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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Vox Has Nothing Better To Do?!

OMG! This is funny! Especially coming from left-wingers. I used to watch Vox, until they went too far left. Well now there is this gay guy named Carlos Maza, who is a self-proclaimed journalist who works for Vox, and he's been attacking Steven Crowder on YouTube. Now, I like Steve Crowder. He makes some good points in his videos. He makes some good arguments. And I love his "Change My Mind" segments! That's where he gets liberals who disagree with him to change his mind about his points of view. Most of the time, the liberals cannot bring up an argument good enough to change his mind. But it's fun watching them try! I love it! Anyways, Steven Crowder mocked Carlos Maza in a recent video. He made fun of his lisp, and called out his being gay and all that shit. It was a joke! Most people on YouTube joke about other people on YouTube. Normal people can take it. But then there are the Onisions of the world who are going to gripe, whine and complain because they are being made fun of. Carlos Maza is one of them.

He brought up a shit storm on Twitter about how Steven Crowder is making fun of how he talks. Now, Carlos Maza is not innocent himself. He's made fun of Trump, Tucker Carlson, and Ben Shapiro and others, calling those who support Trump "far right-wingers" and "white supremacists". Oh GAWD!!!! People like him piss me off! It's like they can dish it out, but they can't take it themselves. And this is just common sense... if you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen!!! I take shit from people all the time. But I don't (normally) whine about it. And I don't because I believe in everyone's right to free speech. And I must tell you, some of the worst insults I've ever got from people have always been from leftists. Even though they claim to be the "more tolerant group". Those who say that are liars! And those who believe that are fools! Leftists are very far from being more tolerant.

Carlos Maza has been tweeting bullshit about centralists and right-wingers all the time. And now he's all bent out of shape because a centralist is making fun of him!? Man! Get over it!!! But for those who are interested, I don't get on Twitter much, but here are the tweets. Notice, this is a guy who also makes fun of himself! He even calls himself gaywonk; making fun of both himself being gay and Mexican. Normally, that is a trait I admire. But not when he gets so out of control because someone else does the same to him...

Oh my GOD!! He's going to go on Buzzfeed and embarrass himself like that!? Gotta hand the dude Kudos for that! Not many people would desire to do that and later still feel like they accomplished anything!

Yeah I saw that video, here's a tip for everyone to enjoy it... it's FUNNY!!!!!! It's supposed to be funny! Go find somewhere you can rent a sense of humor Carlos! You need it!

Who the fuck is this dude??? Adam Rippon? I've never heard of him!

Oh really? So where are all the white supremacists on YouTube? And I don't mean your meaning of "white supremacists", which is just simply someone you don't agree with. I mean the real classic meaning of white supremacists! I haven't seen them! And in my experience, those you think are white supremacists always get deplatformed.

Dude, you are lispy, and you always admit to being a queer. You make that a point in every tweet, every video, and everything you write, and even include it in your own profile name. 

Yeah, like you've really never harassed anyone unprovoked? How about on your profile where you called Tucker Carlson a "white supremacist"? Unprovoked and uncalled for!

And don't lie dude, you are one of those "monsters"!

Steven Crowder made one video of you, and called you a "lispy queer". Something you've probably said about yourself in the past. And he's a bully? Do you even know what a bully is?

Oy-vey! Why does this fool make it a point in EVERY tweet, to make sure all his viewers know he's a gay dude? So what?! You're not brave, and you're no different than anyone else!

Maybe when he said "Socialism is for Fags", he's not just referring to gay people. Ever think about that? There is more than one meaning of the word "fag". I, for one, use it to describe people who are hot-headed. Particularly hot-headed fans of something, or someone.

Well dude, it's going around. Here you are, breaking Twitter's policies of online bullying. Is Twitter doing something about it? No. Of course not. Because you're fucking GAY!!! You have gay privilege.

"just because everyone around you is mad at you, doesn't mean you've done anything wrong." Good point! And that happens a lot to people who speak their mind. I know it. A lot of people hate me because I call a spade a spade. I know my rights and I am not afraid to use them. Most people hate that. Including yourself. I survived bullying myself. And I vowed I would never let that happen to me again.

Well, at least you know how it feels. That kind of shit happens to conservatives a lot! Think of the Covington High School kids and how they felt. And those were KIDS!! You libtards should be ashamed of yourselves for doing that to kids, and you had no proof of the shit you accuse them of doing!

It sounded more like he was making fun of this guy's lisp. Everything else, Carlos also does to himself.

So they're not LGBT allies!? The LGBT community is nothing but a terrorist organization for gays. I have NO respect for the community!! And I hate that term "homophobic". No one is scared of them. As long as they keep their hands to themselves.

Again, if you can't take the heat, why don't you get out of the kitchen? If you can't handle people making fun of you, then get off the internet and go sit on your cushy easy chair and watch cable.

He's not a monster. He's just a guy creating funny content. And I'm not some Steven Crowder fangirl. I like his videos, but I am not a member of his mug club. I just find his content good, and I like his ideas and sense of humor. He makes fun of fat people too. Do I care?? NO!! He has a right to say and do what he wants, as long as he is not physically hurting anyone.

Why should anyone apologize to you?! I know how libtards are! They don't ever accept apologies. Even I stopped apologizing to libtards. It's not worth it. I don't know what libtards think, but apologizing to them just makes things a lot worse.

Another in the long, sad list of meaningless news articles today's news outlets are pumping out. WHO FUCKING CARES if this guy is experiencing "mind-melting levels of homophobic vitriol on YouTube"?! Once again, EVERYBODY experiences that at some time in their YouTube lives!! LORD knows I have. MANY times!

I personally, am rooting for Steven Crowder. It'll be a battle-win for ALL free thinkers, and free speakers.

"Life-saving"? Dude, if you are looking to video games as your "life-saving" method at 31, then you have far more problems than Steven Crowder making a parody video of you.

Yes, I'd say Steve Crowder is right. Think about it, Carlos Maza, somewhere back there, placed a call to action to his fans to flag Steven Crowder's videos. That is so dumb! And that would be considered a real act of violence. You don't see Steven Crowder calling his fans into action getting Carlos banned from YouTube.

Yes, and I'll join them in targeting you! Not because you are gay. But because you are trying to take away all our rights to free speech!

And? I may get one of those myself. I don't believe in socialism either. It'll ruin our country!

And you are responding exactly the way I'd expect a person to respond whose biggest virtue is that he's gay. You're whining like a baby. You make gay men look bad!

Just because someone does not care to treat you like you are special, does not mean that they don't care about your content. You haven't been kicked off YouTube. If they didn't care about you, they would have shut down your channel.

He's not "harassing" you. He didn't come after you for being gay. He just did a parody! I'm also quite interested in hearing what you told your younger sister what the fuck "a Steven Crowder" is. As for the rest, ah shut the fuck up, snowflake!! You are indeed trying to silence conservatives. You oppose every conservative video out there and you call them all "white supremacists". We've given you your "diversity", even though you tried to silence us. You got the right to marry who you want. You got a platform that treats you like you're "special", even though you're not! So, shut up!!

Listen fool, YouTube is not your babysitter. Like I said before, if you can't take others making fun of you, then leave the internet!

If you had a thick skin as you claim, none of this would matter enough to you to create so many posts speaking out against Steven Crowder and YouTube. Just let it go!!

Why is it every dude always brings up the argument "S/he doesn't like me because I'm not attracted to him/her"??? As if this Carlos Maza is a good catch! It's always the ugliest men and women who believe that shit! Only other soyboys are attracted to their own kind. I mean really! I have gay friends and I adore them. But they are not like this whiny loser. A person doesn't demand respect. A person has to earn it. And crying like a little sissy-boy on Twitter does not earn you that respect!

I had to respond to this character. This was what I posted (scroll down)...

For posting this on his Twitter wall, I might get targeted by the LGBT community. Probably get doxxed. Well, go a-fucking-head! All it's going to do is prove I'm right about them being a terrorist organization! And if you want me fired from my job, you'll have to wait till I die!

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