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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Growing Excitement!!

I am sitting here on pins and needles because something wonderful is about to happen. On Saturday, I will be getting the best birthday gift ever, my very own and very favorite easy chair! hehe! It's a gift that both Anna and I chipped in to purchase. I planned it that way, I know a lot of you may be thinking that it was not fair that I chip in and get the gift, but I was actually the one who decided to finally get this item. It was my birthday gift to myself. Anna just offered to help pay for it.

I've always wanted this particular kind of chair, it's only available at one store and it's called "the cuddler". I love it because it is so big, it's almost the size of an average loveseat. I can seat myself (even with my fat ass) and the dogs all at once with plenty of room to spare! Including room for my laptop. I'm going to LOVE it!!!!! I cannot wait. I keep saying "Come on Saturday! Hurry up and get here!" As if that's going to help! LOL!!! The only other thing on my mind besides this chair, and Timmy, is getting this book about dog breeds done. I'm now down to the hounds, and still going.

The hounds are not an easy group to work on. It's the largest group of breeds there is. This is the one that has a breed for every town, city and village in Europe! But some of these breeds are so scarce, info about them is very limited. Many of them do not even have a specific breed club, which is where I've been getting most of my info. If anyone would know about the breeds, it's the breed clubs! I try to focus mainly on the most reputable breed clubs. If I see any of them supports Continental KC or APRI, I walk!! Their word isn't worth anything if they support puppy mill registries!! I encountered that last night, on a breed that was very hard to find too. I said I'd rather try to find breeder sites of that breed than use info from a club that supports puppymill registries!! I've seen pics of dogs from an APRI dog show. Let me tell you, you walk into an AKC or UKC show with one of those dogs in tact, you'd be laughed (or hissed) at right out of the building!!! There was a supposed Yorkshire terrier in that show that looked more like a lanky, unkempt silky terrier!! It's hair was short, matted and dirty. I'll say one thing for the shows though, it'd be the quickest and easiest way to get a championship on your dogs if they'd let something like that even in the door. That's why I refuse to use info from any breed club that supports APRI or Continental KC. It'd be so misleading!!

For some of these rare breeds, the most sensible club to look under would be FCI. The main problem I encounter when going to FCI sites is that most of it isn't even in English, so I have to translate! Then make it out the best way I can from what comes up. It's all tough work, but it's fun!! This book takes up all my time. In the past 5 days, I may have gotten maybe 6 hours of sleep total. I'm tired, but I have to keep going. Personal reasons there.
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