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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The New Hobby

Well, as all my friends know, I like to test my creativity on new things, first it was drawing and illustrating, then writing, then sculpting, then clocks, and now I've developed a new passion, I'm into making jewelry. It all started a couple weeks ago when Anna and I went to Helena and bought some new shoes. The shoe store we went into also sold earrings. Well I saw a couple pairs I fell in love with, and so I bought them. But I didn't have the holes in my ears anymore, so I had to have my ears pierced again, so I did. Well, I decided to try something new and different. I told Anna that I am going to make my own earrings with different designs that I like. So I came home looking for different ways to do them. One thing that really fascinated me was creating little decals with shrinkable plastic. They worked awesomely!! I can put my own designs and pics on the plastic sheets and they come out looking great! I already made several pieces with lemurs on them, and also some INXS earrings. I also like to buy the bracelet charms and convert those into earrings. I got some of those and they were seahorses encrusted in crystals, and they make fine earrings! Check these out:

I put those together myself. I like seahorses, and they remind me of the coast. Next time, I'm going to get little lighthouses and make those into earrings. I also found a chihuahua charm, and I'll be getting that and turning it into earrings. I also found a papillon dog charm, and I'll get those and turn them into earrings too. The papillon is quite pricey because it's made of good-quality pure silver, but it's worth it! Few other places carry that breed. And I have yet to find a lemur charm. Well, I am learning something else as well. I'm trying to teach myself to make my own charms. I think I can do it! I learned how to make pewter, and I learned where to get that enamel stuff. I just need a few things to complete that project, and I'll be on my way! I need to get a jewelry torch for one thing. It's easier than keeping a kiln in my apartment! I found out where to get the enameling powder too. So soon, I will be making my own brand of charms. I can make all animals I like, plus throw in a few from my Metazoic site as well.

So this should keep me busy. And keep me busy for quite a while! Once I start. I also thought about mass-producing these and selling them at the local farmer's market. I need to produce enough though. Right now I am just starting, and I haven't perfected it yet. I need a lot more practice. Though my seahorses came out great, I think I could do a little bit better. But with a creative mind like I have, it shouldn't take long for me to learn. Like I said before, I dwell on creativity :)
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