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Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Breed I Hope Goes Extinct Soon!

I hate bullies. Everyone knows that by now. I was bullied as a child. Sometimes even as an adult, I find there's still bullies everywhere. Mostly on the internet. I don't get out enough to find bullies out in the real world. Though I would guarantee you a lot of the bullies I have met online would never say the shit they say to anyone in real life. Only I would, because I know my rights. I know what I can and cannot do. I know what would or wouldn't get me in trouble. I saw a video recently of a white woman who got irrational with a group of black men and was calling all of them the "N" word. One of the guys filmed her and asked her why she would call his friends something like that. She then proceeded to spit on his camera, and in response to that, he slapped her. She would have been better off just sticking to calling them the N-word. Spitting is assault, every bit as much as hitting someone. So, that guy had a right to slap the shit out of that woman. I'd have done exactly the same thing. It's self-defense. She was going to phone the cops on him, but I think the cops would have sided with that guy instead. Cops don't like getting spat on either.

Well, that's different than what I am here to talk about today. There is one good side to being bullied all my life, it's helped me to develop a tough skin. It wasn't pleasant going through it, but I really think that is what has helped me to become the person I am today. Believe me when I say when I was growing up, I pretty much left everyone alone. If they bullied me at all, it was because of their own ignorance. I did not speak my mind back then like I do now, I kept to myself most times, and left everyone else alone. The only difference was I was more prone to depression and crying when I was a kid, and bullies love that! The only people I ever lashed out at when I was a kid were those who would lash out at me first. In fact, it is still that way with me today. I just don't cry anymore. LOL! Well, at least not because of some dumbass bullies anyways. I cry when I miss my dogs. I cry when I miss Michael and Timmy. I cry when a friend passes on. I do not cry anymore because of bullies. I've actually become somewhat accustomed to bullies, even on the internet. But it is because I've developed this tough skin that I can take everything in stride now.

This is exactly why I hate radicals! Radicals are pushing political correctness. They want to turn the whole human race into spineless pansies. It's gotten to a point where you can't say anything anymore or else someone's little feelings are going to be hurt. Ghetto people are the worst! You look at them cross-eyed and they'll do everything they can to beat the shit out of you. I've seen videos where one person slams down on another person just because that person said something bad about the first person. With me, people can say what they want. It's when they decide to touch me that it's going to get out of hand. I don't like to hurt anyone myself, but I may indeed lash out in self-defense. I've been known to do it without thinking. I'm that unpredictable.

I remember meeting my first bully, a girl named Penny. I was 5 years old and she was 4 years older than me, and I tried to be friends with her. I had some mutual friends with her. But she associated with a boy who was the big neighborhood bully, named Rusty. Yes, that was his name. I remember Penny and Rusty pushed me off a cliff once. I never told my ma though. I just woke up at the bottom of this cliff, climbed back up to the top, went home and took a shower. I never played with Penny after that again. Penny was never remorseful for what she and Rusty did, but then I never brought it up to them. I just didn't want to be near Penny again. I think she was a little psychotic. LOL! But after we moved from that area, I didn't have any more problems with bullies until I was 8 years old. Then I met this girl named Deeanna. She and I shared the same name so that is what attracted me to her. I went to play at her house right after I met her, and I was willing to be her friend. But aside from our name, she and I had absolutely nothing in common, so she did not like me at all. Which is OK. So, I left her alone. It was Deeanna who turned it into a constant bitchfest every day. I always tried to stay out of her way. She was the one who kept approaching me every day just to remind me of how much she hated me. LOL! I became something of an obsession for her. She would even come onto my family's property sometimes and shout "I hate you!" at me. My oldest sis chased her away one day when she decided to do that, and that was when she finally stopped coming to our property. But she still hassled me in school.

All that just because I didn't want to play with her dolls. Well, I eventually kicked her butt for being a smartass one day, and then she really left me alone. I look back on that stuff now and laugh though. It would not bother me today like it did back then. If I were to see Deeanna again, and she were to be like that with me now, I'd be more like "OK, so you hate me. So why keep coming up to me, getting in my face every day, just to tell me you hate me? Why stand in front of my house and shout it at me and my family? Why not just leave me alone? I'm not in your way. So stay out of mine!" That's not the radical approach, and if she had had an ounce of brains rattling around in her big head, it would have made her think about what she was doing. I dunno, I think Deeanna was kindof a sick person. Poor girl. I thank GOD I am not like that. I may talk about people I don't like on here, like the dirty dozen mob. But I would never stand outside their house and shout "I hate you" at them. Nor would I constantly get in their faces and say "I hate you" every day. Just on this blog. But this blog is my ranting place, and I'm not in their faces every day about it. If I don't like something or someone, I steer clear of it. It's the radicals that get in peoples' faces about things and force people to see things their way. Then they are like "If you don't do as I say, then I hate you!" A lesser person will follow them too, and they know it. I've seen it happen. Last month, when the radicals on Facebook all conspired against me, I saw people I thought were my friends lose their backbone and side with the radicals. Most likely out of fear of the radicals. They don't want the radicals to hate them, so they turn against the one person who is not afraid to stand against the radicals... ME!

People these days are too soft. They're becoming like jellyfish. They have no backbone anymore, they live in fear of being scorned or hated, they have no guts anymore, their feelings are too easily hurt now. There is a phrase that says "Only the strong shall survive". Looks like humans are indeed doomed. Our species did not survive as long as we have by being wussies! The ancestors like me are the ones who pushed those damn lions aside, speared them and said "Back off bitch!" The radicals would have just tried to reason with the lions. Or would have just blocked them on Facebook and speak to them through blocked accounts. But they would have eventually got eaten. It's the ancestors like me who learned how to make fire. The radicals would have burned their hands once and said "I'm never trying that again!" The ancestors like me are the ones who build skyscrapers. The radicals would have just been like "Well, they're too tall. I don't like buildings that are too tall!" Its the ancestors like me that build civilizations. The radicals would have just rallied against civilization and said "We were meant to live in the woods!" Truly, if everyone were radicals, we would not be where we are today. Progression would have been much slower than it was, and would have been much more violent.
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