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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A New Idea

I just got a new idea for my movie that I want to make in Oz. I want it to be focusing on Michael Hutchence. I know I said I want it to be mostly me sitting in front of a camera and read my story from beginning to end. But I want to can that idea for the most part. I'm going to title this movie "One Day In November... The Movie", and I will still read the story, but there's going to be more movie in between. I got some cute ideas I don't want to post on here, due to nosybodies possibly reading! LOL! But the ideas I have, if I can make them come to fruition, will make this movie spectacular!!! I can hardly wait myself. I get goosebumps right now just thinking about it. I even have some comedic ideas to put in there, like me trying vegemite for the first time. LOL! Well, I did the cinnamon challenge once. I failed, but I did it! hehehe! I figure if I can do that, then me trying vegemite for the first time might make for a funny scene. If I like it, great! I'll say so. If I don't like it, then it'll just be funny to get my reaction on camera. But if I like it, Americans can be assured it's delicious. I'm as picky an eater as they come!!

The beginning of the movie will be me sitting in front of a camera reading the story, or beginning to, then it switches to the actual movie. It's going to be a reality-type movie, which is what everyone these days mostly loves. Kindof like the Blair Witch Project, or Jackass, the Movie. No outrageous stunts though. This is going to be all about Michael. Nothing else. Not really about me, not just about my trip to Australia, but mostly about Michael. I'm going to offer this movie on the UMG Productions site for rent. I'll give my most trusted friends a freebie. But no one else. I'm going to put it up on YouTube, but only on private setting, that way only people I choose will be able to see it. I don't want radicals to view this movie. If they want to see it, they can rent it. First things first, I'm working on making myself look good for this movie. Been doing my treadmill workout every day, twice a day now. Already I've noticed my belly has gotten a bit flatter. Not much, but I am noticing it getting flatter. The more I do this workout thing, the better it'll get! I don't intend on looking like a landwhale in this movie!! Much as I love whales, they're on their own! LOL!

Someone even suggested I go to that little Indian restaurant that Michael went to his last night with his pa. I might try that, but frankly, I don't like Indian food!! It's too hot and spicy for me. I'm 1/3 Mexican and I don't even like hot and spicy Mexican food!! I always get the mild. But mild Mexican ain't got nothing on what the Indians call "mild". I went to an Indian restaurant in LA, and I asked the waiter what the mildest item is on their menu. They told me they had mild chicken curry. So I tried it. But I didn't like it. Even their mild was too hot! I'm not an ethnic foods kind of person. I might go just to check out the waiters though. Indian men are some of the most handsome in the world, IMO!

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