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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dumbass's Logic

LOL!! I just noticed this!! This was posted on my group on March 17. WTF is this loser still doing on my group?? This was posted by one of the dumbass radicals who blocked me on Facebook under a picture of Timmy, after I gave one of my famous Timmy-squeals:

Take a look at what he says to me after commenting on Timmy's mullet. And what right has he got to address me in his state of radicalism??!! LOL!! Typical coward to say something to me, or about me, and keep himself blocked from my response. If he was unblocked, his name would be in blue letters like mine. And talk about being an adult? He's not one to say anything about acting like an adult. He has me blocked because I don't like Paula Yates. How is that acting like an adult? He's as bad as he thinks I am, or maybe worse. If he were as mature as he wants me to be, he wouldn't have cared if I like Paula Yates or not. Matt Burney is a little boy who thinks because he's an old fart that he is mature. But he's not. He's got a lot of growing up to do himself, certainly more than he thinks! LOL!!

I swear people like him are the reason I hate people to begin with. Some people are dumber than others. He's one of those. Talking shit to me, or about me, and blocking my response, only proves he does not practice what he preaches. Gotta feel sorry for someone like that. Especially for the stupid-ass reason he is not my friend anymore (because I don't like Paula Yates). Which, if this is the kind of person he really is, I am so glad he's not my friend! Well, I still don't like Paula Yates, nothing he nor anyone else can say or do that will change my mind about that. And I don't like him either! I hate radicals! And he's proven that is what he is. Like I said to one of my friends, only a radical would be offended by what I say about Paula Yates.

I never even noticed this post before, I only just spotted it tonight. But I see nothing has changed among the radicals. But anyways, this was the guy I was telling you all about. Check it out. All I have to say in response to his post, besides he knows where he can stick it, is this...


katrina said...

i told you before fuck him! dont give anymore attention to these dipshits dude! every time you make a post about them it gives them more credibility and people think worst of you. stop it.

mikessa said...

and whats all the bullshit about letting go?? letting go of what???

If anything, this dumbass is the one who needs to grow up and grow a brain. What is he, a libtard?? He better get outta my face if he knows whats good for him.

BTW, love the sticking out your tongue face, LOL!!!!

TimGal said...

Katrina-- The only reason I am posting this here and now is because I just noticed it last night. He blocked me on Facebook, so I cannot respond to him.

Mikessa-- He probably is a libtard. I know he's a fag. As for "letting go", he wants me to let go of the bullshit the Yatesfags are saying about me on Facebook. But what gets me is he's saying I need to grow up. LOL! He can't say that when he has so much growing to do himself.

TimGal said...

The tongue sticking out is me sticking my tongue out at the radicals. LOL!