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Monday, March 28, 2016

Nevermind, New Beginning

A couple days ago, I wrote about someone who had deleted me and I figured her to be a radical, so I blocked her. I couldn't figure out any other reason why she would delete me, as I'd always been good to her. But then again, there were many people I'd always been good to who just left me hanging. Well, it turned out she thought I was including her among the people I referred to as "Yatesfags". I said no. I was not including her. She's never given me any trouble because I don't like Paula Yates. The ones who have are the ones I call Yatesfags. People like Jannah, Maria and that guy Matt Burney, they are Yatesfags. I have to use his last name because I also have other friends named Matt on Facebook and I don't want them to read this and get confused. LOL! Once again, there is a difference between a fan and a fag...

A fan says "I like Paula Yates" and is OK with those who do not and does not argue with those who speak their minds about not liking Paula Yates.

A fag always has an attitude like "If you don't like Paula Yates, then I don't like you!" or will say "You are being disrespectful to Lily", or will fuss and bellyache because the non-fan will not see the way the fag sees it.

That is the difference. If Lily thought I was being disrespectful, I am sure she would have said something to me. Of course she's a teenager. Don't count on her even thinking anything about me talking about her mom. Teens are not aware of stuff like that. And the fact that Michael chose her, that's not my fault! That's his problem, not mine. I love Michael to the moon and beyond, but it's his problem he got stuck having his child with an irresponsible brood sow. And yes, though the Yatesfags won't admit it, Paula was irresponsible. I think it was very selfish of her to overdose on drugs and leave Lily to fend for herself. Good thing Lily has Michael's brains and knew enough to phone for help. But Paula was a spineless jellyfish for doing that when she should have instead been looking after Michael's baby! A real mother, with 1/4 of a rat's brain, would have said long ago, "I'd better not do this shit anymore, I got a baby to look after and she needs me." But not Paula Yates. To her, heroin was more important than raising and being there for Lily, and respecting what Michael would have wanted for her and his child.

My apologies, I got a bit carried away there. But I always do when I think about this. Lily wound up in the hands of someone Michael did not want her to wind up with. But in the end, she was darned lucky she had him and he was caring enough to take her in. I don't like Bob Geldof in any way, shape or form, but I do have much more respect for him than I will ever have for Paula Yates!

Well, seeing as how this person never argued with me because I don't like Paula, I was not including her among the people I refer to as "Yatesfags". I know I don't make that clear enough. I figure anyone who has been following my blog long enough would know what I mean when I am talking about the yatesfags. If you're simply a fan of Paula's then that is fine. I always believe a person has a right to admire whom they want to for whatever reason. But just as I believe it is ok for someone to admire whom they want, it's my right to not agree with them. It's the people who argue with me that I call "fags". I call them that because they are hot-headed. They've all proven to be hot-headed. It's one thing to question someone why they may not like something. It's totally another thing to argue with them because they don't like the same things you do. Sometimes I may question someone why they don't like INXS, because I think they are the best band on the planet. But I'd never argue with that person. I just want to know why they would not agree with me. But even if they have no reason for not liking INXS, that's still their prerogative. As long as they don't force me from my own INXS fanhood, they're fine.

Well, I took down Friday's post, as I am glad I got to finally chat with this person. We are friends again. I gotta say I have much more respect for her now. I gotta have respect for someone who thinks enough of me to contact me. That's far more than a lot of people who've unfriended me has done. But that's what I want. If someone is unclear with something I've said, I want them to tell me. Because to me, I thought I made it all clear. The problem with people who simply copy and paste from this blog to other places is the full message gets lost. A person has to follow along for a while and really read what I am trying to say. I cannot keep on repeating in every post what was said in previous posts. That would be kindof dull, and it would require complete rehashing on every event that happened. And it would take up too much of the blog posts. Well, what makes a fan vs. a fag is now on my FAQs, if anyone wants to read them. But for those who still have a question in their mind, read the FAQs! And if you think I may be talking about you, how about ASKING ME. If I were talking about you, I'd be honest. There's no need to dodge a bullet that hasn't been fired!


katrina said...

the reason those dumbasses dont ask you if you are talking about them is because they are scared, because they think you are talking about them and you will say so. & they dont want to hear it.

TimGal said...

I think you're actually right Katrina. People are always scared to hear the truth.