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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Don't Want To Move!!

But I may have to. My sis wants to go to MSU, and now the only way she can is if she gets a student loan. She's heading for trouble with that one because student loans ruin your life!! I keep trying to talk her out of it, she has no idea what she's getting herself into. The only way she can get out of it is if she cancels now, before she gets out there. But she won't do it! She said financial aid has already gone through there and she doesn't want to cancel. I told her she should apply for schooling at WSU, at least there she can qualify for all the grants that will pay for her dorm room as well as complete tuition and supplies for her schooling. But she said too many people from Tacoma and Seattle will be going to that school, and she hates the people from those towns. We lived near Tacoma for a little while and hated every second of it!! The people were nasty and looked at us small-towners like cockroaches. Seattle was no better! We never lived there, but we did visit there a few times. It was always the same. People were rude, nasty and pushy! Nothing like Toutle or Ocean Shores. But Anna would only have to put up with those people during the school year. After that was over, she could always come back to the comfort of Ocean Shores. I don't want to leave here! It's breaking my heart!! But I cannot afford to live completely on my own. Anna and I share expenses around here and it makes things easier on both of us. And now my ma moved into the apartment upstairs, I was hoping she'd be there for at least a few years. But now she is contemplating moving out again, to Canada. She likes British TV and Canada has more British channels than we do here. She's about retiring age, so she's ready to settle down and watch nothing but her British soaps, which she relishes. If she wasn't moving away, I wouldn't mind living here without Anna. But since she is, and Anna is moving to Montana, I'd be lonely here. I don't take well to strangers, and I have no idea of the kind of people who would move in upstairs. I have calmed down considerably since I moved here. Partly because the climate here is easier for me to take. It never gets too hot here. Not like Olympia!! There it would get scalding during the summer. But the highest it ever gets here has been 80 degrees, and even then we have a nice cool breeze coming from the ocean. Heat puts me in a bad mood, all the time!! I can't stand too much heat!! Anyone who may have been monitoring my actions over the past 10 years, you'd notice my attitude is always worse when the weather gets warmer, the summer and spring months. Or if we have "indian summer". hehe! My attitude is never that bad during the fall and winter months.

Well, Montana gets HOT!!! And I mean hot like a broiler oven!! And the winters are extremely cold and dry. Not a good idea to mix that with the sinus problems I already have. I'd be having nosebleeds on a daily basis!! Part of the beauty of Ocean Shores is that it remains pretty much uniform in weather here. It never gets too hot, or too cold, and it stays pretty well cool and moist around here, thanks to the ocean. But if I stay here, and new tenants move upstairs, what if we don't get along at all, like the people in Lakewood? The neighbors always complained about my dogs. I'm not going to get rid of them. My ma understands our dogs, so she isn't going to say anything about them. But newbies may not like it if I happen to put the dogs out in the middle of the night and they see or hear something and start barking. Then the next day I hear from the police saying my dogs are disturbing the peace. I cannot avoid putting the dogs out at night. When Vegas has to go, he has to go! Minnie too. Anna makes Odessa wait. She always puts herself before anybody else, even her dog. And this is also one of those times I think Anna is being selfish! She could go to WSU, avoid the student loans and I can stay here. At least for a few more years. But she won't!! She would rather go to MSU and be in the red until the day she dies!! I keep telling her too she is going to regret it. And so will I.

But Montana also has some good points. They have absolutely NO limitations on exotic animals. So I can own a fennec fox if I want to! Those are so CUTE!!!!!!! Or maybe a bushbaby. I can raise them again. Though neither I nor Anna knows how long that will last. All it takes is one irresponsible owner to have problems with these animals and turn it loose, and blooey! There goes the lack of restrictions on exotic pets!!
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