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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Friends Today

Well, this batch is a little more skittish than the last. I got 2 Pueblan milksnakes, both very beautiful snakes! I also got 2 radiated ratsnakes, also both very beautiful snakes! A lot of Asian rat snakes are so beautiful!! Almost like Asian style art. Maybe that was why I was so attracted to these radiated ratsnakes. I got quite a surprise this afternoon when my sis came home. Ma and John took her to school today. Well, John said that he likes kingsnakes, like Bandit. I was shocked! I didn't know John likes snakes of any kind! I admit kingsnakes are beautiful and fascinating. That was what first attracted me to Bandit. Well, I have a lot of work to go with these snakes. The ratsnakes are very skittish, and snippy. They've already bitten me twice. But I intend to keep working with them. :) Cannot give up there.

For the most part, the milksnakes keep under the dirt I put in their tank. Either way, I am glad I got them. I will be getting some pics of them soon, and I will post them up on here.

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