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Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Sexy" Animals

No, I am not into bestiality. But I was watching a video last night and it was about a woman who is obsessed with letting her toenails grow long. It looked painful to me! But she said she liked long toenails because they make her feel sexy. She said she feels like a feline sometimes. I was like "WHAT???" I said there is NOTHING sexy about felines! I've heard that reference once before and I often wondered what in the hell makes felines seem sexy? I am still old enough to remember when "foxy" meant "sexy", and if a person was going to go that route, I would have to say foxes are a lot sexier than felines!

As far as I can see, even when I used to like felines, nothing on a feline is what would be considered sexy in the human world. Felines don't have buns, their legs are saggy like cellulite. They don't have shoulders or boobs. They're lazy and slow-moving, lumbering when they walk, and they have that ugly flap of flesh hanging from their belly. There is nothing "sexy" about any of that. That's like saying that I'm sexy, as I have most of those features myself. The only thing that I can think of that would make people refer to felines as "sexy" is the fact that a male cat will mate with anything. Maybe even a fencepost! LOL! But looking at foxes, I can see where the term "foxy lady" came from. Foxes are graceful, dainty animals, just like one would expect from a very attractive person. And they have buns. I won't say they have sexy buns as I don't go that route, but at least their buns don't have cellulite like a cat does! Cats have no buns at all. Just an ugly, saggy backside. I just don't see the connection between them and sexiness. Not even when I used to like felines.

I've been reading recently about having foxes as pets. Some say they make the perfect pet. They have a kind of independence about them that they can in some ways care for themselves, at the same time they also have all the affection a dog has. Foxes can be trained to use a litterbox, just like a cat. And I just think foxes are cute! They have sweet little faces, and lovely tails! To me they are just wonderful animals. I'd love to have a fox for a pet. Maybe someday. Foxes are also quite acrobatic, and are extremely graceful animals. I've seen kit foxes move before, and they are so swift and graceful, they literally seem to glide over the ground! I've never seen a cat do that. Cats lumber along the ground. I don't think cats are graceful in any way, shape or form. Not even close to as graceful as a fox is! Foxes, like lemurs, seem to move effortlessly. That's what defines true liquid movement to me. I'd love to have either a lemur or a fox as a pet! Maybe someday I'll get both. Fennec foxes are so cute! They aren't allowed though here in Montana. I used to know of a breeder of fennec foxes in Oregon. I kinda wonder if they are still allowed there? I'll probably find out when I get back there and go to my next exotic bird and reptile expo. I can hardly wait!

That's one of the things I am looking forward to when I move back to the coast. I miss being able to go to those shows, and I haven't been able to go since I moved to Ocean Shores. One thing I do remember about those shows, you can find almost any kind of bird or reptile. I got a film of the expo I went to in 2000, and I came home with LOTS of goodies! I still remember the first one I went to back in 1992. Back then, the expo was held in May. Now it's held in February. I had just learned to drive a car and got my first driver's license, and I saw the ads that said there was an exotic bird and reptile expo being held in the Portland/Hillsboro area. I figured I could now drive us down there now that I had a driver's license. I was a little bit nervous, but I did it anyway, and we made a weekend of it. It was my first time in Portland with just me and Anna. We stayed at this hotel in Hillsboro. I was just a young sprig then, barely out of high school, so I was getting my first taste of independence. Well, one of the first things I learned when I got there was the people of Hillsboro are not very friendly! That could be because Hillsboro is a town of rich people, and rich people are ALWAYS stuck-up!! Me and Anna got into a little fight with the maintenance woman at the hotel because we had a dog. Well, we told them we had a dog when we signed in. But that woman was barking at us saying that she will press charges if the dog does anything in the room. I said to her that I thought that's what the security deposit was all about. Well, she slammed out that door bitching some more. I didn't pay much attention to what she said. I didn't even realize what was wrong with her until I found out she was not the only person in that town that was like that. Almost everyone in Hillsboro is crazy and bitchy like that. Like I said, it's a town of rich people. I hate rich people!

Now, I don't mean people who work hard and have 6-7 figure incomes, my supervisor makes 6 figures a year. But she works hard for it. I'm talking about the people who were born rich and didn't have to lift a finger for it. Kinda like ol' Tracy Burbank of the Puyallup Fair (who ironically--or not so ironically-- was also from Hillsboro). She inherited that job from her family. She didn't have to work hard for any of it. Rich people like her, I don't like at all. And they're almost always spoiled little brats. I'm sure that maintenance woman (who may have even owned the hotel we stayed at) had the same kind of advantage as Tracy did. She probably inherited that hotel from her parents too. That's why she acted like a spoiled brat. Both her and Tracy were people I just wanted to punch in their faces! The only reason I didn't is because no matter how wretched they are, I have some amount of respect for my elders. But those little rich mama's girls, I probably could have just tweaked their noses and they'd probably go crying like the little whiny bitches they are!

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