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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Movies These Days Are So Poorly Made

OK, so I got a lot of time on my hands now, I am waiting for my sis to come and help me pack my things. She's got some boxes she can bring. I do need some more boxes. Not a heck of a lot, but there are some things that still need to be packed that I haven't been able to pack yet. So that is why I am having a surge of ideas for blog posts now. I got more time on my hands now than I did earlier this month. I just finished watching a review of the new Ghostbusters movie by a guy on YouTube, who at first said he was not going to see the movie. Well, I guess he got somewhat curious and buckled down and went to see the movie and says he is sorry now he ever went to see it. He said he did not like it. I said I'm not surprised it sucked. Having seen some of today's movies, I am not at all surprised it sucked! He said even if the movie had had the original cast, it still would have sucked. He said he only laughed a couple of times during this movie. People these days do not know how to be funny anymore!! No one knows how to make a good movie anymore.

Like I said in an earlier post, people need to start turning to books for new ideas. If you cannot find a good book by a known author to make into a movie, then look to indie-authors. Like me. There are plenty of good books out there. Many of which would make great movies! But today's directors, OMG! What is wrong with them??? I'll tell you, we need to trash this CGI animation crap and just go back to the old fashioned ways. I think that may be partly what is making today's movies suck so much. I even keep on seeing these previews for Finding Dory. At first when I started hearing about this movie, I was like "You already did Finding Nemo! Do we really need to also do Finding Dory?" But kids will enjoy it. I doubt it'll ever become the classic that Finding Nemo was though. I'm actually sick and tired of CGI animated movies. It was cute in the beginning. Now, it's being WAY overdone! People today though, they feed off the success of former films and create these crappy sequels that are not really worth seeing. I have all 3 Jurassic Park movies, only the first one is really worth seeing.

It takes a very creative type person to come up with something original that will sell in movie theaters. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have people nowadays who are that good. I partially blame Bush's No Child Left Behind amendment. Kids nowadays who only have brains the size of a mushroom can pass their grade in school. Thus can graduate from college, even though they don't really have a handle on what they are doing. Seems the only movies that do well are those that are about gangs and shootings. Other movies today are just plain rip-offs of other successful movies. Nothing is funny anymore. This guy said this new Ghostbusters movie was trying so hard to be funny that it just wasn't funny. Seriously, we are in a crisis today. We need better directors! The last movie I saw in the theaters was Jackass Number Two. I liked it. But then movies like that are good! Not because they are reality-based. But because they always have new ideas. They do these stunts and give honest reactions. And whatever happens happens. It's all random. But Ghostbusters was already made, and it's original form was a success. I say leave it alone! Move on to other ideas.

I don't know what today's performers and directors are on, but this is getting ridiculous! Maybe they need to take some ideas off of YouTube or something. Of course I don't want to see a lot of stupid cat videos, but a mixture of different kinds of videos would be great. Or maybe get some of the funniest and most popular YouTubers together to come and make one big smash hit movie. Any ideas would be great! Better than what they're doing in Hollywood now! There hasn't been a single movie since Jackass Number Two that I have cared to see. Some movies I saw in the past I wish I could unsee. Like Madagascar. Though I loved the lemurs, that lion was so fricken annoying!! They kept calling that stupid lion "the king", which is about the only hilarious thing they did with that lion in the movie. But then I always laugh when anyone associates lions with being "the king" of anything. But I saw the movie, and I have it in my DVD collection because I liked the lemurs. It's about the only movie I've ever seen that has lemurs as part of the main characters, besides my own. It's just unfortunate that it has to be tarnished by the presence of some kind of panther.

I need to take a crash-course on movie production! Hollywood needs me! LOL! I already know a little about making movies. I know a little bit about how to be funny. I need to get a degree in movie production and I need to hurry!

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