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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy 55th Michael!!

Well, today is Michael's birthday in the USA, yesterday it was in Australia. They are a day ahead of us here. Well, I offered my story "One Day In November..." to the fans in the MH and his Life fan page on Facebook. I did that as well on the anniversary of his death too. But then I did not know you could upload files directly to Facebook. I just found that feature. Back then, anyone who was interested, I had to send it through email, and I'm sure a number of them did not get it! Sometimes my emails tend to go to peoples' junk mail boxes, because I use my own email. I don't use Yahoo or Gmail, or Hotmail. I use the email I get through Metazoica.com. So other, more popular, email accounts view my emails as junk. I only offered this story on this site on Facebook, because I trust these people more. Not saying I don't like any of the people in other groups, just that I trust this group of people more than any other. Other groups I am on, some of the people (not all) act like the losers that I encountered the very brief period I used to get on the Rockband Lounge forum. There were only 1 or 2 people in that forum that were friendly, that I knew of. The others all acted like they thought their shit didn't stink. Most likely because they were supporters of DonnaG. That's probably why a lot of people, who claim to be direct friends of Michael's, are also like that. Because they are supporters of DonnaG's, as she never makes friends with fans who are not friends of INXS.

Anyway, today it's all about Michael Hutchence, not DonnaG!! The fans have christened this day "HutchDay". I like that!! Happy HutchDay! hehehe! But the day seems to be mostly an Australian day. They had a marathon throughout their TV stations yesterday, showing nothing but INXS. There is even a show called "Michael and Friends". Sounds like a cartoon show! I would have loved to have seen it!! I wish someone would do something to bring the memory of Michael Hutchence here to the USA! But nobody does anything here! If anything is ever aired about Michael, it's almost always only broadcast in Australia or the UK! That's sad! What are the US fans supposed to do? Look for reruns and rehashes of old stuff?? I got all that already! I would love to see something new and different! Makes me mad!!

I was reading a story that was written originally by Michael's father, Kell. He told a story of how Michael loved the girls, even as a baby! Apparently right after he was born and came home from the hospital, he and Michael's mom Patricia, had a barbecue party and a lot of supermodel women came. One was a top-name model back then, and held Michael in her arms, and he wizzed on her! LOL! I read that story and laughed! He seemed to be a little flirt back then!! I like that! I love a man who knows what he likes, even as a baby! hehehe! A lot of fans say Michael was a flirt, and even I say that! He seemed like one when I kissed him! But it could have just been the way he smiled at me. He had a smile that would light up the room. Michael's sister said he hardly ever flirted with the girls. But then Michael's brother tells a totally different story. He said Michael always flirted with the girls! So there's a lot of conflicting stories out there about Michael's character. Maybe he was so complex, even his closest family members didn't know. I'm more inclined to believe Michael's sister though because she's known him since before he was born. She was 12 years old when he was born. Most 12 year olds are aware of their world, and pretty much on the level.

Speaking of which, I notice she is accepting friend requests again from fans. Not sure I want to ask her again to become my Facebook buddy. She'll probably be deleting those people again very soon. She seems like a nice person though. Well, at the same time, I don't want to seem like a stuck-up prick! I dunno though. I love her stories about Michael. No one can tell them the way she can!

The day of Michael's death is so close to the day he should have been celebrating his birth. But I don't think this is his month. Most of INXS's albums were always released late in the year, not early. I don't know what exactly went through Michael's mind the night he died. I can only speculate, and did speculate a lot at the end of my story. I only know for sure what went through my mind when I heard he was gone. I cried! I'm not normally a crier, but I cried a lot that night when I found out. Most people who feel bad about Michael being gone feel so for his daughter more than for him. I once heard Chris Murphy say to feel bad because we want Michael back was even a "selfish" move. Well, maybe I am selfish. But I don't weep for Michael's daughter. In fact, the night I heard the news he was gone, which was when I cried the hardest, I had no idea he even had a child! I weep solely for Michael because I want him back! I want him back on stage doing his gigs. I cry because I miss him! Not because I think of his little girl. Yes that may sound selfish of me, but I have no problem admitting that.

Here's a pip. I've even started calling Michael my "boo". LOL! I miss calling Vegas that, and I need a booby to love. So I've begun calling Michael my "hutchy-boo", or sometimes just "boo" or even "booby". LOL!

Well, yesterday I celebrated Michael's memory by posting several stories about how I became an INXS fan, even on my Facebook status. I think today I'll remember him by posting a bunch of my favorite lyrics from some of my favorite INXS songs.
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