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Sunday, November 14, 2010

There's Always One...

There's always one in a crowd that is going to pop in and bitch about everything. A few days ago, I posted a video of myself critiquing INXS's new version of Kick. I still don't like it! Nothing that anyone can say to change my mind about that. I don't like it. Some people have enjoyed my reviews while others haven't. I understand that. When I put myself up out there, I can expect to get mixed reviews, it happens. Well, this piece of work on YouTube comes from Australia. I think I know who she is, but she calls herself Hutchrocks1 on YouTube. She's simply on there to do nothing but pass BS on my videos. The problem with this one is that she seems to think everyone has to agree with her. Such a shame! At her age and she believes everyone has to think the same way she does. I don't know her, but already, I don't like her! She reminds me too much of the delusional mods. Or like she's one of those mega-INXS fans who thinks her shit doesn't stink. I had a little fun with her on my Kick video. This was what she posted:

"Timmyfan if inxs are your favourite band, you wouldnt be ditching them and this album. And also if you think that the band will be watching your review your very much mistaken."

I'm not quite sure where she got the idea that I did that particular video thinking that any of the men of INXS would be watching. I didn't mention that on that video. Really, I did it for entertainment purposes. Just one long-time INXS fan giving her own opinion on this new version of Kick. But I did not do the Kick-critique video thinking INXS would be watching. I can say I got that a lot on my Joan Rivers video too, at the same time I got at least one individual who said he would always defend Joan Rivers, and I told several people that I really don't think Joan Rivers gives a damn what I say about her. LOL! So I believe I am fully aware that the chances of any celebs seeing my videos are very slim. It wasn't until after I did the Kick critique that I got that message from someone who does have some associations with INXS asking me to make videos critiquing the other songs on the album. But, I decided anyway to have a little fun with this person, like I do with all other trolls. My response to her was:

@Hutchrocks1 "if inxs are your favourite band, you wouldnt be ditching them and this album."
That's simply your opinion isn't it hunny. :)
"And also if you think that the band will be watching your review your very much mistaken."
Then I've got nothing to worry about, haven't I? ;)

Yes, Hutchrocks1 is a troll! She is the very definition of what a troll is. I searched for other comments made by this person, and she does nothing but gripe and leave negative comments on other peoples' videos. Apparently she missed the video I did critiquing "Drum Opera", which I did like. So far, it's been the only track I heard on this new album that I like. But it's good! But let me say this, just because I love INXS does not mean I have to love all their songs! I don't work that way. I can love someone or something and not like some of the things they do. I don't like Minnie eating deer droppings! But I still love my Minnie. I'd just wash her mouth with soap if I see she's been eating deer droppings!! LOL!

Well, chances are pretty good she won't even see my responses. Hit-and-run type troll! hehe! But just in case, here they are. I sometimes wonder what it is with INXS fans these days. Do we all really have to agree with everything INXS does and says? Maybe I am a lousy INXS fan because I have my own mind, and believe you-me I'm going to use it! I didn't like this version of Kick, and I am going to say so. If you don't like me saying that I don't like it, that's your problem. Make your own video telling your viewers what you think. When you do, you can bow down and ass-kiss all you want to. But I am not. Sorry. That's not how this Timmy-fan works. ;)

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