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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Things I Will Never Understand

There are so many things about people I will just never understand. I thought I would take this time to post what exactly and why in this post. Why not? Kill some time here.

1. Why do people always pick the quietest and the shyest people to bully on?
Why is that? What is a shy, quiet person going to do to hurt anyone? My guess is perhaps they think it makes them look tougher or makes them feel better. What would make someone look tougher is to bully those kids who are loud and obnoxious and annoying!

2. Why do banks charge overdraft fees when they know there's no money in the account?
I've had that happen before. What I think is dumb is when they charge the largest amount over your available balance first, then add the fee on to that, and then they process a bunch of smaller amounts, which all could have easily been covered by the remainder in your account, and then tack on extra overdraft fees for each of those charges. If you know what I mean!!

3. Why will a person forgive their favorite celebrity when they do something horrible, and not a friend who is just an average person?
Case in point, Michael Jackson. We all know he was a child molester. 3 different kids who never met cannot be wrong. One person I knew was a big fan of his too. This person also was once a friend of mine. Until I gave an opinion honestly, which I guess to this former "friend", is a far worse crime than child molestation.

4. Why do men think it's OK if they put on weight, but when they see a fat woman, they think it's disgusting?
Honestly, fat men are no less disgusting than fat women. Fat is fat is fat! I'm fat myself. I'm working on it, but I am fat! I have more respect for a person who says they hate fat people than for someone who just says "I hate fat women!" And I have seen it before. Sounds very misogynistic. Which brings me to my next point...

5. Why do some fat people make fun of others?
Do those people not know they too are fat and making fun of other fat people? Do they do it because they think it makes them look "cool"? Do they do it because it makes them feel better? Do they think they are, in some way, "helping" the other person? Do they themselves think they are exempt from name-calling? Which again brings me to my next point...

6. Why are bullies surprised when their targets fight back?
I have actually encountered this before too. One boy when I was in high school, not only harassed me, but also one of my friends. Not only this friend, but also her sister too! Every day, for 2 to 3 hours a day. He was a real bully! One day my friend and I got sick of him and decided to get even with him, so we spent 2 hours verbally bullying him. He didn't like it either! Funny thing was, this boy was fatter than I was. LOL! So, why was he surprised my friend and I were finally fighting back?

7. Why do people say they hate liars and hypocrites?
Lying and hypocrisy is actually a part of human nature, because people are not perfect. I am totally honest with people, as honest as I can be! I'm not saying everything that comes out of my mouth is 100% the truth, but I am as honest as I can be with people. I do speculate sometimes. But I have lost friends because I am honest too. Sometimes people may forget that others lie to spare that person's feelings, which I think is a big mistake, but others do it. Instead of saying to people "I hate liars and hypocrites", maybe people should rephrase that into "I hate people", or "I hate liars and hypocrites when what they say does not pat me on the back!"

Well, those are a few things about people I will just never understand.


mikessa said...

I can give you an answer to all of this in just a few words: PEOPLE ARE STUPID!!!!!!!

TimGal said...

LOL!!! So true!