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Monday, March 21, 2016

Bum On Movies Today!

Oh dear! I don't think I even know where to begin. I just saw the trailers for Pete's Dragon and Ghostbusters this morning! All I've got to say is "SHITTY!" I'm not even going to talk about Ghostbusters, as I've only seen that movie a few times (you can count the number on the fingers of one hand). But Pete's Dragon????? Really???? I've seen the 1970's version of that movie, I think it came out in 1977 or 78, and I love it!! That movie was the movie that inspired me to move to the coast in the first place! I loved it so much when my sis and I were kids, we went to a grassy area I used to love to play in called "the pit" and acted out the whole thing from beginning to end. Yeah the dragon looked too cartoony and dumb, but that's what I've been saying all along, animation was not meant to be perfect! That's the kind of animation I grew up watching. The way the trailer makes it look, looks more like the boy is living in the woods with the dragon.

But you watch the older version, it makes you feel the way no other can. And with the shitty directors out there today (I'd better clarify this for the radicals because radicals are dumb) I'm not saying ALL directors out there are shitty. I'm just saying there are lots of shitty directors out there now. Too many in fact!! Either the directors are shitty, or their consultants are. Because I say, as a fan of the classics, DON'T DO THIS!!!!!!! Please don't!! It'll ruin everything the original version of the movie started! I got on that trailer and said "Unless the boy is taken in by a couple living in a lighthouse by the beach, I don't want to see this!" It doesn't look like it's going to be any fun to watch with the boy living in the woods alone with the dragon. There's no sense of family, no love portrayed. And let's face it, love is what attracts people to movies. I remember I saw the movie again for the first time in years back in 1994, and a trip I took back then to Ocean Shores both made me make up my mind that I would one day move to the ocean. I've lived in the mountains and I've lived in dull valleys. But I'd never lived by the ocean at that time, and I loved it.

If it takes any special schooling to become a movie consultant in Hollywood, I'd better take the class and get over there! This is an emergency! They're running out of ideas! People there are doing nothing now but rehashing the classics and that is bad!! Not worth seeing at all. I should go with an armful of my stories and tell them to have at it! Use any of those stories to think up some NEW ideas!!

The original Pete's Dragon had a special feel to it. I loved the way it made small towns seem, like everyone knows everyone else. And the people are characters. Well, having lived in small towns, yes the people are characters! Nothing like you'd see in big cities. I found out I was not alone in this feeling. One person also commented on that video that he grew up in Maine, in a small harborside fishing town. He said that movie made him feel good because it reminded him of his hometown. I said to him I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who felt that way watching that movie. But I can honestly say that was the movie that inspired me to move to the ocean and become a beach-comber. I'm very glad I made that decision too! Best decision I've ever made in my life! Though I would feel so much better if I had my own home here instead of renting! As it is, I'm going to have to relocate to another town just because nothing is available here that I am able to move into. Nothing except what I am living in now, and with no car, it's very hard staying here. I dreaded the summer months, I still do! I'm going to go stir-crazy here! I can't even call on the dial-a-ride!!

Well, now for the subject change, I've created a new Facebook account. Though it hasn't been easy getting all my friends to migrate there. Actually it's really only a backup account. My sis was suspended from Facebook for a while because of some radical crybabies that took something she said about muslims too personally. She had to create another account on Facebook as a backup, and she had a hell of a time getting all her friends to accept her friend requests. Since I tend to speak my mind a lot too, I figured I'd better create a backup Facebook account too. So I did. I invited every one of my friends to friend me there. It'd be nice to have them all on that account too! Because if I get suspended, I can at least keep in touch with all of them there. I asked everyone, but not everyone accepted. I want all my friends there though. Just in case. I would miss them if I were to happen to get suspended from this account. I already preblocked all the radicals, so they don't accidentally add me, thus I would never have to see them again. But I want all my friends to come to this new account. Sometimes I even post from this new account too. My guess is they were just not aware it's me. Even though I put the announcement on my current Facebook page. I won't mention what my name is in case there's any radicals I missed. I don't want them to find my new account.

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