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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Human Feelings vs. Animal Feelings

One of the dumbest arguments that vegans and vegetarians have against eating meat is that animals think and feel like we do. I say no they don't. Cows are just plain dumb animals. They're cute, but they are dumb. Not saying that at all to sound mean, and I do like cows, but cows are indeed dumb animals, and everyone knows it. Well, everyone except the fanatical vegans. They continue to push their beliefs on me, and I just won't give. The harder they push at me, the harder I push back and say NO, I won't change. Meat tastes too good to give up!

Well, yesterday I got into it with a dumb and delusional fanatical vegan who calls himself ahivemind. LOL! I still say he is delusional. But I managed to keep my cool with him, which I am proud of. :) I let him throw his little tantrum, I just sat back and smiled the whole time! LOL! Each time he lost it, it was a big victory for me. It's always fun to watch fanatical vegans lose their head and argue, as if kicking and screaming and calling me names somehow validates their argument. It doesn't. In fact, when a fanatical vegan loses his temper, it just proves further that my opinions are correct. I have books and scientists to back up what I say. All ahivemind has is the assumptions of a psychotic man whose argument still does not make any sense. Yourofsky completely (and conveniently) leaves out the fact that humans are natural omnivores. If we were herbivores, we would not be where we are today. We wouldn't need to be.

Well, I didn't read all of ahivemind's last response, because I skipped down to the end (I didn't have any need or desire to read the rest of his mumbo-jumbo) and I noticed he closed his argument with a big "FUCK YOU"!! LOL!!! The exact same thing can be said about people who use cuss words as people who call names. I knew he had to be a man, most likely a teenager. Either way, I just stayed calm and cool, and let him go off on tirades of his own. I was actually very proud of the way I handled him! I never lost my temper once, didn't even feel the need to. And I truly believe it was my calm demeanor that led him to become even more angry. That makes me happy! It also proves that those of us who eat meat are not as aggressive as the vegetarians/vegans like to make us out to be. Not to mention we are much more creative!

I find it funny how vegans say those of us who relish a mixed diet are "brainwashed". I see that come from their mouths all the time! LOL! All we are doing is behaving the way Nature intended us to behave. Real people are not vegan pansies. Dogs eat cows, cows eat grass, and humans eat a combination of both. Well, not really grass, although I guess sugar cane can be considered grass. We eat that. But we're supposed to eat both meat and veggies. We're not supposed to care if it involves slaughtering a cow to get that meat. I mean, I feel as bad for the cow as anyone, but at the same time, I also know we do need meat. And meat is delicious! If the meal does not have meat on the side, it ain't a meal! And cows do not think like we do. Only the hippies say that. Cows do not have dreams and hopes like we do. They don't say "I want to do this someday". People are people, cows are cows. They're 2 totally different family groups. That's why I say these fanatical vegans like ahivemind are delusional. They want cows, chickens and pigs to be equal to humans. But they're not. They never will be.

Well, in all honesty, I rarely eat pork. I will eat it occasionally, but it's rare. Pork is too tough. You cannot cut it with a fork, and not much you can do to tenderize it, and that's how I like my meat. I like it to melt in my mouth. I eat bison meat more than I do beef, and usually my meat of choice is chicken. Hey! Chicken is AWESOME!!! I especially like it creamed. Sometimes fried, although I haven't had fried chicken since I moved here. Chickens sure as Hell don't think like we do! You know what a chicken does to one of it's own kind that is wounded? They peck it to death, often ganging up on the wounded individual. Anyone who says chickens have feelings equivolent to our's is definitely delusional! They will never convince me into believing chickens have the same emotions as humans.

It doesn't matter anyway. Ahivemind completely invalidated his argument by throwing the F-bomb at the end. It was a final triumphant score for me! Like the big slam-dunk! Or like the big home run! With him throwing the F-bomb, he knows he lost the argument then! LOL! As well as I did keeping my cool, never calling him any names, and not even disrespecting him, for me, that was quite the crowning jewel! hehe! I pictured ahivemind turning away from his computer, crying, fussing and screaming like a little bitch. LOL!

Well now that it's summer vacation for the kids (and teens) I notice they are all out bitching and farting around. LOL! I've already been attacked by several just in the past few days, including ahivemind. But I never pay them any mind. Although like I promised to Katrina before I left WA state, I do tend to block them. Again, it's my way of telling them not to watch my videos if they don't like them.

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