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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bombing In Portland!

I saw this news article in my e-mails today, and it talked about an attempted terrorist attack in Portland, OR. Apparently the bomb was a dud, but still, I was thinking "that is so close!!!" Too close to home! The attack on 9/11 in New York was a terrible and sad event, but it was a long way from here. It feels very different when the terrorist attacks are so close to home! This came awful close! I go to Portland quite often. Well! More often than I go to New York, that's for sure!! I'm not at all saying that the attacks in New York are of lesser significance to me, it just feels different when I hear about it happening in a town I live so close to, and visit more frequently. I could have been there when it happened!! I'm just so glad that this time, no one was hurt. Apparently it wasn't even a real bomb! But just the idea that such a thing could have happened is a horrible thing to think of!

Unlike the attack on New York, this one was plotted by a teenager! This teenager was born in Somali. I didn't know the Somalians had such a problem with Americans!! But maybe it's not the Somalians. Maybe it's just this kid! Kindof like what goes through the mind of kids who plot school shootings. But anyway, what the heck is wrong with Americans?? Why does every country hate Americans so much? Is it simple jealousy because we have (a little) more freedom than other countries and fewer harsh punishments? Is it just because there are more fat Americans? Is it because we are not afraid to fight for our rights? I'd like someone to give me an answer to that question. But so far, I have never heard anyone from another country who has ever been able to give me a good, straight answer to that. It's always some kind of conflicting answers. Like everyone has their own reasons why they hate Americans, whether or not it's a good reason. But they all seem to only agree on one thing, and that is that they all hate Americans. Seems everywhere I go, people from other countries are always bitching about some little flaw they see in Americans. They seem to forget that there are a lot of intelligent Americans too. And the stupid ones no more outweigh the intelligent ones than they do in any other country. Only in redneck areas they do!

So far, the smartest people I've ever known of are from Japan! I'd love to move there, but I do not speak the language. But the kids there go to school for 9 hours a day, every day including Saturdays. Not sure about Sundays. I think Sundays are off for everybody all over the World. That was GOD's day off. I think it's traditional everywhere to keep that day free. I once dated a Japanese man and he was probably one of the most intellectual and stimulating people I've ever met. We only dated for a few months though. But he was smart as a whip!! I haven't heard from him in several years, I hope he is doing OK. My ma told me that we almost moved to Okinawa once when I was a little kid, I wish we had!! I see movies and videos of that city and it sounds sooooo fascinating!!

Well anyway, I think the World needs to learn to lighten up on Americans. As far as I've seen, Americans are no worse than any other country out there. You want to talk statistically? Fine! The reason we have more freedom is because we fight for our rights, if we didn't fight for our rights, we would have no freedom whatsoever! And we would have harsher punishments. Instead of condemning Americans for that, why not try taking our example if you want your country to be as free as ours is. As for Americans being fat, well, I heard the UK is becoming a fat nation too, and Canada. It's kindof ridiculous to hate a whole nation just because we have a lot of fattened up people. You just never know, your country could be next on the list of fattest nations! You may even someday outweigh us!! So don't be so quick to spout hatred based on that reason alone. You know what is said about karma being a bitch!

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