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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anna Blames Me!

I had to close down the comments to this blog because the fanatical vegans go crazy and use their rights of free speech irresponsibly. I equate them to being like the Westboro Baptist Church members. They harass and don't know when to shut up, and the more they push their beliefs, the more I want to rail against them. Poor Anna wanted to post a comment last night on this blog and I told her I only allow members to post now. But she is a member! Maybe she just forgot that she is. I see her on the member's list though. What I don't like is how Anna accuses me of being the one bringing those dumbasses to this blog, when I am not. Well, I post the link to this one post explaining why I closed the comments section of my vegan videos, and I don't mind comments from friendly vegans. But disrespectful vegans like ahivemind, who comment irresponsibly, we can all do without him. But then again, if I am correct (and I usually am) he's a teenager. Teenagers don't know how to act responsibly.

I told Anna why I closed the ability for outsiders to comment, and the first thing (always) out of her mouth was "You need to stop going into those damn vegan videos!" I told her I don't go to their videos! The fanatical vegans are the ones who are obsessed with me. Not the other way around. I don't give a shit about the damn fanatical vegans, but it looks like they are tearing me and my sis apart. In a small way. She blames me because they are obsessed with me. I'd usually be flattered. I knew once I started commenting on my vegan friends' Facebook pages that it would give the fanatics some kind of permission to harass me, when that is not the case. I go to Facebook to see my friends, from out of state. I don't go there to allow strangers to harass me. Of course they usually don't on Facebook, but they do view my videos and come to my blog. And I don't mind it as long as they are respectful, and not trying to push their views on me. I mean seriously, what part of "NO, I won't change" don't they understand?? And maybe they don't realize it, but the pushier they get, the better they make eating meat sound. I enjoyed that chicken sandwich I had the day ahivemind started commenting here! He made that even more possible. Not that I would have liked it any less if he hadn't commented! But he just made it taste even better, and made me enjoy eating "dead animal flesh" even more! LOL! I do have vegan friends, and I try to understand their way of thinking. But when people like ahivemind are so disrespectful, it just ruins everything. It destroys my ability to understand how vegans like to live, because he was so contradictory to what I've always been told by my vegan friends what makes a vegan a vegan. The sad part is that ahivemind is not the only vegan I've met like that. In fact in my experience, the "evil" vegans have outnumbered the good vegans 20 to 1. So it's easy to rail against them, call them pushy and impudent, and close my ears and eyes to their causes. Thus makes it hard to understand them.

I was thinking back to that comment I read in an article last week about the rise in the number of fat people. It was the comment by the single guy who said he's running out of choices because most young girls nowadays are fat. I laughed at his comment! But you know what would stop this rise in obesity? First thing to get rid of the number of fast food places. I rarely eat any fast food. I prefer to do my own cooking here at home. Then I know what is going into my food. Another thing that would stop it is if fat-haters would keep their mouths SHUT!! Though it is not so true with me, the reason a lot of women are fat is because they are depressed eaters. They have something called Binge Eating Disorder, and they often eat when they feel bad. It's an addiction. It's not as simple as telling someone to exercise more and eat less. No. This is a disease that has nothing to do with a thyroid, or hormone problem. This is a stress-related disease. And part of the problem is people calling fat people names. It makes the fat person feel worse, and feeling bad just makes them want to eat more. Though that is not the case with me, I only eat when I am hungry, and that usually means I only eat one good meal a day. After that, it's usually snacks that get me because I love chocolate! But even those I don't eat unless I am hungry. I once heard that if you feel hunger, you're doing something wrong in your diet. You're not supposed to feel hungry, that's basically your body screaming "HEY! I need some nourishment!" Then when you eat, it stores your food as fat. That's my problem, I never eat unless I feel hungry. That's why when I was eating 6 small meals a day I managed to keep my weight down pretty good, and I was energized. It was only after I stopped doing that that I began to gain weight. When I say 6 small meals, I mean SMALL! And on that diet, I never felt hungry, and I managed a good weight of only 108 pounds maximum. :) Then I had that surgery and my metabolism changed, and I started eating only once a day. On a good day, I'd eat twice, but those days are rare.

Binge eaters though are a whole other story! They eat whenever they feel bad, or hungry. Food is comfort for them. It's like people who are depressed and cut themselves. The world looks at them and thinks "That's weird!" But for that person, it's a form of comfort. And if a person who is fat and a binge-eater is called names, it only makes their stress worse. So yes, in a way, society is responsible for creating fat people. But society doesn't realize it because they blame the fat person, thinking their best cure is to just stop eating so much and exercise more. The truth is, eating disorders are all still very much misunderstood. I see people who feel bad for anorexics, and then turn around and poke fun at a fat person. The fact of the matter is, they're both the same, both have eating disorders. No one really knows what causes one or the other. Anorexics exist because they see themselves as something they are not. Fat people exist most likely because of stress. Both are the roots of a mental problem, but they feel bad for the anorexic because they are not fat. And there is a stereotype for fat people that most people follow that prevents the average person from having the same feelings about fat people that they have about anorexics. I hope that made sense!!!! What I am trying to say is people think of fat people as mean, stinky, and disgusting, so it's easy for the average person not to even attempt to understand fat people. Just like I will never understand vegans. But see, those are the things that causes one person to turn against another unjustly. I don't stereotype! Or I try not to. Sometimes I try to understand why some stereotypes exist. Discrimination, I really hate that word. I think people should be able to like who they want to, but at the same time, give people a chance. You never know. One fat person could turn out to be the nicest person you could ever meet. I can be as sweet as a baby until someone crosses me. Usually though I try to match them tone-to-tone.

The point is, I can be very nice. But most people will never know how nice I can be because they look at me and all they see is a fat person. So they automatically assume I am as hateful as most other fat people are. That's usually why I don't like meeting people online, and I don't always consider anyone a friend unless I have met them in person first. But people have to know, I am going to speak my mind. That's just how I am. But I usually try to keep it at a civil level.

Just yesterday I was at the dog park and our buddies were all there, including Deb. Well, we started talking about a dog that belongs to one of the residents here. She says it's a pomeranian, but to me it does not look pure. It's coat is very loose, and in fact when I first saw that dog, I thought it was a poorly-bred longcoat chihuahua. Pomeranians have a long, thick coat, this dog doesn't. Not at all. Well, Deb said that this dog is AKC registered and all, so it is a purebred pomeranian. I said then it must have been bred by a very poor breeder. In essence, the breeder is in it for the money, not for the love of the breed. Deb almost sounded to me like she was getting a bit pissed because I said that. But really AKC registration means nothing. No more than registering a car. Although AKC is cracking down on poor breeding practices, there are still unethical people using AKC. Minnie is AKC registered, and she was from a puppymill. AKC registration does not guarantee you are getting a good dog. The thing to look for is what the breeder themselves are like. Do they know their dogs' lines? Do they test for genetic diseases? Do they even go to dog shows? I have been to several! I used to love going to dog shows until I found out what douchebags show breeders are. I hate sounding like one too! I hated to discuss that with our buddies, but there is a possibility it's true. I left that life behind. I don't even breed anymore. But when I did, I made sure I did it with specimens that were the best I could get. Vegas is a very nice-looking chihuahua. I'm not saying that to be vain or anything, but he rather closely fits the standard. He was line-bred with a proven champion producer, and came out great! He could have been shown, but again, I left that life behind. There are things I want to do before I am too old to enjoy them. Spending my weekends with a bunch of douchebag show breeders striving for a purple ribbon that may or may not happen is not among those things! And show breeders ridicule those of us who indeed try, but have yet to obtain any ribbons, reserves or even points.

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