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Saturday, April 30, 2016

What's Up With Millennials?

I watched a video this morning about Millennials. Actually 2 of them. One my sis posted on Facebook that was more on the fun side. But oh so true!!! Another one this morning by a group on Youtube called The Young Turks. They are mad because the older generation believes all Millennials to be the same. That they are lazy, entitled, arrogant people with no good morals. Well, one thing people need to stop believing is when someone states the majority of something is true, that it covers all individuals in that category. I'm sure not everyone who is a Millennial is lazy, arrogant and stupid. Just like I know not all cat lovers are fags. There are exceptions to every rule. If there wasn't do you think we would be seeing so many cops driving 80 to 100 MPH on joyrides? No. We wouldn't. Cops are exempt from the rule of speeding. They are the exception to that rule. Anyways, that was my introduction to this post.

What The Young Turks need to also understand that people do stereotype for a reason. I've said this before, we as humans are pattern-seeking creatures. We typically look for patterns in something, which is why people group the majority of Millennials under the category of being lazy, entitled and obnoxious, among other things. This woman in the group, I think her name is Ana, or Anne, lost her shit because one Millennial was commenting in a video about others. Well, I say good for that girl. She hit the nail on the head!! She's smarter than a lot of the radicals I've dealt with! She came to terms with herself being a Millennial and how the others of her generation are generally looked upon. That's more than I can say for the dumbass radicals I've had to deal with!! Most of them have not come to terms with themselves, so they argue, kick and fuss because of how people like me sees them.

I think technically I am a Millennial. But I do not fit under the whole category of being a Millennial. I am not arrogant, I can be really sweet if I want to. I may not be the smartest person you've ever seen, but I ain't totally stupid. Just not as smart as my sis. LOL! I'm not too lazy, my mind is always going. Plus, I work out every day. I have no sense of entitlement, although there are things I would love to have. But I also know it's going to take a lot of hard work to get those things. It's also going to take a lot of know-how and I am aware of that too. I just hope my partner does not come here with the intent on getting me involved in his business, because I know NOTHING about IT work! And I would not be happy in a business like that. I want to do something I would have fun doing.

Sometimes I wonder about my partner. He's a very intelligent person, I know that! But he keeps moving to California, and then complains because the prices in this country are too high. Then it makes him have to go back to his homeland!! UGH!! Is he going to survive this? I'm not going to India. I never wanted to, I never had the desire to, nothing. I'm happy where I am. If I move anywhere outside this country, it'd be to Australia. And only in southern Australia, where it's cooler. Or New Zealand. But New Zealand doesn't have any animals anymore. The humans and feral cats have wiped them all out.

Anyways, check out this video. This is the one I am talking about...

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