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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Mentality of the Average Americ-Hater

Did you ever notice how people from other countries gripe so much about Americans? What they should be doing is griping about themselves because they have no apparent life of their own if all they do with their time is sit on their asses looking at all the bad that Americans do. You'd think some people could find better things to do with their time than gripe about Americans. If Americans are fat, lazy and stupid, then I'd almost fit right in. Well, my mind isn't lazy. I'm always thinking. I've been thinking all morning today about finishing this story and moving on to the next one. I'm still working on this story, although I am almost done and it's almost ready to be proofread. I have friends from other countries, I don't gripe about them. It's not my friends' fault that most of the people from the UK are asses. But shoot, I've even noticed Canadians are getting uppity. That vegan jackass who threatened me was Canadian. And to think, I used to love visiting BC. But if the people there are becoming like that, I'll pass on ever visiting there again. On the Bozeman Rants and Raves, there was one guy from Canada boasting about how good his country is, and how bad America is. UGH! I wonder don't these people have better things to do than gripe about Americans? Probably the reason I don't gripe about other countries is because I am too busy to.

Well, today's piece of fresh meat (as I call him) calls himself NewZealandKiwi. He not only hates Americans, he's also a panther-lover. A double dim-wit combination. hehe! You all should know by now how I feel about panther-lovers. The only reason people like him love panthers is because he has no mind of his own to think for himself. You should see his videos. He stole copyrighted material and is claiming it for his own. Not only that, but he's making money off the backs of these talented musicians. Most likely because he has no talent of his own, except belly-aching. If you can call that a talent. hehe! Ironically 2 of the bands he stole from (the Ramones and Motley Crue) are American bands. haha! Shows people who love panthers and hate Americans are hypocrites of the worst kind! Well, there is a video someone put up and he said it was of a tiger mauling a dog. It's about a dog in a zoo, and a tiger seems to want to play with it. Not exactly kill it. Though I know a tiger playing with a dog would not know it's own strength, and could possibly kill the dog. But in this video that does not happen. The tiger looked more curious than hungry. But I still said that if I saw that ugly beast coming after my babies, I'd blast a bullet through it's brain. I meant it too! I would not hesitate to save my babies. I don't like tigers anyway, so killing one would not mean anything to me. I'd be more afraid of what game wardens would do to me than what the tiger would do to me. LOL! But I still would not hesitate to save my babies from any threat.

Well, then NewZealandKiwi dips in and says "no you wouldn't" I asked him if he'd dare to try me. Panther lovers always think I'm joking, but I'm not. I'm dead serious. If I see a tiger coming after any one of my dogs, and I hear the dog whimper, the tiger's going down! The tiger can scratch, growl, bite, roar, kick, punch me, whatever it wants to do to me, but if it threatens my babies, it's going down! The second I could get my finger around the trigger, the tiger would be as good as dead! Well, this morning I looked in and saw this character had answered me back. He stated:

"ah grow up you dumb american shit, dogs are disgusting animals, tigers are not"

Just like a typical panther-lover. He's trying to force me to see things his way. But unfortunately for him, I have a mind of my own. I don't give in to what people like him think I should believe. Maybe society can fool him into believing tigers are "magnificent" animals, but he won't get me to believe it. I admit dogs do disgusting things (like butt-sniffing and drinking from the toilet) although my dogs don't do any of that with me, but there are dogs out there that do all that stuff, mostly big dogs. But I'll tell you, cats are no better! I have a friend that has 3 cats, and she says they all love drinking from the toilet, more so than their water dish. I'd wager you anything if tigers were to be kept as pets, they too would go around drinking from the toilet and sniffing a person's butt too, as cats do all that stuff just as much as dogs. Only with tigers it'd be on a greater scale. And seriously, what's with the mention of Americans in his statement? Since when did race or countries of origin come into this conversation?? Sure wasn't from me!! Well, I looked on his channel, and I noticed that just about every video he has commented on he turned into a discussion bashing Americans and people of other races. I also noticed he's originally from the UK, though he says now he lives in New Zealand. What a shame! My friend Cairo lives in New Zealand, and he's not a racist dumbass like this guy. Cairo has even helped me with a few of my stories, although he's not in our group anymore. Now he devotes all his time to hang-gliding and his children, but he still writes me. I wonder what he would think of what NewZealandKiwi says about Americans?

As for this idiot being from the UK, well, you know what I usually say about people from the UK. They are the biggest bellyachers in the world. I have friends in the UK, I am not referring to them. I mean the people like NewZealandKiwi who I can see goes all over YouTube and turns every comment there into a bashfest against Americans. Unfortunately he is the majority. He reminds me a lot of the drunken jerk that nobody likes and has to go to a bar to find anyone who will listen to his constant griping about how life for him sucks so bad. I used to know someone like that! I didn't want to stay friends with him for very long because his griping about other people that I liked always ruined my day! He even used to gripe about me and my sister. The only people he didn't gripe about were the people who I could not stand, the trash and losers. With NewZealandKiwi, and like all haters of the world, his mind is closed to everything. No wonder he loves panthers so much. Anyone with a closed mind like his cannot see the beauty and fun that the rest of the world has to offer. I cannot hate him, even though I fricken HATE racists with a passion! And yes, I equate hating Americans on the level as being a racist. I don't want to be his friend, but I don't hate him. I feel sorry for him. It must suck to be him with such ignorance and closed-mindedness. I hope I never know what that feels like!

As for Canadians, well, look at what this responder on the Rants and Raves forum has to say about them! It's sheer genius! I saved it in my "For Laughs" folder:

Dear Canadian from Medicine Hat

Date: 2012-01-28, 10:52AM


Most Americans don't harbor any ill will towards our little brothers to the North. You're covered...we got your back, the most powerful nation in the world is in your front yard. You all sleep better at night knowing your neighbors down South are who we are. We take your oil and more and ship it down South. We stole your Hockey as well, but it's OK you can have a couple of baseball teams. We don't like your accents or your pale skin...some of you look blue. Is that from inbreeding? Is it true that you're scared of the dark?
What we do like is having all of your snowbird travelers spending their hard earned coin on our beaches, parks, states when you travel somewhere warm because let's face it, Canada isn't exactly tropical. Other than your Rocky Mountains, much of your country is almost an uninhabitable shit hole....that's why we let you have it. We adore the Billions of dollars you spend traveling our country every year. In fact, in 2006, you spent 11.5 Billion. Florida, being your most desired destination receives 2.5 million of your pale asses each year and you shell out over 3 Billion a year there. Thank You.
We, in turn, set up our malls and strip centers and all of our fast food in your country. We develop your frozen tundra, all we really want from you is what's under your ground. We absolutely hate the Crash Test Dummies, but thanks for Neil Young though. Most of us only travel N for your snow or just to pass through on our way to Alaska (yea that's ours).
We find it funny that you still foot the bill, $50 million annually, for the Queen and the Royal Family when they "tour" your country. We told them to go fuck themselves like 200 years ago. It seems to us that you're still their bitch and we find that funny.
Thanks for the laughs this morning. When I was 20 I took a trip to the Yukon to hike and tour the area. On the 4th of July, I got wasted at a bar and stood up and said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the Star Spangled Banner. By the time I started singing, Everybody in that joint was joining in with me. They were intrigued that an American was proud enough of his native country that he had to stand up and let it be known on her birthday. And then they bought me shots and taught me your anthem. Coincidentally, your independence day is held 3 days before ours, but again we told England to go fuck off a hundred years before you claimed your "freedom".

(Actually, I think our freedom from the UK came 600 years ago, but who's counting? hehehe!)

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