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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Westboro Prophecies

Now, I want to begin this post by saying I am not trying to be condescending to anyone on this post. No one except perhaps the Westboro Baptist Church and it's members. Ah hell with it!! I am being condescending to them because they deserve it! They're always condescending to other people, so why not? I was looking back at some of the earlier posts I made about them on this blog. I noticed a lot of the prophecies they've been bringing up have been proven untrue. One of their biggest preachings is against being gay. They contradict themselves a lot with that. First of all, I remember in a documentary, Shirley Phelps said that they call all sinners "fags" because the word "fag" actually refers to a stick that is used to start a fire. While the meaning of the word is indeed true, and I admit to calling radical and militant fans of anything "fags" for pretty much the same reason, let's be honest here! That is NOT the meaning the Westboro Baptist Church had in mind when they call sinners "fags".

The WBC is meaning to be hurtful to gay people! They deny it because it's so easy for them to cover up rather than to admit they are bigots. Shirley claims to love gay people, she claims that is why she goes all over the country holding those stupid signs and calling everyone "fags" or "fag-enablers". Well, I admit to using the term "fags" too, but I only call radical and militant fanatics that name! Because of the reference to a stick of fire. I remember on several talk shows, Shirley said "Being gay is not the only sin there is." But in reality, they think it is. They do mean to be patronizing to gays! Otherwise they wouldn't have 2 male figures having anal sex on every sign they hold up that has the word "fag" in huge letters!! That's the difference between me and them. I'm not putting pictures of 2 men having sex on my blog posts where I talk about radical fans! Because that is not the reason I call those kinds of fans "fags"! And I mean that! Yet, the WBC expects people to listen to them and take them seriously when they say they love gays. Shirley knows there are more appropriate words for homosexuals, but she just refuses to use them because she's really so full of hate and doesn't realize it.

Well, I heard when Fred Phelps died, on his deathbed, one of the last thoughts he had was "Maybe I should have been nicer preaching the word of GOD." That was when his family turned away from him and didn't look back. Fred Phelps was wishing he'd been nicer to people. It says something. It says he really hated what he did, to make GOD sound like an evil being. Sadly, I think the only thing that will make all of them realize they are doing more harm than good to our LORD is them being on their deathbeds. I really think GOD talks to us loud and clear just before he calls us home. The day my grandma died, my ma and stepfather was in her room at the hospital, and all of a sudden, my stepfather told me grandma just blurted out, out of the blue, "My favorite story in the Bible was the story of baby Jesus!" After that, she didn't say much of anything. About 10 hours later was when the family got the call that she had died. I think GOD had spoken to her at that moment. I really do. Because there was no other reason for her to say something like that just out of the blue for no reason. No one in the room asked her about that. Believe whatever you want to, but I really think GOD spoke to her in that exact moment before taking her home.

In the same logic, I think GOD spoke to Fred Phelps just before he went out, telling him that he made the LORD look bad through his preachings of hate. And I think HE sent Phelps where his hate-filled butt belongs! Straight to Hell!! Take that Shirley! I haven't heard anything about the WBC lately. I wonder if they plan to come to Astoria or Coos Bay, just to spite me. LOL! Good luck in that! More likely I'll never see them and they will never see me. They went to Bozeman, but it was like a year or so after I moved. I had said in this blog "Don't come to Bozeman!" and they went! LOL! Too bad it was after I had left. I never intended to stay in Bozeman for long anyways. I only moved there to give moral support to my sis. I missed home too much to stay there long.

I still think a lot of the Bible was misinterpreted. I don't believe being gay is the "ultimate sin". The WBC just took one word from the Bible (the word "abomination") and blew it all out of proportion! At least for that one scripture. But the Bible says a lot of things are an "abomination". For example, eating shellfish. Another thing, mixing colors of clothing. A lot of things in the Bible are listed as being an "abomination". It's not the ultimate sin! People who eat shellfish are not going straight to hell for that. So why do the people of the WBC blow that one scripture out of proportion the way they do? Because one of their family members had a bad experience with a gay person. That's why. It has nothing to do with Sodom and Gomorrah. For them, this whole "GOD hates fags" thing is a personal issue. It's not a real thing about GOD. Fred Phelps and his children were all pissed off because there is a park that gay people went to to have sex at night (happens in just about every large park and forest). And one of Phelps' grandkids was jogging through the park and a gay man chased him. The kid got scared because a madman was chasing him, went home and told mom and dad, Fred Phelps got angry because his grandchild was probably being obnoxious and was chased for being a wise-ass, thus the whole "GOD hates gays" motto of their's was born.

Well, I remember several of the Phelps children have claimed "When Westboro goes, this nation blows". So, where is Westboro going to go when this nation does blow? Because if this nation blows, then every nation blows. The WBC will not be any more immune than any of us. More likely they will be the first ones to get blown up, or get eaten by zombies, however that is going to go. I think GOD finds the WBC an abomination too. I also once heard that back in the turn of the 20th century, some children were warned that Russia is an offense to GOD. This is funny to me because the WBC say being gay is the worst sin and it dooms nations. Funny in light of that how it was said that Russia is an offense to GOD, because gay people have not now, and never have been accepted by the Russians. Russia must still be an offense to GOD, especially since Siberia was smacked with a huge meteorite a couple years back. I don't believe anyone was hurt in that impact, but it could be taken as a warning. So, that's twice more the WBC has been wrong.


mikessa said...

That's part of the reason why I left those conservative sites, its mostly religious fanatics and bible binders and I got tired of listening to them.
Its not just the WBC, its the fact that churches are teaching this lie about gays being covered in sin and that God hates them....not just their actions, the gay people themselves.
I once got upset when a story about a bakery owner in Oregon refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex wedding because she was a Christian and it was against her faith. Well, let me say this, its against any faith when they act like assholes and deny them just because they don't like their lifestyle. They think there doing something good for God, but in reality there not. There shaming them.

God himself woulda baked that cake, not only that, he woulda decorated the place for a wedding. God does not see anything wrong with a person, except that their mentally ill and need help. All this shit about gayness being a sin is a load of crap. The bible is just a book, its not meant to be taken literally. However, on another note, those gays shoulda just gone somewhere else instead of making this a huge media event by being just as stupid. Handling it like a bunch of crybabies is only gonna give them an even badder name.

I ask this: Why is it that Christians will go outta their way to help a drug addict, a serial killer, a thief, or an alcoholic; people who have done a lot worse things, and will not help gays? I find that they are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They are not taught to love, there taught to hate. This is why Christians are being looked at as threats to others because they don't care about anyone but themselves and there supposed to be about love and kindness. There supposed to be godlike, yet they act like assholes.

Its attitudes like this that makes me more determined to go back to being an atheist. I believe in freedom of religion, but it doesn't mean to be a jerk to another person. Its their attitudes that hurt others, not their religion.

TimGal said...

See and that is the attitude that is going to make this world turn against GOD. The WBC doesn't realize they are making GOD look bad. It's definitely NOT going to make anyone want to obey such a cruel entity. The problem with the WBC I think is that they take Bible scriptures and apply their own meanings to what is being said. Then they take their made-up notations, claim loudly they are the "word of GOD", and go around the country holding those dumb signs and spewing hate. Then they wonder why they are so hated!! Kinda like the fags who shit-talk me because I don't like the same things they do. They wonder why their arguing doesn't make me see things their way. Well, it's mostly because of the WAY they preach! They're so hateful, angry and bigoted! It makes it so easy to pull away from the cause they are fighting so hard for.