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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mystery Solved!!

Ha! I always wondered what has happened to kids nowadays. Of course there have always been bad kids, I've encountered more than I care to remember. I'd met the parents of such kids too, and almost half the time, they were never as bad as the kids were. Though I would be lying if I said not all parents were as bad as their kids. Today, video games are the most common and most popular videos on YouTube. Just about every young person wants to show off their gaming skills, as if that's some real big feat! Of course I think I solved this mystery long ago, but I think it's really video games that is making kids meaner nowadays. Just about every time I get a negative comment on any of my videos, I am almost certain the commenter is a video gamer, or at the very least, an anime fanatic. I find at least 90% of the time I am right. That's not to say every person who plays video games and likes anime cartoons is a bad person. It's just that the people who have shown me they are not good people have been under the category of being with these groups.

I figured out video games was what is making kids today so aggressive when back in the early days of the internet, Katrina used to play online video games. She got so angry, she broke my computer desk! A little chick like that, and I do mean little, getting so outrageous that she broke a big computer desk! It was shocking!! Katrina weighs 97 pounds, soaking wet!! I could lose her in my fat rolls! And she destroyed a big piece of furniture like that with her bare hands! When she did that, I said that's enough! I was not going to let her play those online video games anymore as long as she was staying with me. Katrina is normally very level-headed. This was not like her. She'd turned more aggressive, almost to a point of being a bully, when she was into those online video games. I noticed the exact same pattern among some of the trolls I encountered on YouTube and other such places, and they all are into these video games and anime cartoons.

Then yesterday, I saw a video on YouTube of people bursting out in anger, most of them were teenagers who were playing video games. They were doing things like beating up the computer screens, smashing the keyboards, yelling out of control, cussing, throwing random things at the walls and computer, one teenage kid even punched his little brother head-on and knocked him out! I saw that and I was really shocked!! I sat here and thought "No wonder today's kids are so aggressive!" I think I always knew that, but that video confirmed it. Lots of factors in a child's environment can make them go loony. But I've never seen anything like what I saw in that video with kids playing video games. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen it transform a gentle, shy kid like Katrina into a raging lunatic! My guess is it has also done exactly the same thing to these other negative bigots that comment on my videos on YouTube. That's why I don't respond to negative comments. I don't want to encourage those people to come back. They are not welcome. I find they leave a lot faster when I just don't respond to them. Those people can comment all they like, but if they're seeking a response from me, they're going to have a hell of a long wait!

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