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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Next Hutch

I know there will be 2 more INXS movies in the works very soon. Richard Lowenstein is working on one, and another director is working on another. INXS are still big, even though Michael is no longer around. Well, yesterday while I was at the tire place, I happened to be thumbing through a magazine that listed the sexiest men of 2014, and one of those men was named Kit Harington. When I saw him for the first time, my heart skipped a beat because he looked almost exactly like Michael!! I thought at first I was looking at a picture of Michael. I kept going back to his picture just to make sure I was not just seeing things. But I wasn't. He does indeed look just like my Michael.

He even has Michael's eyes and nose!! I think they look almost exactly alike. He would be the perfect candidate to play Michael in any of the upcoming movies. He looks so much like Michael, I'd have swore he's his long lost twin brother! LOL! Even with his hair slicked back, he still looks everything like Michael!!

I think in this pic, he looks just like Michael did on the Elegantly Wasted album! Well, some of my friends want to see Aiden Turner play the part of Michael. I've said this before, I've seen Aiden Turner, and I don't think he looks like Michael at all.

His hair looks like Michael's and he's got brown eyes, but the similarity stops there. Turner has a much angrier look than what Michael, or Kit Harington, has! Michael has a certain look in his face that is extremely hard to duplicate. It is halfway between looking dangerous and looking innocent. Aiden Turner is too far in the lines of looking dangerous. Far more than what would be convincing to play the part of Michael. That is why I thought when I looked at Kit Harington's picture, that I was looking at a picture of Michael! Here is Aiden Turner without the "Hutch hair"...

He still looks mean!! And he doesn't even remotely remind me of Michael. If he is picked for any part to play Michael, I won't watch the movie. Because I don't think Aiden Turner  would be the least bit convincing to play the part of Michael. And he's kinda ugly too. He'd make a much better Jim Morrison than a Michael Hutchence! Or perhaps a good replica of JD Fortune! There is a reason Kit Harington was voted one of the sexiest men of 2014, and I think that would add the charm factor in playing the part of Michael. Aiden Turner does not have that kind of charm. I know the actor does not have to look exactly like the person they are portraying! But the closer they are to having the appearance of the original, the more convincing I think. To me, Kit Harington comes the closest I've ever seen to looking almost exactly like Michael!!

I just hope they don't get Johnny Depp to play Michael!! Depp is way too old! Michael died at 37, it wouldn't make sense to have someone 50+ years old playing the part of Michael. The actor who plays Michael should be between 23 and 30 years old. No older. A 30 year old could very well play the part of Michael at 20, as well as Michael at 37. Luke Arnold did! And I thought he did great! Actually Luke was 29 when he did the part of Michael, but I loved his performance. Never Tear Us Apart is still my all-time favorite movie!!
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