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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Did You Ever Notice?

Did anyone ever notice how today's movies suck?? You know the last movie I ever saw in the theaters was A Night At The Museum, and I didn't even want to see that movie. I wanted to see the live-action version of Charlotte's Web. But I was with a group of people and I was outvoted and forced to see what they wanted to see. But the last movie I voluntarily saw in the theaters was Jackass 2. I enjoyed it. Though I don't know if it really qualifies as the same kind of movie as Charlotte's Web, it's more a reality-based movie. I grabbed Katrina that night and asked her if she wanted to go see this movie with me, and of course she said yes. She loves Jackass!! But that was the last movie I saw voluntarily. I saw Happy Feet too, and it was OK. Not great, but OK. I thought I would like it better because I'm such a lover of penguins and seals. But let's face it, movies today kinda suck! I think personally it's because today's directors and producers don't have what it takes to make a good movie. Movies started going downhill in 1999, and have never recovered. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some good movies from that era. But nowhere near as good as they were before then.

Sometimes I want to look up to the heavens and ask "Michael baby, are you upset that the world is going on without you so you're putting a curse on the world today?" Look at the things that have happened since he's been gone. Major volcanic eruptions, major tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, bad movies, bad food, etc. The world is obviously cursed for some reason.

Anyways, I saw a video today about some of the worst movies that were based on actual events. One of those movies was an animated film about the Titanic. Strangely enough, it had mice as passengers instead of people. Well, there were a few people, but they were set off with a bunch of mice who dressed up and acted like people. Why do so many cartoons have mice as one of the main characters? Is it because they are small? If you ask me, there is no place for mice in a story about the Titanic. And there are enough movies being made with love in the plot. That may be why today's movies suck so much. All the stories center around love, and the directors have run out of ideas. Love scenes can only be strewn about in a topic just so many times before it becomes too predictable, and boring!! If you notice, just about every movie has someone falling in love with someone else, or is married to someone else, there are so few places for love scenes to go now. The only thing I haven't seen anyone do in any movie is have a gay person fall in love. That's something that should be done, I think. At least it is something that has never been done before. Not in any major motion picture anyways.

OK, so I know it's not funny, but it would make an interesting movie!

Anyways, there are enough movies about love. Cannot really blame the directors of today, love usually is what people like to see in movies and in books. Some of the spiciest novels involve romance of one kind or another. Very few of my books involve romance. Most of them centers around family. I do have some where some of the characters fall in love, even one where a couple of them gets married. But I think every love scene has been created in every movie now, to a point where it has all become kindof cliche. That's why so few of my stories are about love. But I have not completely left out the subject of love in my own stories. Look at the story about the marriage between Candi and Leopold. Then there is the St, Helens Tribute story, where Candi, as a 17-year old groupie, develops a teenage crush on David Johnston. Even the INXS story, where Candi develops a crush on Tim Farriss. I didn't include Leopold in that story, as her marriage with him would have happened after that story took place. Instead, she just acts as a caregiver to this group of animals.

Anyways, the point is this is the kind of thing people want to see. I notice a lot of movies that did not do well in the theaters do not involve love. I think by far, the worst movie I ever saw was Deep Blue Sea. My sis and I went to see that movie while it was still in the theaters, and it was so bad, we were the only ones in there to see it. I thought it was going to be somewhat like JAWS. But it wasn't. The sharks kept killing one person after another, after another. Not too much action between those killing scenes either. They were too close together. I saw that movie and I said "I could have done this movie better". LOL!! But it was a fun day out with my sis. But since that movie came out, I noticed movies have been getting worse.

Maybe part of the reason movies with love scenes are so bad now is because we're getting new directors who have no real idea what love really is. So they're taking ideas from previous movies with love scenes and applying them to their own movies. That's my theory. This is the problem with kids coming from single-parent homes. They don't know what love really is. That's something that cannot be learned in school. So it affects adults, not only in their love life, but also in their careers. I guess it is true that it takes more than love for a child to raise it.

I love to write stories, but I think I missed my real calling. I should become a movie director!! LOL! I have a couple of stories of my own that I would love to put into movie form. The story of Gracie and her baby is one of them. The problem with that story is that people today would see it and think it's a rip-off of Finding Nemo, even though that story is much older than Finding Nemo. That's just a case of great minds thinking alike. The original version of that story is quite different from the version I have on the site. But even the revised version is older than the movie Finding Nemo. I put Lisa in that story originally in 1999. But the scenes were perfected in 2004. But they were by no means based on Finding Nemo. I say "perfected" because it used to be a lot longer and a lot more dull, according to my sis. So, I took out a LOT of pointless scenes. But that's what you do when you write a story. Or even a movie. A lot of scenes get deleted in movies because they were pointless and add nothing to the movie. Same with stories. But a lot of the movies today are just pointless.

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mikessa said...

The problem with todays movies is that Hollywood is getting uncreative and there not like how they used to be. What there really doing is trying to bring back old classics that have already been made to the point where they will suck. There trying to do it with Pete's Dragon and there's even talk about remaking Ghostbusters. Nobody will go see them because the originals are better and then they had meaning. You really cannot remake a classic.

TimGal said...

That's true, you sure can't remake classics. They need some new ideas, seriously bad!