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Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Dangers of Antifa

This weekend, a young reporter named Andy Ngo was attacked by Antifa. They claimed Andy Ngo is a "nazi" and so they threw a milkshake at him laced with fast-drying cement. He was hit hard enough that he endured a brain aneurysm and was hospitalized. This happened in Portland too. Makes me ashamed of being an Oregonian! After this, Antifa still cannot see that they are the violent ones?? They called Andy Ngo a "nazi" and he is nowhere near being a nazi! Remember, nazis were liberals back in the 1940s. Well, they still are today! In the form of Antifa. But the sad thing is Antifa does not see that. They think they're fighting for what is right. Well, they're not! They just think they are. They're nazis fighting innocent people in naziesque style. They're psychotic! Someone once told me that what makes a psychotic a psychotic is they do psychotic things and then claim they're innocent. That is exactly what Antifa does! But this is the age of mental illness. If trannies can claim they don't have a mental illness and get treated as if they are normal, then Antifa can act like crazed schizophrenics and claim they are normal too.

One of the saddest things about that is the authorities, and the mainstream media all take the side of Antifa and say Andy Ngo was in the wrong. OMG!!! I hate people! Andy Ngo is apparently a descendant of Vietnam immigrants and he's apparently gay! He's nowhere near being a nazi! And these are the kind of people Antifa claims to defend! Bullshit!!! If Andy Ngo is indeed gay, then he is the kind of gay person I admire. He's not like Carlos Maza! He doesn't bring it up in every tweet he writes. He doesn't make that his defining characteristic. He doesn't whine about things happening to him just because it's Pride Month! All these things gays like Carlos Maza does, and he is the kind of gay person I have ZERO respect for!!! It's OK to be gay, but you don't have to keep bringing it up in every one of your tweets on Twitter! That gets old after so many times. I don't admire those who keep it in the closet, but it's not brought up every time they tweet either, nor do they bring it up in every conversation. Those are the kind of gays I have respect for! The way Carlos Maza does it, it feels like he's pushing his lifestyle on others, or he's like "Hey! I'm gay! That means I'm better than you! You can't touch me! But I can disrespect you!" Like the no-class gays who harassed that one Christian baker in Colorado. That made me lose all respect in the whole LGBT organization. I used to be a supporter, until they harassed that poor guy for the second time! And now, a third time!!!

But anyways, Andy Ngo set up a GoFundMe page, and he is almost up to $100,000! WAY past his goal!! If you'd like to contribute to it, go here! https://www.gofundme.com/f/protect-andy-ngo-fund

I especially feel bad for what happened to Andy Ngo! It happened in my own state! I almost feel indebted to him! The same thing happened to my Michael, so it hits me hard! Michael lost his senses of taste and smell. He never got it back. I can only hope Andy Ngo stays strong. We need more reporters like him. People who are not afraid to stand up to the Antifa bullies. BTW, some of the attackers were arrested. Good! But Antifa also posted a GoFundMe to get bail money for those who were arrested, but I won't link to it here. Any idiot who wants to donate to that shit will not get my help, nor my blessing!! I say let those assholes rot in prison!!! In fact, if I could find out where they are being jailed, I'd go there and spit in their faces! Eh I wish!!

I am so sick of the bullshit in this state! Totally SICK!! I want out NOW!!! It's getting worse and worse! But where can I go? All the reddest states are inland. I don't want to move there. And I sure as Hell don't want to move south!

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