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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Australia Day Concert With INXS

What lucky people in Canberra! I wish I had been there. But I don't get out that way like I used to (sarcasm). LOL! But seriously, I finally got to hear Ciaran sing. I hadn't heard him before today, and honestly, I think he sings great! This is of course, my own opinion. But I think he's great! I liked him before as a person, but now I also like him as a singer. I haven't met him yet, but I would sure like to. However, I do keep up with him on Facebook, and it was through there I got to "know" him. And I like him as a person. I'd even venture to say I like him better than JD Fortune. Not that JD was bad, but he does not interact with his fans on his site, nor on Twitter or Facebook. He may have interacted with a few fans, but that's it. But the fact that Ciaran pays attention to the fans, it shows me that he's not one of those celebrities that thinks he's above his fans. He thinks of them as equals. And I like that. I've even about got to a point where I like him (as a person) better than Timmy. LOL! Or at least AS much as Timmy. Not that I am going to be writing a lot of lovey-dovey shit about him like I did when I first fell deeply in love with Timmy. I don't think I fall in love like that anymore. I've settled down considerably. It seems that Ciaran has added something new to INXS, like a whole new sound! It's exciting, and I like it. I truly hope INXS keeps him! PLEASE INXS, keep him!!!

Hearing how he sings, I would think Michael would be pleased! JD was good too, I liked him, but he didn't add as much as Ciaran does to INXS's sound. I'm not sure, but I saw JD as trying to emulate Michael Hutchence. Ciaran goes beyond the sound Michael contributed in the beginning, and even what JD continued with INXS. Instead, he gives the band a whole NEW sound! I'm surprised no other fan who has seen him perform picked up on this. Either that, or it didn't cross their minds as they were watching him. I noticed a lot of JD's fans especially were more paying attention to Ciaran's moves, not his singing. And yes, I admit in his moves he does seem to be trying to mimick JD Fortune, but forget about his moves, pay attention to his sound! It's nothing like JD's! Personally, I think it's better. But that's me. I know though that JD is JD and Ciaran is Ciaran. Neither one could be what the other was. We have to look at each one individually. I'm into perfection, so I know. I pay attention to all the little details. All I hope is that INXS keeps this guy! He might even bring INXS back from the verge of extinction. My sis thinks I need to give up on INXS. But I cannot. If for no other reason, to satisfy my curiosity of what they will be coming up with next. It's like saying to me after Groucho died "just get over her!" I couldn't "just get over her". Not right away. I still have not gotten over her in the past 5 years. But I have learned to live without her. I cannot get over INXS the same way. I have to readjust myself to INXS without Michael, and even JD. But after hearing Ciaran sing, this is going to be easy for me! Check him out for yourself:

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