my mouth. That's why I won't eat anything I cannot recognize. Anna doesn't care, she puts everything in her mouth and then later asks what's in it. That's what leads to confrontations like this. And that is most likely why we never get invited anywhere with our buddies.

Don't misunderstand me, I love our buds. They're great people. I just haven't known them long enough, or done enough with them, to consider them friends. So, I don't expect to hear anything from any of them. Deb does the calendar for this place, and she didn't even put the little picture decal next to my name, like she did with everyone else. And Deb is one person I consider one of our buds. But that's OK, she won't get a piece of my cake, either :) I also get a dozen specialty cupcakes for free, as part of a promotional deal. I ordered some exotic flavors! This lady can do anything with the cupcakes. I ordered some lemon cupcakes, some cookies-and-cream cupcakes, some chocolate cupcakes with lavendar icing, and key-lime cupcakes. I thought I was the only one who did key-lime cupcakes! But she does them too. I cannot wait to try them!

Well, yesterday Anna and I started a job delivering phone books. You know all week long here it was nice, warm and sunny. And yesterday when we started that job it was cold, windy and rainy. I predicted that too! Thursday night, I was hopping in the shower and I was thinking out loud to myself that I will bet anything that the next day, when we go to work, it will be raining! I just knew it would be! That's my luck! Sure enough, it did all day yesterday. Not only did it rain, it was SNOWING! Fortunately we were not outside all the time. We drove around most of the time we were out in the field. But there were times we were out walking around for long periods of time. It reminded me a bit of when we had that paper route. That was the worst damn job! So is this, but at least it pays good! Anna gets more than me because she's the driver. But that's OK. It all goes for the same thing. This summer, Anna and I are planning a trip to the coast. I want her to leave me there!! But I cannot stay. I'd have no place to stay! Well, Anna and I were talking last night and she was hoping I would move to Coos Bay. That's where I wanted to move in the first place, because Anna said she found a job she could do, using her talents, in Medford. Well, maybe when she graduates and can land a job there as a map-maker, I will move to Coos Bay. Who knows? I like Coos Bay. The only thing I don't like is that it's so close to the California border. But I can live with that, if Anna can get a job in Medford. She can afford to buy me a house in Coos Bay! LOL! ;)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anna Blames Me!

I had to close down the comments to this blog because the fanatical vegans go crazy and use their rights of free speech irresponsibly. I equate them to being like the Westboro Baptist Church members. They harass and don't know when to shut up, and the more they push their beliefs, the more I want to rail against them. Poor Anna wanted to post a comment last night on this blog and I told her I only allow members to post now. But she is a member! Maybe she just forgot that she is. I see her on the member's list though. What I don't like is how Anna accuses me of being the one bringing those dumbasses to this blog, when I am not. Well, I post the link to this one post explaining why I closed the comments section of my vegan videos, and I don't mind comments from friendly vegans. But disrespectful vegans like ahivemind, who comment irresponsibly, we can all do without him. But then again, if I am correct (and I usually am) he's a teenager. Teenagers don't know how to act responsibly.

I told Anna why I closed the ability for outsiders to comment, and the first thing (always) out of her mouth was "You need to stop going into those damn vegan videos!" I told her I don't go to their videos! The fanatical vegans are the ones who are obsessed with me. Not the other way around. I don't give a shit about the damn fanatical vegans, but it looks like they are tearing me and my sis apart. In a small way. She blames me because they are obsessed with me. I'd usually be flattered. I knew once I started commenting on my vegan friends' Facebook pages that it would give the fanatics some kind of permission to harass me, when that is not the case. I go to Facebook to see my friends, from out of state. I don't go there to allow strangers to harass me. Of course they usually don't on Facebook, but they do view my videos and come to my blog. And I don't mind it as long as they are respectful, and not trying to push their views on me. I mean seriously, what part of "NO, I won't change" don't they understand?? And maybe they don't realize it, but the pushier they get, the better they make eating meat sound. I enjoyed that chicken sandwich I had the day ahivemind started commenting here! He made that even more possible. Not that I would have liked it any less if he hadn't commented! But he just made it taste even better, and made me enjoy eating "dead animal flesh" even more! LOL! I do have vegan friends, and I try to understand their way of thinking. But when people like ahivemind are so disrespectful, it just ruins everything. It destroys my ability to understand how vegans like to live, because he was so contradictory to what I've always been told by my vegan friends what makes a vegan a vegan. The sad part is that ahivemind is not the only vegan I've met like that. In fact in my experience, the "evil" vegans have outnumbered the good vegans 20 to 1. So it's easy to rail against them, call them pushy and impudent, and close my ears and eyes to their causes. Thus makes it hard to understand them.

I was thinking back to that comment I read in an article last week about the rise in the number of fat people. It was the comment by the single guy who said he's running out of choices because most young girls nowadays are fat. I laughed at his comment! But you know what would stop this rise in obesity? First thing to get rid of the number of fast food places. I rarely eat any fast food. I prefer to do my own cooking here at home. Then I know what is going into my food. Another thing that would stop it is if fat-haters would keep their mouths SHUT!! Though it is not so true with me, the reason a lot of women are fat is because they are depressed eaters. They have something called Binge Eating Disorder, and they often eat when they feel bad. It's an addiction. It's not as simple as telling someone to exercise more and eat less. No. This is a disease that has nothing to do with a thyroid, or hormone problem. This is a stress-related disease. And part of the problem is people calling fat people names. It makes the fat person feel worse, and feeling bad just makes them want to eat more. Though that is not the case with me, I only eat when I am hungry, and that usually means I only eat one good meal a day. After that, it's usually snacks that get me because I love chocolate! But even those I don't eat unless I am hungry. I once heard that if you feel hunger, you're doing something wrong in your diet. You're not supposed to feel hungry, that's basically your body screaming "HEY! I need some nourishment!" Then when you eat, it stores your food as fat. That's my problem, I never eat unless I feel hungry. That's why when I was eating 6 small meals a day I managed to keep my weight down pretty good, and I was energized. It was only after I stopped doing that that I began to gain weight. When I say 6 small meals, I mean SMALL! And on that diet, I never felt hungry, and I managed a good weight of only 108 pounds maximum. :) Then I had that surgery and my metabolism changed, and I started eating only once a day. On a good day, I'd eat twice, but those days are rare.

Binge eaters though are a whole other story! They eat whenever they feel bad, or hungry. Food is comfort for them. It's like people who are depressed and cut themselves. The world looks at them and thinks "That's weird!" But for that person, it's a form of comfort. And if a person who is fat and a binge-eater is called names, it only makes their stress worse. So yes, in a way, society is responsible for creating fat people. But society doesn't realize it because they blame the fat person, thinking their best cure is to just stop eating so much and exercise more. The truth is, eating disorders are all still very much misunderstood. I see people who feel bad for anorexics, and then turn around and poke fun at a fat person. The fact of the matter is, they're both the same, both have eating disorders. No one really knows what causes one or the other. Anorexics exist because they see themselves as something they are not. Fat people exist most likely because of stress. Both are the roots of a mental problem, but they feel bad for the anorexic because they are not fat. And there is a stereotype for fat people that most people follow that prevents the average person from having the same feelings about fat people that they have about anorexics. I hope that made sense!!!! What I am trying to say is people think of fat people as mean, stinky, and disgusting, so it's easy for the average person not to even attempt to understand fat people. Just like I will never understand vegans. But see, those are the things that causes one person to turn against another unjustly. I don't stereotype! Or I try not to. Sometimes I try to understand why some stereotypes exist. Discrimination, I really hate that word. I think people should be able to like who they want to, but at the same time, give people a chance. You never know. One fat person could turn out to be the nicest person you could ever meet. I can be as sweet as a baby until someone crosses me. Usually though I try to match them tone-to-tone.

The point is, I can be very nice. But most people will never know how nice I can be because they look at me and all they see is a fat person. So they automatically assume I am as hateful as most other fat people are. That's usually why I don't like meeting people online, and I don't always consider anyone a friend unless I have met them in person first. But people have to know, I am going to speak my mind. That's just how I am. But I usually try to keep it at a civil level.

Just yesterday I was at the dog park and our buddies were all there, including Deb. Well, we started talking about a dog that belongs to one of the residents here. She says it's a pomeranian, but to me it does not look pure. It's coat is very loose, and in fact when I first saw that dog, I thought it was a poorly-bred longcoat chihuahua. Pomeranians have a long, thick coat, this dog doesn't. Not at all. Well, Deb said that this dog is AKC registered and all, so it is a purebred pomeranian. I said then it must have been bred by a very poor breeder. In essence, the breeder is in it for the money, not for the love of the breed. Deb almost sounded to me like she was getting a bit pissed because I said that. But really AKC registration means nothing. No more than registering a car. Although AKC is cracking down on poor breeding practices, there are still unethical people using AKC. Minnie is AKC registered, and she was from a puppymill. AKC registration does not guarantee you are getting a good dog. The thing to look for is what the breeder themselves are like. Do they know their dogs' lines? Do they test for genetic diseases? Do they even go to dog shows? I have been to several! I used to love going to dog shows until I found out what douchebags show breeders are. I hate sounding like one too! I hated to discuss that with our buddies, but there is a possibility it's true. I left that life behind. I don't even breed anymore. But when I did, I made sure I did it with specimens that were the best I could get. Vegas is a very nice-looking chihuahua. I'm not saying that to be vain or anything, but he rather closely fits the standard. He was line-bred with a proven champion producer, and came out great! He could have been shown, but again, I left that life behind. There are things I want to do before I am too old to enjoy them. Spending my weekends with a bunch of douchebag show breeders striving for a purple ribbon that may or may not happen is not among those things! And show breeders ridicule those of us who indeed try, but have yet to obtain any ribbons, reserves or even points.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Another St. Helens Anniversary

Well, it is the 18th of May again, and a day to remember those people who became the victims of the mountain back in 1980. It was the beginning of the decade, and you know what the funny thing about it was? When my sis was in 2nd grade, back in the early 70s, she asked her teacher what he thought the 1980s were going to be like. The teacher answered back "I have no idea, but I have the feeling it's going to go off with a bang!" Sure enough, it did! Since my sis told me that story, I often wondered if that teacher ever thought about that conversation he had with her that day, and what he said, and how true it has come to be. The 80s did begin with a bang! The biggest bang you could ever imagine! Even though it's May, it's still very early in the year.

Well, I can tell you Mount St. Helens has played a big role in making me who I am. They say every event that happens in our lives shapes us in some way. I think Mount St. Helens has made me tougher, more of a survivor. And this will be the first year I will be spending so far away from the mountain. I grew up there, and lived there for almost my entire life. Sometimes, since I've moved here, I weep thinking about all I left behind to move here. I sometimes question why I moved here in the first place. I don't belong here. Washington is my home. Anna's too. I'd give anything to move back there now, it wouldn't even have to be the coast. I'd settle for living closer to Mount St. Helens again! I miss it like everything!

Many more of my writings have also been inspired by Mount St. Helens than any other subject. Offhand, I can think of 3 stories that I wrote, or collaborated on, where the main subject is Mount St. Helens. Including a story where INXS (with Michael) are on tour and swerve off their route to go see the mountain. Although I am thinking about tweaking the story a bit. I started that story as an idea back in 1998, having discussed INXS a lot in the chatrooms and already being a fan of the volcano, as it was almost at my doorstep back then. I figured why not write a story combining both subjects? It was fun, and I began to write the story. I didn't use the band's true characters (I twisted their personalities around almost beyond recognition for the sake of the story) but I do mention the guys and have images of them throughout the story. Many of them images of the guys playing in the devastation areas. I started that story in 1998, but didn't complete it until 2005. The one thing that made the finishing of that story so slow was the ending. I could not come up with one that I thought was good enough. Looking back on it now, I probably should have thought about it some more. Well, I'm better seasoned as a writer now! LOL! A lot of times I look back on my past works and think they need some tweaking done, and I actually have done some tweaking in the past. Not every story I present on the UMG Productions site is exactly the way it was originally written. I've done some adding and taking away. Some of my stories from my teens and early 20s were much too violent to be considered children's stories, or even stories for young adults, and some things were just downright unacceptable. Sometimes I have to write and re-write stories several times because I am notoriously bad at endings!

Well anyway, I wanted to do something I've never done before on this blog, I wanted to list the names of the people who were victims of the eruption. Some people died, or went missing, right away. Some were rescued and died later on due to the eruption.

Confirmed Victims:

Reid Turner Blackburn, Vancouver, WA

Terry A. Crall Kelso, WA

Joel K. Colten Wyncote, PA

Ronald Lee Conner Tacoma, WA

Clyde Andrew Croft Roy, WA

Jose Arturo Dias Woodburn, OR

Arlene H. Edwards

Jolene H. Edwards Portland, OR

James F. Fitzgerald, Jr. Canton, OH

Allen R. Handy Puyallup, WA

Day Bradley Karr

Day Andrew Karr

Michael Murray Karr, Renton, WA

Christy Liann Killian Vader, WA

Joyce M. Kirkpatrick

Harold (Butch) Kirkpatrick Newberg, OR

Robert Emerson Landsburg Portland, OR

Gerald Lloyd Moore

Shirley (Sam) Moore Kelso, WA

Kevin Christopher Morris

Michelle Lea Morris Olympia, WA.

William Paul Parker

Jean Isabell Parker Portland, OR

Donald R. Parker

Natalie Ali Parker Westport, OR

Richard A. Parker Shelton, WA

Fred D. Rollins

Margery Ellen Rollins Hawthorne, CA

Paul F. Schmidt Silverton, OR

Barbara Lea (Morris) Seibold

Ronald Dale Seibold Olympia, WA

Donald James Selby Everett, WA

Evlanty V. Sharipoff Mt. Angel, OR

Leonty V. Skorohadoff Woodburn, OR

Karen Marie Varner Kelso, WA

Klaus Zimmerman, Spokane, WA

Victims Missing and Presumed Dead:
Wallace Norwood Bowers Winlock, WA

Ellen Loy Dill

Robert W. Dill Kirkland, WA

Bruce Edward Faddis Bend, OR

Thomas G. Gadwa Montesano, WA

Paul Hiatt residence unknown

David A. Johnston Menlo Park, CA

Robert M. Kaseweter Portland, OR

John G. Killian Vader, WA

Robert Lynds Kelso, WA

Gerald O. Martin Concrete, WA

Keith A. Moore Mossyrock, WA

Edward Joseph Murphy

Eleanor Jeanne Murphy Renton, WA

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Human Feelings vs. Animal Feelings

One of the dumbest arguments that vegans and vegetarians have against eating meat is that animals think and feel like we do. I say no they don't. Cows are just plain dumb animals. They're cute, but they are dumb. Not saying that at all to sound mean, and I do like cows, but cows are indeed dumb animals, and everyone knows it. Well, everyone except the fanatical vegans. They continue to push their beliefs on me, and I just won't give. The harder they push at me, the harder I push back and say NO, I won't change. Meat tastes too good to give up!

Well, yesterday I got into it with a dumb and delusional fanatical vegan who calls himself ahivemind. LOL! I still say he is delusional. But I managed to keep my cool with him, which I am proud of. :) I let him throw his little tantrum, I just sat back and smiled the whole time! LOL! Each time he lost it, it was a big victory for me. It's always fun to watch fanatical vegans lose their head and argue, as if kicking and screaming and calling me names somehow validates their argument. It doesn't. In fact, when a fanatical vegan loses his temper, it just proves further that my opinions are correct. I have books and scientists to back up what I say. All ahivemind has is the assumptions of a psychotic man whose argument still does not make any sense. Yourofsky completely (and conveniently) leaves out the fact that humans are natural omnivores. If we were herbivores, we would not be where we are today. We wouldn't need to be.

Well, I didn't read all of ahivemind's last response, because I skipped down to the end (I didn't have any need or desire to read the rest of his mumbo-jumbo) and I noticed he closed his argument with a big "FUCK YOU"!! LOL!!! The exact same thing can be said about people who use cuss words as people who call names. I knew he had to be a man, most likely a teenager. Either way, I just stayed calm and cool, and let him go off on tirades of his own. I was actually very proud of the way I handled him! I never lost my temper once, didn't even feel the need to. And I truly believe it was my calm demeanor that led him to become even more angry. That makes me happy! It also proves that those of us who eat meat are not as aggressive as the vegetarians/vegans like to make us out to be. Not to mention we are much more creative!

I find it funny how vegans say those of us who relish a mixed diet are "brainwashed". I see that come from their mouths all the time! LOL! All we are doing is behaving the way Nature intended us to behave. Real people are not vegan pansies. Dogs eat cows, cows eat grass, and humans eat a combination of both. Well, not really grass, although I guess sugar cane can be considered grass. We eat that. But we're supposed to eat both meat and veggies. We're not supposed to care if it involves slaughtering a cow to get that meat. I mean, I feel as bad for the cow as anyone, but at the same time, I also know we do need meat. And meat is delicious! If the meal does not have meat on the side, it ain't a meal! And cows do not think like we do. Only the hippies say that. Cows do not have dreams and hopes like we do. They don't say "I want to do this someday". People are people, cows are cows. They're 2 totally different family groups. That's why I say these fanatical vegans like ahivemind are delusional. They want cows, chickens and pigs to be equal to humans. But they're not. They never will be.

Well, in all honesty, I rarely eat pork. I will eat it occasionally, but it's rare. Pork is too tough. You cannot cut it with a fork, and not much you can do to tenderize it, and that's how I like my meat. I like it to melt in my mouth. I eat bison meat more than I do beef, and usually my meat of choice is chicken. Hey! Chicken is AWESOME!!! I especially like it creamed. Sometimes fried, although I haven't had fried chicken since I moved here. Chickens sure as Hell don't think like we do! You know what a chicken does to one of it's own kind that is wounded? They peck it to death, often ganging up on the wounded individual. Anyone who says chickens have feelings equivolent to our's is definitely delusional! They will never convince me into believing chickens have the same emotions as humans.

It doesn't matter anyway. Ahivemind completely invalidated his argument by throwing the F-bomb at the end. It was a final triumphant score for me! Like the big slam-dunk! Or like the big home run! With him throwing the F-bomb, he knows he lost the argument then! LOL! As well as I did keeping my cool, never calling him any names, and not even disrespecting him, for me, that was quite the crowning jewel! hehe! I pictured ahivemind turning away from his computer, crying, fussing and screaming like a little bitch. LOL!

Well now that it's summer vacation for the kids (and teens) I notice they are all out bitching and farting around. LOL! I've already been attacked by several just in the past few days, including ahivemind. But I never pay them any mind. Although like I promised to Katrina before I left WA state, I do tend to block them. Again, it's my way of telling them not to watch my videos if they don't like them.

The New Hobby

Well, as all my friends know, I like to test my creativity on new things, first it was drawing and illustrating, then writing, then sculpting, then clocks, and now I've developed a new passion, I'm into making jewelry. It all started a couple weeks ago when Anna and I went to Helena and bought some new shoes. The shoe store we went into also sold earrings. Well I saw a couple pairs I fell in love with, and so I bought them. But I didn't have the holes in my ears anymore, so I had to have my ears pierced again, so I did. Well, I decided to try something new and different. I told Anna that I am going to make my own earrings with different designs that I like. So I came home looking for different ways to do them. One thing that really fascinated me was creating little decals with shrinkable plastic. They worked awesomely!! I can put my own designs and pics on the plastic sheets and they come out looking great! I already made several pieces with lemurs on them, and also some INXS earrings. I also like to buy the bracelet charms and convert those into earrings. I got some of those and they were seahorses encrusted in crystals, and they make fine earrings! Check these out:

I put those together myself. I like seahorses, and they remind me of the coast. Next time, I'm going to get little lighthouses and make those into earrings. I also found a chihuahua charm, and I'll be getting that and turning it into earrings. I also found a papillon dog charm, and I'll get those and turn them into earrings too. The papillon is quite pricey because it's made of good-quality pure silver, but it's worth it! Few other places carry that breed. And I have yet to find a lemur charm. Well, I am learning something else as well. I'm trying to teach myself to make my own charms. I think I can do it! I learned how to make pewter, and I learned where to get that enamel stuff. I just need a few things to complete that project, and I'll be on my way! I need to get a jewelry torch for one thing. It's easier than keeping a kiln in my apartment! I found out where to get the enameling powder too. So soon, I will be making my own brand of charms. I can make all animals I like, plus throw in a few from my Metazoic site as well.

So this should keep me busy. And keep me busy for quite a while! Once I start. I also thought about mass-producing these and selling them at the local farmer's market. I need to produce enough though. Right now I am just starting, and I haven't perfected it yet. I need a lot more practice. Though my seahorses came out great, I think I could do a little bit better. But with a creative mind like I have, it shouldn't take long for me to learn. Like I said before, I dwell on creativity :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cut The Fat!

I was reading an article on Yahoo today and it's about the rise in obesity among American adults. I left a couple of comments. One was saying that I wanted to join a gym once before, but that I couldn't because it costs too much. The last time I tried to join a gym, it would have costed me about $400. That was in 1997. Who knows how much it would be up to now! Back then I wasn't even fat, I just wanted to join to remain in good condition. But it gives a clear indication as to why many Americans are so fat now, and that number is rising! Mostly among poor folks. Something needs to be done. It costs so much to join a gym, and junk food is the cheapest you can buy now. It's sad! Though I think I can live pretty good on bananas alone. I saw a video of one girl who eats 40 bananas a day, and she said she's doing fine. I love bananas! I could probably try that easily, and bananas around here are the cheapest health food you can find.

I won't get too heavily into the comments because as weird as this may sound, I actually agreed with most of them. Well, not ALL of them, but most of them! I don't agree with the people who are just there to blow steam off on their hatred for fat people. But there were some comments that really interested me. One guy from Oregon said he was frustrated because he's single and he's running out of choices. Actually I kinda laughed at his comment. I was thinking either he should move someplace else, or learn to like fat women. Either that or count on remaining single for the rest of his life. That was the comical side. But some more seriously interesting comments I read, one person said she heard of a woman who is suing Nutella for making her kids fat. Ya know I really hate hearing stories like that! And it seems to happen so often!! First some teenagers sued McDonald's for making them fat, and now I hear Nutella is being sued for making some dumbass mom's kids fat! Why sue the company, unless they forced that woman to buy their product for her children. Otherwise, a person has the option to say NO!! If that mom wants to sue someone, she could sue her children for possibly whining and wheedling her to distraction to buy that junk! Well, it makes much better sense than suing Nutella! Those kind of people give us decent fat people a bad name!

I also find it funny how most people believe only fat women are the problem. They seem to forget that there are plenty of fat men too. But I find it funny how most of the people making fun of fat people are almost always men. Women rarely make fun of fat women, it's mostly a biproduct of egotistical men. The only women I've seen making fun of other fat women are teenagers, not really women. Well, not all thin, teenage girls make fun of fat women. I never did. I have much more self-respect than that! I wasn't even a fat teenager. I just had more respect for adults than what teenagers today have. And when I was younger, I prefered to make friends, not enemies. I was different then.

Another person said not to use being poor as an excuse for being fat. Well, that's where most of this breeds, is among poor families. Sad as it is, it's true. Like I mentioned how I tried to join a gym, and was told the membership would cost $400. That's what isn't right! I remember one time a local gym had a free trial membership for a month, and I joined then, just long enough for the free membership. I remember I went there EVERY day! Twice a day in fact. I enjoyed it. Back in those days, I didn't have days where I just didn't want to see anyone. Nowadays I do have those kind of days. I don't like having those kind of days, but they do come on. Back when I lived on the coast, I used to take daily walks on the beach. I liked it because it was nice and secluded, no threat whatsoever of being assaulted or harassed by people. One of the many reasons I hate people and there are days that I just don't want to see a person. There is a story on the internet that talks about a large woman who went walking every day, and some kids drove by in their vehicle and threw garbage at that woman. That kinda defeats the purpose of someone who is overweight and trying to do something about it by going walking. But it's enough to keep me from walking in a town this size. Though it hasn't happened to me yet, there's always that lingering fear. That's why I really want to go back to Ocean Shores. People there were not at all like that.

But anyway, those stats are scary! I'm not the type to sue a company because I bought their food, ate it and got fat! As I know that was nobody's choice but mine. One commenter on here mentioned that I should try a vegan diet for about 3 months to see if I like it. While I really don't want to try going vegan, I might like to try becoming a fruitarian. Drink lots of juices and live on bananas and apples for 3 months. See if it does me any good at all. Though it's going to be hard giving up meat. I can't even lie and say I'd be doing it to save some cow's butts. But what I read today, and saw, really struck a nerve with me. That and the fact that I actually agreed with most of the comments!

Montana Drivers

GEEZZZZ!! I hate Montana drivers!!!! There is nothing in the World that is worse than a stupid Montana driver who thinks they own the road, and shows absolutely no common courtesy! I was just driving down the road and all of a sudden, this jackass in this big dark SUV cuts me off. I honk my horn at him and call him every name I can think of. He pulls into the lane next to me. I keep my eye on him, not knowing what the Hell he's going to do next. We drive for another 2 or 3 blocks and wouldn't you know it, that guy turns on his signal and wants to pull back in front of me again. I honked my horn at him again, telling him "Don't you dare pull up in front of me again buddy!" He did try, but I swerved around him, stopping him from pulling in. As we drove by, Anna and I got a good look at the driver's face. He was mean and evil-looking! I don't care though! He can be as evil as he desires in his own home, but shouldn't take his anger and frustration out on me! I don't know him from Adam! I have nothing to do with how evil he is!

That's one of the things I've noticed about the white Montana cocksuckers around here, they completely lack common courtesy when they're driving! Makes me mad as Hell!! And I'm not the only one here that thinks that! Other Bozeman residents have also complained about the drivers here. Either they are blasting their music up too loud, or they cut people off on the road, or they're driving 500 MPH on a 35 MPH road! I see gripes like that all the time in the Bozeman Craigslist Rants and Raves forum! Almost on a daily basis, if someone isn't bitching about something frivolous like how ugly the people are at a bar. The managers expect you to get drunk enough at those places that the girls begin to look good to you. I drove through Los Angeles and San Francisco once before and I never remember the drivers in those two big cities to ever be as bad as they are here in Bozeman!! I can't wait to get back to the coast. At least there the drivers were much more courteous than they are here! I hate how these white Montana cocksuckers think they own everything and can control who does what here, or who goes in or out of this state. Upon coming here, I never was asked for a passport! So my advice to these dipshits, SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LEARN SOME FUCKING MANNERS YOU TWATS!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, in other news, I was watching more damn videos of the Westboro Baptist Church. Like I said before, these people are so dumb they fascinate me! LOL! I continue to watch videos of them, and the more I do, the more I hate the Phelps and their followers. Well, one user who calls himself sammy2trees and I have been going back and forth all morning (when I've been in). He said something, a general term about Christians that I found particularly offensive. He said that all Christians are the same as the members of the WBC. This was the post he made that got me started:

"It cracks me up how many of you so-called "true Christians" come on here and call these people crazy, evil, and desperately try to distinguish yourselves from this group. Truth is you're all the same and hold the same, archaic, absurd beliefs regardless of denomination. The only difference between you and them is the aggressiveness and intensity by which the message is delivered. These people do add vitriol and exaggeration in their delivery, but in the end its still the same baseless crap!"

I believe this person is an atheist. I'm not trying to get him to believe there is a GOD, but I found his saying ALL christians are the same as the WBC very offensive! I told him he will never see me pushing my beliefs on anyone! The WBC dwells on hatred, whereas I dwell on love and understanding. To compare me to those stupid hatemongers I take that very personally! To put the word Christian and the Westboro Baptist Church in the same sentence is an insult!! If you've read back in this blog, I've said several times there are things in the Bible that I question. GOD forgive me for that, but I have some troubles with what is printed in the Bible, which was written by man, not by GOD! It was originally considered a sin to eat apples. Well if it was a sin, why are apples so good for us?
Here's another tidbit of info, it has been confirmed the WBC does not know ANYTHING about the Bible. I knew it all along, they pick and choose the few scriptures to follow, and embellish on those. And it's OK for them to commit a sin, but anyone else who does it is going to Hell. LOL! Yep, those people make me sick every day of my life! And Shirley is gay herself! She can't hide that! Don't compare all Christians to the hypocrites of the WBC!! We are NOT all alike! Spend a day with me one on one, you'll find I am just like everyone else in that I like to have fun, sin or not, I don't judge anyone as harshly as they do, and in all reality, I very rarely bring up the Bible to anyone unless I am asked about it. Then I only say things relevant to the conversation, and try to keep it at a minimum. The WBC goes on and on and on, blaming everything on gay people and all that shit, I was watching a clip where they were talking about the space shuttle Challenger went down because of gay people! I sat here thinking "What the Hell has the Challenger accident got to do with gay people????!!!!" Believe me, I am not in the WBC's league!! They've got no brains! I have! Well, at least I know enough to know gays had nothing to do with the Challenger incident!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scoffers and Mockers

LOL! Another rant about the Westboro Baptist Church is coming your way on my site! I saw another video about a guy who wanted to interview them, and he was very respectful and nice, just asking them about their signs and beliefs. He started to throw some pretty harsh questions at them, and they stopped talking to him right away, calling him a "mocker" and a "scoffer". He didn't even give them that mocking tone that comes with people who are really mockers and scoffers. He was just asking them about their beliefs. The WBC was just upset because they have no answers for all their beliefs. They preach nothing but hate and everyone knows it, including themselves. UGH!! These people sicken me every day of my life! But I find them so spiritually inaccurate that they fascinate me as well. LOL! That does not mean I like them! But that's why I hate them so much and watch them on YouTube. I only watch interview shows with them, I never watch their preaching videos or music videos, which apparently they do have up on YouTube.

If you ask me, the only scoffers and mockers in their midst is themselves! You back them in a corner, they just give you that psychotic grin and tell you that you're going to Hell. Every time I hear them say that I think to myself "How the Hell would they know who's going to Hell and who isn't!?" Have these people even learned the 10 commandments?? Probably not, they seem to have broken a few on the way.

1. Honor only one GOD.
2. Do not worship carved images of anything on Earth, Heaven, or the seas.
3. Do not take the name of the LORD in vain.
4. Keep the Sabbath day Holy.
5. Honor your father and mother (kinda conflicts with commandment 1)
6. Thou shall not kill.
7. You shall not commit adultery (Shirley Phelps has a child out of wedlock and has been divorced once before).
8. Thou shall not steal.
9. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor (the WBC does this all the time. Every time they say someone is going to Hell, when they have no clue!)
10. You shall not covet your neighbor's belongings (Really??? I do that all the time! Like I see someone with an ipad, I say I want one like it!)

I wonder how one gets by without breaking commandment #10? This is where I think the translation of the Bible went wrong. It also says the LORD is a jealous God. I don't think GOD feels jealousy! HE is supposed to be perfect. Someone who is perfect does not feel jealousy! That is an IMperfect emotion! I think I agree with most of the interviewers who say the WBC is not doing a good job at all getting their word across. Fred Phelps compares himself and his cult to Noah and the Ark. But I don't believe Noah went around telling people "GOD hates you!"

One of them has a daughter named Loren who was kicked out of their church for pointing out their hatred and hypocrisy. And LORD knows the WBC is full of hypocrisy! It's OK for them to spew messages of hate and harass the families of fallen soldiers, they call it free speech. But when someone confronts them about their sanctimonious belief system, they call that person a "mocker" or a "scoffer" or a "rebel" and tell them they're going to Hell. Loren said before she was kicked out of the WBC, she stood there in front of her father begging and pleading with him to let her stay. She said her parents stood in front of her, watching her cry her eyes out, and they started laughing at her! How weird is that?! I thank GOD I never had parents like that. I feel bad for Loren, but at the same time, I think she did the right thing! She's better off without that so-called church.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Sexy" Animals

No, I am not into bestiality. But I was watching a video last night and it was about a woman who is obsessed with letting her toenails grow long. It looked painful to me! But she said she liked long toenails because they make her feel sexy. She said she feels like a feline sometimes. I was like "WHAT???" I said there is NOTHING sexy about felines! I've heard that reference once before and I often wondered what in the hell makes felines seem sexy? I am still old enough to remember when "foxy" meant "sexy", and if a person was going to go that route, I would have to say foxes are a lot sexier than felines!

As far as I can see, even when I used to like felines, nothing on a feline is what would be considered sexy in the human world. Felines don't have buns, their legs are saggy like cellulite. They don't have shoulders or boobs. They're lazy and slow-moving, lumbering when they walk, and they have that ugly flap of flesh hanging from their belly. There is nothing "sexy" about any of that. That's like saying that I'm sexy, as I have most of those features myself. The only thing that I can think of that would make people refer to felines as "sexy" is the fact that a male cat will mate with anything. Maybe even a fencepost! LOL! But looking at foxes, I can see where the term "foxy lady" came from. Foxes are graceful, dainty animals, just like one would expect from a very attractive person. And they have buns. I won't say they have sexy buns as I don't go that route, but at least their buns don't have cellulite like a cat does! Cats have no buns at all. Just an ugly, saggy backside. I just don't see the connection between them and sexiness. Not even when I used to like felines.

I've been reading recently about having foxes as pets. Some say they make the perfect pet. They have a kind of independence about them that they can in some ways care for themselves, at the same time they also have all the affection a dog has. Foxes can be trained to use a litterbox, just like a cat. And I just think foxes are cute! They have sweet little faces, and lovely tails! To me they are just wonderful animals. I'd love to have a fox for a pet. Maybe someday. Foxes are also quite acrobatic, and are extremely graceful animals. I've seen kit foxes move before, and they are so swift and graceful, they literally seem to glide over the ground! I've never seen a cat do that. Cats lumber along the ground. I don't think cats are graceful in any way, shape or form. Not even close to as graceful as a fox is! Foxes, like lemurs, seem to move effortlessly. That's what defines true liquid movement to me. I'd love to have either a lemur or a fox as a pet! Maybe someday I'll get both. Fennec foxes are so cute! They aren't allowed though here in Montana. I used to know of a breeder of fennec foxes in Oregon. I kinda wonder if they are still allowed there? I'll probably find out when I get back there and go to my next exotic bird and reptile expo. I can hardly wait!

That's one of the things I am looking forward to when I move back to the coast. I miss being able to go to those shows, and I haven't been able to go since I moved to Ocean Shores. One thing I do remember about those shows, you can find almost any kind of bird or reptile. I got a film of the expo I went to in 2000, and I came home with LOTS of goodies! I still remember the first one I went to back in 1992. Back then, the expo was held in May. Now it's held in February. I had just learned to drive a car and got my first driver's license, and I saw the ads that said there was an exotic bird and reptile expo being held in the Portland/Hillsboro area. I figured I could now drive us down there now that I had a driver's license. I was a little bit nervous, but I did it anyway, and we made a weekend of it. It was my first time in Portland with just me and Anna. We stayed at this hotel in Hillsboro. I was just a young sprig then, barely out of high school, so I was getting my first taste of independence. Well, one of the first things I learned when I got there was the people of Hillsboro are not very friendly! That could be because Hillsboro is a town of rich people, and rich people are ALWAYS stuck-up!! Me and Anna got into a little fight with the maintenance woman at the hotel because we had a dog. Well, we told them we had a dog when we signed in. But that woman was barking at us saying that she will press charges if the dog does anything in the room. I said to her that I thought that's what the security deposit was all about. Well, she slammed out that door bitching some more. I didn't pay much attention to what she said. I didn't even realize what was wrong with her until I found out she was not the only person in that town that was like that. Almost everyone in Hillsboro is crazy and bitchy like that. Like I said, it's a town of rich people. I hate rich people!

Now, I don't mean people who work hard and have 6-7 figure incomes, my supervisor makes 6 figures a year. But she works hard for it. I'm talking about the people who were born rich and didn't have to lift a finger for it. Kinda like ol' Tracy Burbank of the Puyallup Fair (who ironically--or not so ironically-- was also from Hillsboro). She inherited that job from her family. She didn't have to work hard for any of it. Rich people like her, I don't like at all. And they're almost always spoiled little brats. I'm sure that maintenance woman (who may have even owned the hotel we stayed at) had the same kind of advantage as Tracy did. She probably inherited that hotel from her parents too. That's why she acted like a spoiled brat. Both her and Tracy were people I just wanted to punch in their faces! The only reason I didn't is because no matter how wretched they are, I have some amount of respect for my elders. But those little rich mama's girls, I probably could have just tweaked their noses and they'd probably go crying like the little whiny bitches they are!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Just A Random Post

This is just a random post because I have a lot of time on my hands now and I am bored. My buddies are at the dog park, but I don't need to be there until 10:30 AM. It is now (as of beginning this typing) 8:32 AM. So I'll just be typing about things I am thinking about. No particular subject.

So yesterday I had to go to the City building and get pet licenses for my dogs. I never had to do that before! I had no idea how to actually handle it. The last time I ever bought a license for a pet was in 1984, after our dog Andy chased the neighbor's cat and the owner got pissed about it and called Animal Control. They said if we didn't get licenses for our dogs they were going to be impounded. So my ma and pa had to buy licenses for them. That was the last time we ever bought licenses for any pets! I never had to do it myself. So I was unaware of how the proceedure went. But the owners of this complex are now demanding that all pets get licenses, even indoor cats. One of the people who works for the owners is not an animal person. I was told if she had her way there would be no animals allowed in this building at all. She even told the office secretary, Deb, that there may be an extra $300 pet deposit on such things as birds and fish! Birds, I can see there being a pet deposit put on. I think of birds as pets. But fish?! That's dumb! I don't think of fish as pets. I think of them as living decorations. But I refuse to give up my fishtank! I don't care if I do have to put down an extra $300 I won't get rid of my tank! But I must say now that I think that stinks! Fish are not real pets, we should not have to put down a pet deposit on fish! The only consolation I have is that I'll be getting all of this money back when I move out.

Oh yes, and another thing, I was watching another video yesterday about the Westboro Baptist Church picketing the Oscars in Hollywood. Shirley Phelps was holding a sign saying that Whitney Houston was now in Hell. She was a fucking gospel singer! I highly doubt she's in hell!!! Well the person filming the protest is a user who calls himself XenuSmurf, and oh boy! Was he really laying it on thick with Shirley Phelps!! LOL! I think at one point I saw what looked like Shirley Phelps starting to cry. I hope I am right! She deserves it! One of their daughters was telling this guy that he was harassing them. Um, excuse me! That's as dumb a statement as it was for my old supervisor at the Puyallup Fair to say I was the one who was being rude! The WBC starts all this shit, they are the ones harassing! They are harassing the World with their stupid picket signs and dumb songs, and saying everyone outside their church is going to Hell. They have completely mistaken GOD's wrath with being hate. GOD does not hate! It's like when parents get angry with their kids. They don't hate their kids just because they get mad at them. At least not normal parents, maybe Fred Phelps does hate his kids when he gets mad at them. As full of hate as he is, I wouldn't be surprised! Well I can say that if I am right about Shirley Phelps crying because someone was giving her a dose of her own medicine, then it also proves I am right about them becoming afraid of their own actions. No one would be doing this to them if they didn't try to force their idiotic beliefs on everyone. I am a christian, but I don't feel it is my business to force anyone to believe what I believe. You'll never see me telling anyone "You'd better believe this or you're going to Hell!" I just tell people they have their beliefs and I have mine.

When I talk about GOD, I usually do it in a more respectful way. I know I cannot make everyone believe my experiences really happened. All I can do is tell people what happened to me, and they can believe it or not. It's their prerogative. I am a firm believer in GOD, I don't always believe everything I see in the Bible, but I do believe in GOD. The bible was written by monks in the 4th century. By then a lot of the language of the scrolls was loosely translated. So some things I don't believe were meant to be said in the Bible. Like the thing about it being OK to rape children. Or that eating shellfish is a sin. And there are others. But one thing I am not here to do is change anyone's opinions and outlook. No one sees the World the same way. And I am as different as they come! Everyone has their idiosyncracies. Not meaning everyone is an "idiot" LOL! But everyone has that one thing that is unique to themselves.

You know, maybe being called an "idiot" is not such a bad thing! People call me that all the time. I always thought it was a bad name to call someone. But you know, maybe it fits me to a T! The word "idiot" is derived from the Greek word "idios", which actually means "one's own". Yes, I am "my own" person. I follow no one's standards, no matter how much they push them on me. I haven't yet given in to fanatical vegans or panther fanatics. I never have and I never will! And I am proud of the way I stand my ground. I love being different. Even if I were the only person left alive eating meat, I would love that! My favorite animals are lemurs, and the animals I hate the most are lions, tigers and leopards and I love it that I am among the few that hates them so much, and loves an animal that few others even think of. I still say anything a cat can do, a lemur can do better. Except maybe kill a gazelle. But heck, a dog can do that! LOL! So I remain unimpressed by cats and panthers. On that note, I am proud to be my own person.

That reminds me, last night I was watching a movie about a girl named Haley, who said some shit about a popular girl I think her name was Angie, on a social network. Haley's friend Dana spilled the beans in the restroom and one of Angie's friends overheard about it and checked out Dana's page and saw all the bad things that Haley wrote about Angie and her friends. One of Angie's friends, named Cristin, has real anger-management problems. She was the one who told Angie about the things Haley said, then they decided to jump Haley and beat her up for the things she said. Cristin did most of the beating, and beat Haley beyond belief!! It was a sickening sight! It's also made me think of why I always take every threat seriously, even those people give me online. Someone wishes death on me, I take that as a threat! Someone comes out and says "I'm gonna beat you up!" I take it as a threat! But hey, if they want to try, I must remind them that I am a big girl! I can easily subdue them if I want to just by sitting on them. But Haley's case was different. She was smaller than Cristin. I was the same when I was younger, I was smaller than most other kids my age too. I'm still short, but being fat has an advantage too. The movie is called Girl Fight, and it was on LMN last night. It's such a good movie, I decided to order it. I didn't like seeing Haley get beat up like that, but I did enjoy seeing Cristin get her rewards in the end! It's based on a true story, and Cristin, whatever her real name is, I hope she gets some serious counceling! The movie depicted her as someone who'd really need it!

Damn! That's what I hate about teenagers! They take every emotion to extremes. In Ocean Shores, the teenagers were usually not that bad. Unless they were transients, but it was rare for a "native" to be too extreme. I still hate teenagers! No matter what. Because I know even the nicest-sounding teenager can snap at any minute. Well, maybe not all of them are bad. I've met some nice teens. But still there is that fear that they can snap! And sometimes do. I've seen it happen before. They can be nice and sweet one minute, and snippy and angry the next minute. And especially teenage girls, they can carry a grudge forever! You know they say a man can bash another man's head in and afterwords, invite that man out for a drink. Women slap, pull hair, and scream at each other and that grudge is carried for the rest of their lives. I never believed that was true, but I am slowly beginning to realize that is true! That is how women work! I must be different, as I always try to be forgiving. But usually not until the other person really repents.

Well, it's after 10 AM, and this post has gone around in circles long enough. It's time to put it to rest. Soon I have to go to the dog park with Minnie. I'm hoping we can get Brandi cured of her jealousy, which is why she always attacks Minnie. Minnie is so little and sweet! She doesn't deserve to have Brandi attack her like that! I just hope the problem can be fixed. I'd hate to see Lois lose Brandi, but at the same time I have to protect my baby girl!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New "Breed"??

I was referred to this new site called yardsellr.com. It's a cool site and they have a lot of neat stuff. There's also a pet section, which is usually the first place I visit to look for new gadgets for my babies. I'd like to get them a doggy car seat some day! Well, while I was looking, I saw a post where someone was selling what they referred to as a "new rare, rare breed". It was a litter of mutts! The father was a labrador and the mom was a cattle dog. I told that person that that is not a rare breed. That's a mutt that anyone can produce. And has produced! I see labrador and heeler crosses advertised all the time here in Montana. Both breeds are very common here. I hate people who mislead the public and say that their randomly crossed mongrel puppies are some "rare breed"! They're not even a breed. They're mutts. Call them what they are! It takes more than 30 some odd years to create a true breed. Much less those only created in a matter of 10 years. And mongrels are not real breeds. But because of this damned hybrid vigor, people continue to breed mixed breeds and call them "new rare breeds".

Creating a breed is not something that can be done by random individuals who do not know what they are doing. And it cannot be done in a matter of a few years by people only looking to make money. All the true breeds you see today were created over YEARS of proper breeding from people who had a general purpose for that breed (NOT to make money) and knew what they were doing. And to get those desired traits, one has to cull (in today's terms, spay/neuter and adopt out) the pups that do not carry the desired characteristics. That does not include selling the pups for $1000 each at 6 weeks old. Pups are just beginning to develop their own personalities then. In order to know which pups will have the characteristic the creator wants in their new breed, you have to carefully observe each puppy for at least the first 6 months of life. Creating a new breed is a very LONG and tedious process. It should only be attempted by people with a lot of patience and no desire to make money off their new breed. Unfortunately that is what a lot of mongrel breeders are doing it for today, which is why none of these so-called "designer mutts" will ever be anything more than just a mongrel. One that a person should NOT pay more than $300 for (and that's really stretching it!) Instead, such an animal should only be adopted from a pound. Today's people have no idea what makes a breed a true breed.

So what does make a breed a breed? This is what I found in my research on the internet:

"By definition, a breed can be described as a unique group of animals whose phenotype and genotype distinguish it from all others. Both are central to a breed’s identity."

This is what makes a breed unique. It's almost the same concept of what separates one species from another. You cannot get a wolf out of mating 2 bobcats. Thus you cannot get a poodle out of the mating of 2 labradors. You can only get labradors out of 2 labradors. The pups that come out will be just like the parents. They will have the same appearance, and characteristics as the parents have. Labradors are known for being playful and intelligent, they are also known for shedding a lot and were bred to retrieve ducks from the water. This is what makes them a true breed. Parents reproduce themselves, and it goes on from one generation to another. With mongrels, it's a crap-shoot. Especially if you are using F1 mixes. Even F2 mixes don't guarantee results. This is a process that will take many generations. The characteristics you want may not set in until you have the F60 mixes produced.

So why create a breed? First of all, you have to have a good reason to create the breed. Smaller dogs make fine companions, but what need can a person fill to create this smaller dog? There is a reason that there are fewer small dogs than bigger or medium-sized dogs. Smaller dogs are better suited for apartment living. Smaller dogs are made for carrying around, and some for guarding, mostly for royalty. Back in those days, many breeds were created for the sake of royal favors. But with those high ranks now all but gone, being replaced by modern government styles, the need to develop new breeds is depleating. But some are still being developed, simply for the fun of it. One of the newest true breeds in the canine world is the Alaskan Klee-kai, it's simply a miniature version of the Siberian Husky. But this breed was created by a single family from the 1960s to today. They didn't even reveal to the World that they were creating this new breed until the mid 1980s, when the owner of the kennel, and the breed's creator, was finally talked in to selling a female to a family friend. This family friend agreed to breed only to dogs bred by this one kennel. It was a mutual task they started, and today the Klee-kai is breeding true and is even registerable through the UKC, which is a reputable registry.

Another thing, don't be fooled by the Continental Kennel Club's recognition of such mixed breeds as labradoos and Goldoos and other such popular mutts. First of all, Continental Kennel Club is NOT a reputable registry! Just because they use the same initials as the Canadian Kennel Club does not mean that they are reputable! Neither is American Pet Registry, Inc. (APRI). Neither one has a stud book in place, and they don't have breeders that keep proper records (most of the breeders who use such phony registries are nothing more than AKC's rejects), they don't have any standards for their breeds, they recognize cat breeds as well as dog breeds, and I've seen pics of a show that APRI has put on, and I can tell you the dogs that were shown there were a joke! There was a yorkshire terrier at that show that was dirty, hair was out of place, ungroomed, if that had been an AKC show, the dog would have been laughed right off the stage! Unfortunately now AKC is recognizing some of these popular mixed breeds and I think that is a BAD idea! But they aren't recognizing them for confirmation, only for such things as agility, and they don't condone breeding them.

I remember a long time ago, this one woman and I got into a little spat because she was breeding mixed breeds and I said I don't agree with breeding mixed breeds. So she got pissed off at me. I told her one of the main problems I have with breeding mutts is the dumb names people are giving them. They take the names of 2 legitimate breeds and combine them to make the new mutt sound like a true breed. Well, she mentioned that she was helping to create something called a "carlin pinscher". She claimed it was a legitimate breed in the making by crossing a pug and a miniature pinscher. At first I thought it could be the roots to a true breed. And then, I looked it up later on and found out the name is still a combination of 2 real breeds. "Carlin" is simply another word for Pug. So it's still a mutt name. As long as it is, I will forever think of it as nothing but a mutt. Not a true breed, never will be. This woman does not sound like she knows what she's doing at all (she calls herself "wildcat"). Anyone with a nickname like that has got to be stupid, underhanded and lazy! Just like a wild cat. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her!

For more information about true breeds, check out this link: http://www.caninechronicle.com/Features/Battaglia_07/battaglia_207.html

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kids Who Bully

I hate bullies! Plain and simple! There is just no good reason to bully anybody. Why do kids bully others? Well for only one real reason: They're dumb! I used to think they were just kids with low self-esteem that felt like they had to make another kid feel bad just to make themselves feel better. While I believe that is the case in some kids, it's only partly true. Some kids do it because they are the dominant kids. Like the oldest kid in the family bullying the younger. Or like my landlord's dog bullying Minnie. But kids (and dogs) that are dominant want to stay that way. So they beat up the smaller, weaker kids to basically say to everyone "This is what I am capable of doing. And I'll do the same to you if you ever make me feel inferior!" I went through most of my childhood as a loner. All I wanted was to be left alone! If someone liked me, fine. I'll play and have fun with them. But those who didn't like me, it was fine too as long as they left me alone. But that was just too much for the bullies to take. They hated it that I ignored them for the most part and didn't want them around me. I wish I had stuck up for myself more when I was a kid. But before I turned 10 years old, I let every kid who wanted to harass me walk all over me. That's probably what molded me into the person I am today! I no longer stand idly by and just let people walk all over me. A grizzly bear is not born knowing how to handle intruders. It learns it from it's mom.

Whenever I had a problem when I was a kid, I used to tell ma and let her handle it. Looking back on that now, it may have done me more harm than good. But when I was a kid, I didn't learn how to stick up for myself. But I think having my parents fight my battles for me as a child did not help me at all. So after I turned 10 years old, I started learning to stick up for myself. Well, when I was 10, I got into a big, nasty battle with someone and we both got in big trouble. I was actually scared of what my parents were going to do, me getting in trouble like that. I'd never been in trouble like that before. Ever since then, I just took pains to completely avoid any kind of confrontation. I just went my way, and let the other kids go their way. I am basically the same way now as an adult. I don't lash out unless I feel I have to. My attitude now is leave me alone and I will do the same for you. But even with that attitude, there's always some jackasses that are going to want to intrude in your life. I remember in Middle School, there was a gang of 4 boys, all friends with each other. They used to LOVE to harass me. I don't know why. The ringleader's name was Carlos Stewart. He had moved there from Germany the year before my incidents with him began. He was an African-American boy and there was this one girl in the classroom, named Teresa, that always called him the "N" word. I always hated it when Teresa would do things like that! Not just to Carlos, but she was offensive like that with EVERYBODY! Carlos was very quiet that first year after he arrived. It was the following year that I began having problems with him.

I don't know why I had any kind of problems with Carlos. I never did anything to him at all. Maybe because he saw me and Teresa talking to each other (we were never really friends) perhaps he thought that I was thinking the same thing about him as she did. But no, I didn't. At least not before I began having problems with him. But unlike Teresa, I usually like to give everyone a chance. I never even gave Carlos a single thought before I began having problems with him. It began innocently enough. I was visiting the art class he was in to pick up a book I wrote that I allowed the teacher to read. Carlos was standing at the teacher's desk area with some of his friends. I overheard him say I was an ugly chick. I just paid him no mind. My attitude was more like "So what if you think I'm ugly!" I didn't say a word to him, just got my book, and the compliments from the teacher (he thought it was a great story!) and went on my way. Didn't think any more about what Carlos had said any more than I thought about a dead leaf flowing with the wind. But it soon became apparent that there was more to that "meeting" than I had ever imagined. Normally, I could just brush-off comments like that like dust off my shoulders, and I did, and had all but forgotten that encounter with Carlos until very soon after when he began getting physical.

Now, he never touched me with his hands. His abuse toward me was delivered by throwing things at me. He would bite off the ends of his pencils, bring in bits of plastic and glass from the art classroom (when they were doing sand-blasting), or small pebbles, or even crumpled up sheets of paper, and throw them at me in class. Seemed to me like a Hell of a lot of trouble to go through just to try and get someone's attention that just didn't want anything in the world to do with him, but that was his prerogative. I still ignored him for the most part. He would throw the item and then turn around and sit in his chair like the most innocent being in the world, thinking I didn't see him stand up and toss that object at me. But what he never knew is that I have great peripheral vision. I saw him do these things. And his 3 friends, who were always around him, would always stick up for him and say he didn't do anything. Either they were dumb, blind or both. I'm banking on both! LOL! I would not have said anything if I didn't think it was Carlos, but I actually saw him do these things. And he did it every day every time I had him in the same class with me. It became too much for me. So I finally sought some advice about what to do from family and friends. Well, when I went to my ma for some advice, she became very concerned and went to the school the next day to confront the teacher. I was hoping after talking with the teacher that things would begin to get better, and Carlos would learn to just do his own thing with his own buddies and leave me out of it! But no, it only got worse.

Carlos still maintained that he didn't do anything to me, which I knew was wrong. Perhaps he was scared of his parents finding out about it too. I know I heard his father was a very strict disciplinarian. But for me, if I were him, if I didn't want trouble, I wouldn't have caused trouble. Well, the next thing I knew, all of Carlos's stupid friends were making me out to be the bad guy, even though I was the victim in this case. But I was the bad guy because I "got Carlos in trouble". LOL! But no, I didn't. All I wanted was to be left alone. Carlos got himself in trouble. Only a bully would force themselves on an innocent person the way Carlos did. Well, next thing I knew, kids all over the school, whether or not they were involved in this incident, were harassing me because I had mentioned this incident to my ma and she spoke to the teacher. In their minds, it was like I ran home and screamed "Mommy! Mommy! The kids in school are picking on me!" But actually, it wasn't like that at all. I sought answers about what to do from several individuals, friends and family. My ma was just the one who took action due to her deep concern. One of my friends said "Maybe he's doing this because he likes you." Which brought back to mind the encounter I had with him in the art classroom, when I overheard him say I was an ugly chick. I don't think someone who likes a girl is going to call that girl an "ugly chick", or try to hurt that girl. I see husbands abuse their wives they claim to "love" all the time on TV. I don't believe that is what love is! If I like someone, I want to see them happy, and I do everything in my powers to make that person happy. I would NEVER try to hurt or kill someone that I like.

Well, some months later, those friends of Carlos' still hadn't got that incident out of their minds. I remember one of Carlos' friends, Jason Ellis, told a friend of mine, named Heidi, about that incident. Heidi was one of the first friends I made when I entered Middle School, and she'd always been good to me. I met her through another girl named Vicki, who was no longer at this school at this time. Heidi and Vicki both approached me one day after confronting a girl named Stephanie, who had been slamming on me that day when I wasn't looking. I thought both Heidi and Vicki were wonderful people for standing up to Stephanie like that. Well, Jason just flat-out told Heidi that I told my ma that Carlos was throwing things at me. I looked at Heidi  and she had developed this evil smirk on her face after he said that. Jason added "The whole class wasn't doing anything!" What Jason had said didn't bother me, I came to expect that attitude from him. But Heidi's reaction kinda surprised me. The look on her face reminded me of how Carlos' friends looked when they were sitting in the classroom, trying to make me out to be the bad guy. From that day on, I noticed a complete turnaround in Heidi's disposition. She started to become Jason Ellis, in a matter of speaking. LOL! But what was once a very sweet, good friend, suddenly turned into something of a monster, and she began shit-holing me like Jason and his friends did.

I remember one time the teacher started touching me in a very inappropriate manner, and I pushed his arms away from me, and in the process I accidentally scratched him. Well, the teacher capitalized on that accident and turned the class against me, and just like a fish blindly going in for the bait, the class went along with him. Jason Ellis kinda jokingly said "You want me to go get my gun?" And I also heard Heidi say "Why don't we just get rid of her!?" Then the teacher said to the class "Watch out! She's got rabies!" and the whole class screamed and pushed their desks away from me, including Heidi. I just said "Fine. At least I'm alone." I never told anyone about the teacher touching me like that. But I think I should have. Who knows if he's done it to someone else? And to think, he used to be one of my favorite teachers back then. Not anymore after that incident. I did hear later on that he has actually done something similar to another girl in the school. That's why he soon became known as the school's pervert.

Well, a few years back, I saw a special on Dr. Phil and they discussed bullying. They said to any kid who is being bullied to talk to a parent about it. And he was talking to kids who were in Middle School and High School. But I can tell you now, from personal experience, that is a BAD idea!!! For me, it only made things worse. Kids doing the bullying can say they are innocent, without proper proof, it's just one child's word against another's. My incident could have been proven correct if only the classroom I was in had surveillance cameras installed. That's what the classrooms need, and then the kids doing the bullying can be turned in to the proper authorities. Telling your parents does not work! It only makes it worse. That's speaking through personal experience.