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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Year In My Life

Well, another year in my life will soon come to pass. My b-day is this Monday, and frankly this year, I cannot wait! We're having something special, me and my sis. She ordered me a birthday cake from a cake sculptor, you know, like the Cake Boss. I told the person what I like and she's going to put the 2 things I love the most on the cake. I told her I love INXS and lemurs. So she's going to use fondant to make the INXS logo, and I told her I want lemurs on top, playing guitars. I hope she can do it! I will take a pic of the cake when I get it and post it here and on Facebook. I saw her website, and she seems to be able to make almost anything! She asked me what flavor cake I want and I chose a type I haven't had in a LONG time! I chose to have a banana cake this year. I love banana cake and I haven't had one since 1988. I just hope she doesn't put like raisins or walnuts in it. I just want a plain banana cake. Nothing to take away the flavor of the cake. I like walnuts, but I hate raisins!! I just don't want walnuts in this cake. I don't really like nuts in cake. When I bite into a cake, I like to have a smooth texture. Nothing to abrogate that. Raisins have always grossed me out! I hate them! I cannot remember a time in my life that I even halfway liked raisins. I like grapes for sure, but I hate raisins. I guess because their flavor is much stronger than grapes. I know they're made from red grapes, which are not my grapes of choice. I like green grapes much better. I'll eat red, but I hesitate to do so, because you can't really see if they're bruised or rotten or anything as easily as you can with green grapes.

Well, I'll soon be over the hill. I found that I am actually becoming more active in my old age! Especially with the excitement of working on my jewelry pieces. I love doing that! I just finished a project that I did some woodburning as well as making earrings. I made some lemur earrings using some little wooden disks I got at a craft store. I also ordered myself a jewelry drill, so I can drill holes to put in the wires and attach these disks to a earring hook. I'm very excited about this! I also want to make some earrings with Groucho's pic on them. But that may be a while away. There's some things I need to get first, and need to perfect. In the process, I will need Anna's computer very soon.

Well, now I have heard from all my relatives and friends, they all sent me something, or have called to wish me a happy birthday. I don't expect to hear anything from anyone here though. I really do not consider anyone here close enough to be a friend, not in that sense! Someone may surprise me and say something, but believe me I don't expect it. I call the people I communicate with most here my "buddies". I like them, and I will talk to them, but how often do they invite me and Anna to parties? Or give us any acknowledgement, besides occasionally saying hello to us? They do say hello, but have only once invited us to any of their gatherings. They probably never will again either, and believe it or not, I blame Anna. The last time we were both invited to a gathering, Anna ate some jello, and asked what was in it. When the person who made it answered pineapple, Anna shouted "Uh oh! I can't have pineapple!" It was so embarrassing! And it made the person feel bad that made it. No one told Anna to take it. She did that on her own! So she should have kept her mouth SHUT!!! Anna needs to learn to be more like me. If I don't know what's in something, I don't eat it. I have pineapple allergies too. If I even think something has pineapple in it, I won't put it in my mouth. That's why I won't eat anything I cannot recognize. Anna doesn't care, she puts everything in her mouth and then later asks what's in it. That's what leads to confrontations like this. And that is most likely why we never get invited anywhere with our buddies.

Don't misunderstand me, I love our buds. They're great people. I just haven't known them long enough, or done enough with them, to consider them friends. So, I don't expect to hear anything from any of them. Deb does the calendar for this place, and she didn't even put the little picture decal next to my name, like she did with everyone else. And Deb is one person I consider one of our buds. But that's OK, she won't get a piece of my cake, either :) I also get a dozen specialty cupcakes for free, as part of a promotional deal. I ordered some exotic flavors! This lady can do anything with the cupcakes. I ordered some lemon cupcakes, some cookies-and-cream cupcakes, some chocolate cupcakes with lavendar icing, and key-lime cupcakes. I thought I was the only one who did key-lime cupcakes! But she does them too. I cannot wait to try them!

Well, yesterday Anna and I started a job delivering phone books. You know all week long here it was nice, warm and sunny. And yesterday when we started that job it was cold, windy and rainy. I predicted that too! Thursday night, I was hopping in the shower and I was thinking out loud to myself that I will bet anything that the next day, when we go to work, it will be raining! I just knew it would be! That's my luck! Sure enough, it did all day yesterday. Not only did it rain, it was SNOWING! Fortunately we were not outside all the time. We drove around most of the time we were out in the field. But there were times we were out walking around for long periods of time. It reminded me a bit of when we had that paper route. That was the worst damn job! So is this, but at least it pays good! Anna gets more than me because she's the driver. But that's OK. It all goes for the same thing. This summer, Anna and I are planning a trip to the coast. I want her to leave me there!! But I cannot stay. I'd have no place to stay! Well, Anna and I were talking last night and she was hoping I would move to Coos Bay. That's where I wanted to move in the first place, because Anna said she found a job she could do, using her talents, in Medford. Well, maybe when she graduates and can land a job there as a map-maker, I will move to Coos Bay. Who knows? I like Coos Bay. The only thing I don't like is that it's so close to the California border. But I can live with that, if Anna can get a job in Medford. She can afford to buy me a house in Coos Bay! LOL! ;)


mikessa said...

Well you will be fine once you get to the coast. I would love to leave you there, but I cant, not without a place to live.
As for the mapmaking job, it was the only one I could find in Oregon. I doubt the job will still be available when I graduate. Most of the mapmaking jobs I found were in places like Virginia, DC area, Texas, and Ohio. What they need is more in Oregon, and I am hoping that will change by the time I graduate.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Unless you want to move to one of those areas. Personally, you couldn't pay me enough to move to the DC area! Its full of criminals! Makes Lakewood look like a cheery little walk in the park!