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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Celebrate Our Michael With Free Ebooks!

I have decided to have another free ebook day this year! This time, it's going to be on Nov. 22, to celebrate the life of my Michael. My special gift to the fans is that I will offer all my INXS-related and INXS-inspired stories for free. Completely FREE!! There are no strings attached. No editing out, not sample copies, not condensed versions of the stories. Just 100% ebooks for free. The only difference between these versions and the paid versions is that there will be advertisements for the website within these books. But until you get to the last page, and unless you are really looking for them within the book, you won't notice them. And they are not the printed versions of these stories. Only ebooks. If you want them printed, you'll have to do it from your own printer.

This year, I am starting the "sale" at 11AM, as that was the hour it is believed Michael passed into the next world. It's ending at 7PM, just as it did last year. So, this year's giveaway will be shorter. So, I recommend whomever is interested go in and grab as quickly as possible! I am in the Pacific Time Zone, so you'll also have to calculate that if you're in a different time zone. There is no way I can make these available on that hour at different time zones. Sorry.

Last year, I didn't want to make any adult material available because kids might come in and download those and I'd have all kinds of complaints by the parents. Well, I am disregarding that little rule this year, because I want to make my INXS stories available. Including my freshly-revised version of INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens. Some scenes may not be suitable for kids in that story, so I ask that parents please supervise your children on that day. If the story is PG rated, there will be a warning in the book's description page. So that is why I ask all parents to supervise their kids during this giveaway. I won't give anything really grown up away. Some stories do have some adult explicit material, but those won't be given away.

If you see a story you like among the "free ebooks" category, if you want to download it, or just read it, there will be a button available for that to click on. It's a deep red button that looks like this:

That will take you to a link, that will only be available that day, and for those hours during the giveaway. At that link, you can download or read any of the free ebooks available. Though I suggest you download. These are long stories, some of them.
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