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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Special Video Blog

A special message to everyone.

Special gift to my friends. I've always loved doing video blogs. This is one I've put together for this site. I'll have a shorter version up on YouTube, but this one was made specifically for this blog. This one is different because I added a song to it, Don't Cry For Me Argentina by Madonna. I'm not a fan of Madonna, but this is a good song, especially the snippet I included in the video. I don't want my friends to worry about me. Just understand me. That's where I am coming from. This isn't designed for the radicals, this is for my friends who have stuck by me to this day. I'm still working on a massive cull-out. Nothing personal against the people I cull out. I just need to lower my numbers to those most trusted friends. I'm trying to get down to under 300, I think that's a nice manageable number of friends for someone like me. Again, it's the wild animal effect. Usually when a wild animal is brought into captivity, it attaches it's self to only a few people. I need to find those few people. And I'll never find them if I have 400 fair-weather friends. So, I am grateful for the ones who culled themselves out.

I'm a loyal person. Always have been. I don't get involved in bullshit stirred up by other people. I stand by people I like no matter what drama goes on or what they've done. I'm just not like that. I always hope that others would be the same way about me. But let's face it, I'm too complex for most people. Too spontaneous and too unpredictable. Well, those who have stayed by me will be rewarded. I will see to that, in a great way! I have still yet one good pic of Michael that I've never shared online. It's never been online. It's been in my safe, tucked away. Maybe I will share that pic with those people. And ONLY those people. :)

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